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26th April 03, 03:24 PM
What is your battle cry? Do you shout on your snap kick, kiai your reverse punches or are you the strong silent type? Post any interesting martial arts shouts you use or have heard. Below are some examples and what I call them:

The traditionalist: kiai!
The Bruce Lee: Ooooooh... whuppa!
The karateka: Hai-eee-ya!
The referee: Let's get it on!
The cocky git: Bring it on, punk!
The veteran: Isi! Ooooh, my back.

Now doesn't that make you feel better?

26th April 03, 04:35 PM
aw, c'mon.

Gimme some feedback here

Now doesn't that make you feel better?

26th April 03, 05:12 PM


26th April 03, 05:24 PM
What ever happened to MOTHERFUCKER!!!

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26th April 03, 05:24 PM
My instructor advocates what evry feels natural. So he makes a various sounds and will some time even yell out words like BAM!!, POW!! or HUP!!! He'll even make a rolling throat clearig sound like he is about to hock a lougey.

Most of the time he makes this whoosing sound that sounds a lot like the whoosing you here in kung-fu movies. He swears he is not doing on purpose, and knows everyone knows that the whoosh is coming from his mouth and not his arms and legs whipping through the air but explains that is just what comes out when he is moving.

The tremondous downside to this is most students mimic his kiais, instead of doing what he really does and just be natural. So if you come into my school or any given night, there will be at least one or to people, going "Whoosh, Whoosh, Pow!" It's really embarassing sometimes.

The Wastrel
26th April 03, 05:33 PM
Ik. In Taekkyon, seriously.

"I'm devastating, looking for some refreshment!"

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27th April 03, 01:29 AM

I do that too. Not really loud or anything .. it's just how it sounds when you exhale with force. It's natural.

Other than that I am quiet, why warn the guy? I can do a Goldburg demonic looking scream but I have never been that pissed at anyone.

27th April 03, 01:32 AM
I make a sound kinda like "neya", but softly. . .I

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27th April 03, 03:48 AM
I laugh.

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27th April 03, 07:10 AM

I do that too. Not really loud or anything .. it's just how it sounds when you exhale with force. It's natural."

Yeah, I know it's natural when my instructor does it, I just have a problem with anyone else thinking that is how they should sound and mimicing it instead of whatever comes natural to them. Just another example of people looking for how, instead of examining why.

27th April 03, 04:37 PM

or "Not in the face!"

27th April 03, 06:22 PM
lol Punisher, sad but true

sometimes i can get a bit of phelgm (sp? whatever)
so i can do an animalistic roar, or a loud "HA!"
or laughter demonically when i get hit or i hit

strange, i exhale a bit when i attack as well, never really thought about that.....it's all good

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29th April 03, 02:49 PM
The worst in my class goes 'pooks'when doing moves

Now doesn't that make you feel better?

29th April 03, 03:55 PM
"Just so you know, I worked out my biceps two days ago, and my punches might not be as snappy as they should be, so just keep that in mind, okay?"


29th April 03, 04:23 PM
This Hung Gar sifu did a demo at my club once, where he did this form making all kinds of weird sounds, just like from a kung fu movie. Apparently, the different noises each stimulate one of the internal organs, enabling the body to withstand punishment . He followed this with an 'iron shirt' demo, where he was able to take some really good shots with no apparent ill effects at all.

29th April 03, 04:49 PM
Damn this is a funny thread lol. In muay thai I give a "Ish" sound. Some guys say "Bang". On the street its usually "BITCH!" or "What the hell is behind you!"

30th April 03, 09:57 AM
Personally, I use 'ouch' a lot for some reason...

30th April 03, 12:59 PM
lol Sanchin
Yes I've heard about that.....

odd stuff no doubt.....

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30th April 03, 03:54 PM
'hey, look over there...'

Dumb motherfucker for it to work though...


Now doesn't that make you feel better?

30th April 03, 04:21 PM
or "Time out, time out!"

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19th May 03, 03:36 PM
Dusting off an old chestnut, I know, but I had to add this:

Shaolin Monk Kung Fu battle cry:

Butt-kicking! For Bhudda!

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