View Full Version : Mexican LEOs lynched

24th November 04, 08:14 PM

The dangers of vigilantism.

An angry crowd in Mexico City has burnt alive two police officers and seriously injured another after mistaking them for child kidnappers.

The agents, in plain-clothes, were taking photos of pupils at a primary school on Tuesday, where two children had recently gone missing.

25th November 04, 06:23 PM
I heard about that. Thats really messed up. I cant believe they set those guys on fire. Its tragic.

Doritosaurus Chex
25th November 04, 06:31 PM
Not defending their actions, but you have to realize that the police in Mexico tend to be corrupt and aren't doing a great of a job policing the country. Who will protect the people and administer justice when the police and the law aren't willing to do their jobs?

25th November 04, 07:22 PM
In this case, it seems they were doing their jobs.