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5th November 04, 07:55 PM
Afronaut wrote:

An Attorney General who wipes his ass with the bill of rights and is such a repressed fundy that he had the topless statue of Justice in the Great Hall of the Justice Department building covered up.

Then after some WWW searching, found this contest:

If you've ever walked into a musuem with your child, you were certainly shocked at the flagrant nudity being touted around for pure shock value. Whatever happened to morals? Whatever happened to kissship? How can you appreciate art when it's so...nude? In this contest your task is to make nude art work-safe in creative ways. Remember, cleanlines is next to godliness.

So nudity is the same as pornograpy. Don't you think somebody is exaggerating and/or putting out of context nudity in the arts. THE CHILDREN, THE CHILDREN..., wtf?

Is this picture really NSFW? http://www.worth1000.com/web/media/31409/21graces.jpg
And this statue?: http://www.worth1000.com/web/media/81938/DavidSourcE.jpg
Are you crazy?

5th November 04, 09:00 PM
Bottom links are broken. I agree with you in that I believe extremist Christians are ruining pop culture, art, entertainment, and just about everything else that might contain a boobie in it for the rest of the country.

5th November 04, 09:18 PM
Can't make the bottom links work but one is "the tree graces" by Raphael

And the other is the "David" by Michaelangelo.

Who thinks these artpieces are NSFW?

6th November 04, 01:21 PM
There was some moron in one of the surrounding towns, that petitioned to get Michaelangelo's David removed from a corporate building. He claimed it was pornographic.
My mother is an artist and as a child I was looking at nude paintings in her art books. Sure back then it seems wierd, but I knew there was nothing wrong with it. Why do some adults act more like little kids when it comes to this shit?

But hey, why shouldnt you make the human form hated? What other ways can you lay the mother of all guilt trips on somebody other than to tell them that the human form is evil and should be covered? It goes with the entire "Every thing you do is a sin" mentality that these overly religious idiots love. I mean, how else can you bring them (and thier wallets) to church?

I dont really read the Bible but if I recall correctly - wasnt it (under the devils suggestion) Adam and Eve that became ashamed by their own bodies?
And it was God that said - how He created their bodies and they shouldnt be ashamed of their nudity. Seems pretty ironic huh?