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17th October 04, 04:19 PM
Is anyone else getting sick of that book? Its just not deep anymore. However, you still have wannabe intellectuals breaking it down and relating it to their favorite activities. It gets no lamer.

Deadpan Scientist
17th October 04, 04:21 PM
it's only lame because you heard it before

17th October 04, 04:44 PM
The book itself kicks ass. Whats lame is trying to break it down. I think we know what it means by now and how it relates to pet care.

17th October 04, 04:51 PM
Your joking right?

I had no idea the book was getting that broken down.

17th October 04, 05:49 PM
Well, when you're training a dog, if the orders are given once and not obeyed, it is the fault of the trainer. But if the orders have been explained twice and are still not obeyed, it is the fault of the dog, and you must behead it as an example to the others. Or something like that.

The Art of War gets way more play than it should. Come on, it's just a very old book dealing with war. Some of the stuff is just plain outdated. Chariot formations? The use of fire arrows?

17th October 04, 06:08 PM
Yes, it's become annoying.
The Art of War - For Executives
The Art of War - For Homewives (cut his retreat!)
The Art of War - For McDonald's workers (make the manager understand it's his fault)
The Art of War - Sex positions from Ancient China (hey, does this Cao Cao's commentary means we can make it without a condom?)
The Art of War - Plan your horoscope according to ancient wisdom (It's time to invade!)
The Art of War - for nordics (Thor says:"Sun-Tzu is a lotta like the Wolf-Father. By both thumbs!")
The Art of War - Zen commentary on making the film, and why I found coolness when I become blade - By W.Snipes
The Art of War - for dummies
The Art of War - For Tai-Gip (ina.,,,lotta...,unrelated words that let...you fight, like ...without violence because you...are lika ninja mastah!)

17th October 04, 06:26 PM
You forgot Art of War - Dynasty Warriors Edition

17th October 04, 06:46 PM
You forgot Art of War - Dynasty Warriors Edition

How could you forget:

The complete Idiot's Guide to The Art of War

17th October 04, 08:17 PM
You're both correct!
And we also forgot
The art of war for Ashida Kim - 101 other things to do, because you're a ninja mastah, and so totally sweet at war!
Stop right there, Ninja Boy! buy this book, and learn how to be totally sweet wailing on your guitar, and applying ancient wisdom to hair metal - by A.Kim and S.Tzu

17th October 04, 09:36 PM
And don't forget, now that this isn't "new" anymore..theres even more discounts! like:

"How to become a Ninja Grand Master in 32 Minutes: The Art of War with Seppuku by frisbee special addition in this internet only bonus pack worth .99c but you get it now for $55.00 (like everything else on Ashida's site)"

17th October 04, 09:42 PM
Hey, if I could do that, I'd have realultimatepower!

17th October 04, 09:50 PM
Then you'd totally be able to flip out anf cut people's heads off!

While getting $55.00 a pop

and breaking fake Lexan glass....

Ninjas are soo cool!

Anywho..I really don't mind the Art of War so much, I read the whole book, etc. We only need to begin worrying when they start breaking down The Book of Five Rings...

18th October 04, 01:41 AM
I'll start worrying when Tai-Gip starts reading...

18th October 04, 05:20 AM
Let everyone who wants to eat up ancient Chinese wisdom stick to the Art of War. Anything to keep them from getting their hands on and screwing up the Tao Te Ching...

/at least I'll still have Chuang Tzu

18th October 04, 06:48 AM
Art of War: Reloaded !

18th October 04, 06:57 AM
The art of War- for those who really, really, and I mean REALLY, wanna pretend that they know shit about war.

Sun Tzu is turning over in his grave, must be all that Chi build up.