View Full Version : Sudan isn't as bad as Israel

Judah Maccabee
17th October 04, 03:15 AM

On Friday evening, Dianna Buttu, legal advisor in the PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department, applauded the International Court of Justice's ruling that determined the West Bank barrier is illegal and ought to be torn down. She told an audience of a few hundred, many dressed in "Free Palestine" tee-shirts and keffiyehs, that South African apartheid was no different than Israeli occupation.


When asked by one audience member whether she would support a divestment campaign that targeted far worse human rights offenders than Israel, such as China or Sudan, Buttu said other divestment campaigns would be legitimate but that Israel deserved to be singled out.

"I think that right now the greatest abuser of human rights is not, as you put it, China. The greatest abuser of human rights and the greatest threat to international security is Israel," she said.

It'd be laughable if this woman wasn't responsible for advising Arafat et al.

17th October 04, 11:54 AM
china is getting there... slowly...