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16th October 04, 12:50 PM
first off, http://randomfoo.net/?p=2004_10_00_archive.inc#crossfire (Video and transcript)

There is a reason why the Daily Show is the only [B]television[/B} news I watch on a fairly consistant basis. Everytime i try to watch network news shows it's just the same buzzwords being exchanged and repeated over and over and over again. Say what you want about John Stewart's bias, he is not a blind partison. Hell, the show's interview with McCain in 2000, besides being incredibly hilarious, was the first big interview they ever got.

Btw, if there are news shows on TV that are somewhat intellectual and consider a larger varaity of issues and perspectives, I would love to know about them.

edit: I jsut realized that I forgot to mention i watch it for entertainment, not for actual information. I am not endorsing using commedy central as a primary news source.

edi2: even if you agree, i HIGHLY recomend watching the clip. He really does make them both look like asses.

16th October 04, 12:52 PM
So would I Djeter.

I agree completely with you, and Jon Stewarts show is the only news (if you can call it news) show I actually watch. I can't stand most on a consistent basis (though I will watch them when they have someone good on) so I read most of what stations have to say through their Web sites. For some reason I can just tune out mosts stupidity when reading what they have to say.

16th October 04, 01:13 PM