View Full Version : Israeli military kills deaf man, 13 year old boy

3rd October 04, 01:30 PM
Not that Palestinians really matter, which is why you wont hear this on TV, but in the last 6 days there have been more than 60 Palestinans killed and 2 Israeli soldiers and one civilian.

Thats about the norm as far as death comparisons go in this conflict.

The BBC said the Israeli military was striking ever couple of hours, mostly from the air.

Palestinian doctors said the 13-year-old boy died of wounds after being shot in Jabaliya.

There is no confirmation from the Israelis.

Palestinian witnesses said the deaf man, Raed Abu Wadi, 36, was shot dead on his balcony.

Israeli army sources said he had been a threat - "wearing a bullet-proof vest and watching the [Israeli] force".

"He was watching their moves and we don't know who he was passing that information on to," the source was quoted as saying.


You can read the BBC's account, from a reporter inside, here:


4th October 04, 01:29 AM
So what can you do? Support the military the kills civilians or support the people who suicide bomb innocent civilians?

4th October 04, 01:57 AM
They do that because their loved ones and country has been torn apart. Greif and hatred = revenge. Kinda like what Bush has done with the 9/11 incident to get support for the war.

Judah Maccabee
4th October 04, 02:00 AM
Then why don't we see Tibetan suicide bombers, who have endured a longer, more brutal occupation than the Palestinians?

4th October 04, 02:06 AM
Cos they are too insignificant for Western news reporters who are reporting about American casualties and more important stuff.
Ed: Or perhaps just a very passive + peaceful bunch of people who don't want to retaliate and just take more suffering.

Judah Maccabee
4th October 04, 02:13 AM
Bullshit. You point me any example of Tibetan suicide bombers, and I will paypal you $5. I read international news from all points of the globe.

Palestinians have received more financial aid than Europe did during the Marshall Plan. Their leadership is corrupt in every sense of the word with the exception of people such as their Finance Minister. Arafat has a personal fortune estimated conservatively at $300 million American and sends his wife and daughter in France over $1 million a year. That money goes for cronyism, bribes, and every nasty political dealing you can think of.

Including purchasing massive amounts of arms for terrorist forces, as evidenced by the Karine A from a while ago. Arafat's name was on the purchasing slip.


So would you say it's fair that the culture and nature of the people's are different, as are their goals?

4th October 04, 11:35 AM
this is what happens when you throw rocks at jews