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5th September 04, 03:58 AM
anyone seen this movie? It's based on the true story of the book "Eaters of the dead". manuscripts were recovered about an arab courtier from Baghdad on a mission to the Northern European lands where he encounters the vikings and assists them in the fight with the monsters.

5th September 04, 04:13 AM
Yes. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Anyone who is a true biker or just a bit barbaric in nature might relate to many of the characters in this film.

Lights Out
5th September 04, 11:35 AM
Th book is by Michael Critchon. I donīt know it the thing about the "true" manuscript by Idn Fadlan was for real.

5th September 04, 02:35 PM
I would not call that a true story. A good story, but not a true one.

5th September 04, 02:49 PM
True story? LOL

5th September 04, 09:28 PM
It was fiction based on the Fadlan report and the Classic "Beowulf". Chrichton stated that he wanted a Beowulf style tale to be put down in modern English, so that people could enjoy the story without struggling with old English. He also states that he had doubts about the authenticity of some of his sources. All in all, it was primarily meant to entertain. He certainly succeeded in doing that.

5th September 04, 09:35 PM
Kickbacks to Beowulf? In that case, I need to watch it.

<3 <3 old literature <3

Lights Out
6th September 04, 05:39 AM
So, there was a real Fadlan manuscript?

6th September 04, 09:29 AM
It's a good movie imho

6th September 04, 04:46 PM
A fun movie to watch but whoever was responsible for wardrobe really blew it. The armor of the vikings they showed was all the way from Roman gladiator style to late middle age plate armor.

6th September 04, 04:59 PM
sup strangler

Don "Jive Turkey" Gwinn
7th September 04, 11:30 AM
No, Crichton wrote the "manuscript" too. I didn't think it was too hard to tell that, but I suppose it's a credit to his writing (which, for the most part, was pretty immersive and fairly realistic) that so many people aren't quite sure.

I've never met anyone who definitely believed the "manuscript" was real before, but many who just weren't quite sure enough to say with authority that it wasn't.

7th September 04, 11:40 AM
I liked it. Some great fight scenes, photography and badass Vikings. What's not to like?

Don "Jive Turkey" Gwinn
7th September 04, 11:51 AM
Quotable, too.

7th September 04, 11:55 AM
It was better than having a 2X4 smashed into your groin.

7th September 04, 12:15 PM
Filmed in BC Canada.

Jones Lake I believe it was told to me.

7th September 04, 06:16 PM
Good movie. Wasn't this the movie where the line "This is a good day to die" was first uttered?

7th September 04, 06:19 PM
Entertaining movie. Allright book.

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