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3rd September 04, 12:38 PM
Last night at BJJ was awesome! We did grappling wars. Eduardo had the class line up, and a brown belt and a purple belt picked teams. I ended up on the purple belt's team. Each team grouped on opposite sides of the mats. The brown's team took off their belts so we could tell the teams apart.

My leader gave some quick instructions: "Work in pairs. Team up on one guy. If you see someone in trouble, try to help them. Go for rear chokes when they're busy with someone else (A good time to do this is when they have the mount). Avoid higher belts by yourself. If you end up with a purple or brown, just defend until me or someone else can get there. Don't go for submissions on them unless there are like three of you."

"Fight!" yelled Eduardo.

After a second of "WTF do we do know", everyone clashed in the middle of the room. I didn't see much before I got jumped, but it was a mass of hip throws, double and single legs, and just grabbing someone shoving them while someone else took out their legs.

A blue belt and I were grabbing someone when I got jumped from behind and rear mounted. My achievement for the night was managing to defend his chokes, escape rear mount and turn into his guard, pass his guard, and somehow end up with him in my guard. A blue belt appeared at this time and choked him out.

I stood up and before I knew it a blue belt jumped me. I managed to get closed guard, but I heard one of my teammates calling for help. I looked up and saw that he was mounted by a purple belt who was going for a collar choke. So I switched to spider guard and managed to reach up with my free hand and grabbed the purple belts choking arm and yanked it like crazy, while managing to keep my spider guard.

Let me tell you, as a white belt, there's nothing quite like managing to keep a spider guard on a blue belt while attacking a purple belt who's attacking a blue belt. That's what I call excitement.

The rest of this round is a blur since a couple random people grabbed me and I'm pretty sure I got choked.

I'll spare you a play by play of the other two rounds, but one of night's highlights was watching my team leader, a purple belt, making rounds to all these pairs of blue belts tangled up, and just reaching down and choking the enemy out like he was the finisher screwing a lid on a can at the end of an assembly line.

The best moment came when my team's leader and a blue belt double-teamed an opposing purple belt and finished him by armbarring both arms at the same time. It's quite a sight to see someone lay there, four legs crossed over them, clutching their hands together, trying to defend both sides at once. While watching this, Eduardo turned to me and said "That's the best attack! No one can defend the double armbar!"

For the record, my team won 3-0.

I don't know if this drill (or whatever you want to call it) is common in BJJ schools (this was the first time I've ever done it) but I HIGHLY recommend trying it out if you've never done it before. You can make up a reason if you want, like "drilling multiple attackers" or whatever, but I can tell you it is just FUN anyway you do it.

For a variation, per Eduardo, they allow open hand striking in Brazil.

Just thought I'd share. It was great fun.

3rd September 04, 12:39 PM
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3rd September 04, 12:44 PM
Originally posted by blankslate
Yep, gay.

For variety, try it nude.

3rd September 04, 12:47 PM
That sounds like fun, but what do you learn? I mean Christ, it's not often that large teams of trained grapplers get into fights with no striking.

3rd September 04, 12:53 PM
Originally posted by Aesopian

The best moment came when my team's leader and a blue belt double-teamed an opposing purple belt and finished him by armbarring both arms at the same time.

How did he tap?

3rd September 04, 01:04 PM
Originally posted by johnbo
How did he tap?

He just verbally surrendered.

As for what is learned by doing this drill, I would say that it helped me by making me have to apply what I know while also considering new and different factors, like whether or not someone is coming up behind me (as happened while I was going for a rear collar choke on someone and my sister came up behind me and got a RNC).

I'm not trying to say this is multiple attacker training or street fighting simulation, or that this drill has some AMAZING secret potential for making your a million times better. It's just an interesting drill, and will probably make you try new things that you might have not tried before, or just get you doing your normal stuff in new situations.

3rd September 04, 01:04 PM
We've done this before, but on a smaller scale. We have 3 on 3, and when you beat someone, they join your team. We got one kid really good one time, I tapped out one Kid, and someone else on my team tapped out another at pretty much the same time, so it went from 3 on 3 to 5 on 1 in a matter of seconds. So we all grabbed an arm, leg or neck, and put on the submissions at once. Yah, Ben was screwed.

Im gonna have us do this drill when I teach class next week. Its been a while since we have done it.

3rd September 04, 01:08 PM
When you get your blue belt you'll be invited to the "after hours" version where other blue belts pin you down and the brown belts teabag you.

3rd September 04, 01:48 PM
Sounds like fun. . .which also makes it a morale booster, and a "payback disguised as a drill" moment!
Try it with the lights off!


4th September 04, 02:23 AM
We did something like this... Two teams on each side of the mats. There is a medicine ball in the middle and when the instuctor says go, we try to bring it back to our side. Lots of fun.

4th September 04, 04:52 AM
I've only ever done that with my cousin and his friends, except they were allowed any strikes they wanted and I could only grapple...headbutts and point of the elbow strikes hurt, even if it's a kid doing it.

4th September 04, 02:17 PM
We do British Bulldog in the kids class at judo, its like tag only you have to be pinned for 3 seconds to be tagged and then you join the catching team.

Do you yanks have a different name for that?<g>

4th September 04, 02:23 PM
So everyone knows, the Eduardo I'm talking about about is Eduardo de Lima, head instructor of Gracie Barra Tampa and the current and four time heavyweight blackbelt masters division Pan-Am Championship and two time world champion.

Just so no one is in mystery about that.

Traditional Tom
4th September 04, 02:47 PM
For funner variety, pit guys against girls

4th September 04, 02:53 PM
Yeah, I played British Bulldog in wrestling class (in junior high).

Aaron Fields
4th September 04, 03:10 PM
When I coached high school wrestling, it was called "Kings." We had each side choose a King, with the mat divided in half. To "pin" you had to have the opponent on your side of the mat. Eliminate the whole team, or go for the "King" for the quick win. The drill is a good ender for a practice.

Aaron Fields

deus ex machina
6th September 04, 04:59 PM
The way that drill would work at my school:

My instructor throws a punch of knives in the middle of the mat. "GO!"

6th September 04, 06:55 PM
That's a great drill that I'd forgotten! Thanks for reminding me about it, it's going to be in my next class.