View Full Version : World Of Warcraft (stress test)

2nd September 04, 02:51 PM
Anyone else get in? I just made an account! woooooooooooo

2nd September 04, 03:09 PM
Is that a new Warcraft game? Like a sequel to Warcraft III?

2nd September 04, 03:14 PM
It's an on-line game. Massive Multiplayer on-line RPG (MMORPG).

I never have the time for those things ... but think they're pretty cool and would like to maybe when I'm 65 and too old to leave the house.

2nd September 04, 03:17 PM
If Diablo 2 sucked years out of my life I don't think it would be a good idea for me to play that game. It's also going to have a subscription fee, so fuck it.

Edit: Mercurius is correct. I'm not paying monthly for ANY game, much less one where I have to interact with Battle.net slime.

2nd September 04, 05:36 PM
Thinking of the pain of FFXI, but having to deal with the morons from Battle.net ("free stuff plz kekeke") is not something I find appealing.

2nd September 04, 05:40 PM
yeah, everybody should play city of heroes

Traditional Tom
2nd September 04, 05:54 PM
Im in the stress beta, I just have to get around to downloading the fucking 2000 meg file.

Its going to be 1/5 of my total uncapped internet :S
how long is the beta for? do you know?

2nd September 04, 08:46 PM
Can anyone speculate if Rome: Total War is gonna be any good? I heard the demo is out and haven't had the chance to download it yet. I heard it has war elephants

3rd September 04, 04:24 AM
I think Liuzg is the man to ask, he's the Total War freak if I remember correctly.

3rd September 04, 08:55 AM
I'm in the stress test and played a bunch last night, too much really.

Level 7 tauren warrior. Game seems really good, and playing amazingly well for being the stress test.

3rd September 04, 09:00 AM
Level 4 Priest named: Xavier
On the Aman'Thul server