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1st September 04, 03:42 PM

August 30, 2004 - With as personal and rancorous as this presidential campaign has become in recent weeks, it's surprising that somebody hasn't gotten clocked. Capitalizing on this incredibly polarized political season, Sorrent has weighed in with the satirical Bush Vs. Kerry Boxing, which lets you cast your vote not with a punch card, but with a punching bag.


Beat down political figures

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Ring girl Ralph Nader!

If you have already played Sorrent's FOX Sports Boxing, you've played Bush Vs. Kerry Boxing. Essentially what Sorrent did here is strip out the muscle-bound pugilists and replaced 'em with figures like George Bush, John Kerry, John Ashcroft, and Al Gore. The effort is both clever and topical, which manages to keep the game from feeling like a hackjob cash-run.

At the onset of the game, you can either choose your party or go directly into a one-on-one match with Bush and Kerry. If you choose to enter the tournament, your opposition is determined by your political allegiance. Sign up with the GOP and you can gut punch that smile right off John Edwards' mug. Side with the Dems, and Dick Cheney comes out of hiding long enough to take five across the eyes.

Sorrent includes some additional political trimmings, such as casting Hillary Clinton as the ref and Ralph Nader as the ring girl. Poor Nader. First he's blamed for electing Bush, then he's duped on Ali G, and now he's reduced to holding up round numbers in bikini briefs. The famous consumer advocate can never catch a break.

Bush Vs. Kerry Boxing is more than a gimmick, though. It's a pretty sound boxing game. Played entirely in first person, you use the number buttons to dish out devastating hooks or flurries of blows that pulverize your opponent's health meter. Such ferocity comes at a price, though. Throwing too many wild punches will eat away at your stamina -- and if you get popped in the kisser while low on stamina, it's face first into the canvas. You can use the touchpad to weave and block, but let's face it, a game as charged and silly as this will usually turn into a punching-fest quickly.

Sorrent is currently compiling the results of matches on its website, where gamers can log on and see which candidate has taken the biggest bruising. So far, Kerry's up.

Closing Comments
Bush Vs. Kerry Boxing is a great goof from Sorrent. It sure beats watching pundit after pundit vomit "talking points" on cable news programs.
-- Levi Buchanan

Looks like it should be a classic. Can't wait to get it, your thoughts?