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1st September 04, 09:27 AM
This is a link to the costs of the Iraq war. It is only put in dollar terms, not what the war has done to US credibility, status or respect. And of course ignores the real danger that we are less safe and stuck in a quagmire.


A detailed analysis of spending for the war and the war on terror, Col. Dan Smith, U.S. Army (Ret.), see http://www.fcnl.org/smith/congress_defense_bud401-04.htm. It's from the Quaker organization, Friends Committee on National Legislation, a very well respected lobbying and political action group based in D.C.

1st September 04, 09:33 AM
War is good business. Lots of money to be made on death, chaos and destruction.

1st September 04, 09:39 AM
Actually it is only good business for certain corporations. The benefit of non-military spending to the economy in general is much greater with domestic spending. This has been debated and reported for centuries, usually called 'guns vs butter.' Look at the site...

1st September 04, 09:43 AM
I not the debate and I agree with it. I was being cynical in that big corporations would rather sell tomahawk missles then sticks of butter. The profit margin is higher.

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2nd September 04, 09:51 PM
Great post.