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26th August 04, 01:14 PM
Bush's enviroment record looks like a hooker after a long weekend. It sucks!! It uses up our natural resources and spits it out into the pockets of his rich corporate buddies. In case any of you aren't aware of all this please do yourselves a favor and look into it. What you'll find is deplorable!! Even the nations top scientists are against Bush's environmental policies. We've only got one planet folks and Bush is doing everything he can to destroy it.

Just take a look at one of the opinions of a Bush administration tool...................

If we are saying that the loss of species in and of itself is inherently bad -- I don't think we know enough about how the world works to say that."

-Interior Department Assistant Secretary Craig Manson, appointed by President Bush to position overseeing the Endangered Species Act, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 2003

Hey how about this nifty little piece of shit from our good lovin president......................This guy is a NUT!!

We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."

-President Bush, Sept. 23, 2002, Trenton, New Jersey, speech

How about this Bush quote? The man deserves the idiot of the century award!!

Natural gas is hemispheric. I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods."

-President Bush, Austin, Texas, Dec. 20, 2000

Here's the article

August 24, 2004 | Back Issues « previous | next »

As reported by BushGreenwatch last February, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opted to allow existing power plants and other industrial facilities to continue using cooling water systems which kill countless fish in American rivers every year--and to mitigate the damage by trying to restock the fish.

EPA issued this regulation despite a unanimous decision by the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, which found that allowing massive destruction of wildlife in cooling systems, and then attempting to replace them in the ecosystem, did not fulfill the Clean Water Act requirement to use the "best technology available" to mitigate environmental damage.

Now, the Hudson River-based organization Riverkeeper is again leading a national coalition of environmental groups in suing EPA, charging the agency with violating the mandate of Congress under the Clean Water Act.

"Unfortunately, the agency has illegally rewritten the Clean Water Act to allow industry to avoid upgrading power plants that function as aquatic slaughterhouses," said Alex Matthiessen, executive director of Riverkeeper, in the organization's July announcement of the suit. [1]

While the Second Circuit's February decision applied specifically to a portion of EPA's rules called Phase I regulation, which applies to new facilities, Riverkeeper charges EPA with exceeding its authority in applying a different standard to existing facilities with the subsequent set of rules, called Phase II regulation. [2]

"EPA has caved in to the demands of the power industry, and completely abdicated responsibility under the Clean Water Act," Reed Super, Riverkeeper senior attorney and lead counsel in the suit, told BushGreenwatch. "We hope the court will vacate or remand some or all of the rule." [3]

Super tells BushGreenwatch that six state attorneys general—Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island—have also filed suit against EPA.

"The states, as well as environmental groups, recognize that EPA is dropping the ball. This will raise the level of importance of the case in the eyes of the judge," says Super.

Currently, the best cooling technology available is "closed cycle, " which re-circulates water repeatedly to cool a plant. This dramatically lessens water use, and reduces the kills of fish and other organisms by approximately 95% over the much older, more destructive—and less expensive--"once-through" systems.

These older systems pull in several billion gallons of water a day, leading to a massive mortality--trillions of fish, shellfish, and other organisms--every year.

In once-through systems, larger animals are killed by "impingement," or being trapped against water intake screens. Their eggs and larvae are killed by "entrainment," being drawn in to exchangers that transfer the plant's heat to the water, where they die from heat, toxicity, and physical stress.

Once-through cooling systems rival the fishing industry in the number of fish and shellfish killed every year. About 52% of power plants in the U.S. use once-through systems. [3]

Super vividly describes the impact this outmoded technology has on the Hudson River. "Just one plant--the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant--uses 2.4 billion gallons a day of cooling water," he says. "By comparison, nine million people use New York City's water supply, and they consume only 1.2 billion gallons a day.

"Indian Point is just one of five plants on the Hudson using once-through cooling systems. Altogether they are sucking nearly five billion gallons daily from the river."

26th August 04, 01:38 PM
On the same topic, here's yet another Senator throwing bush under the bus for being an environmentalists nightmare..............

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Senate environment panel criticized President Bush for moving backward on the environment, saying he is putting special interests above clean air, clean water and public health.

Vermont independent Sen. James Jeffords, who will give up the gavel of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee when Republicans take over the Senate in January, said Bush is rolling back protections for clean air and water, cutting Superfund site cleanups and clearing new oil and gas drilling on national lands.
"Unfortunately, on environmental issues our president is moving us backward instead of leading us forward," Jeffords said, delivering the weekly radio address on behalf of Democrats.

Jeffords also said provisions in the new law creating a Homeland Security Department will make it harder for people to learn of dangerous chemicals near their homes.

Bush policies allowing power plants to avoid installing simple anti-pollution equipment when they modernize will lead to so many extra premature deaths from plant pollution that it would be like enduring the the equivalent of a "Pearl Harbor every 30 days," Jeffords said.

Bush's "departure from the Clean Air Act will prolong the life of out-of-date power plants belching out pollution, not only contributing to growing rates of childhood asthma, but also to the unsightly haze that taints the beauty of our magnificent parks and scenic vistas," Jeffords said.

Jeffords said the environment had not always been a partisan issue, and he noted that he had worked with Bush's father, former President George Bush, to toughen clean air legislation.


26th August 04, 01:50 PM
Of course Bush is an environmentsl nightmare. Most people just aren't informed about it.

The BBC just printed an article today about the environment and laughs about how we spend millions in "Asteroid detection" but refuse to spend money to find out if our environment is being negatively impacted.


26th August 04, 03:21 PM
Another issue where Kerry beats Bush. When are they going to come up with a candidate who is pro-environment, pro-alternative energy, pro-fiscal restraint, pro-second amendment and tough on defense! There, you have it PD. That's where I stand. Troll away!!

26th August 04, 03:24 PM
you are all aware that emissions from vehicles went up during clinton. And the new emissions standards here in Mass actually give cars a better rating than the traditional tests which means more cars will pass now.

in addition under bush we have had more land conservation bought back by the gov't than under clinton....


You don't think Ketchup companies pollute and the ketchup does not pollute one's body? You are out of your goddamn minds.

26th August 04, 03:34 PM
Suggested reading:

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
by Bjorn Lomborg

26th August 04, 03:49 PM

26th August 04, 03:56 PM
The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
by Bjorn Lomborg

I actually read this book, it was the first book of its kind I bought but ALOT of data has come out since then.

I even showed you a PENTAGON document that suggets global warming will be a bigger threat than terrorism.

The world is finite. If we keep polluting there is no way we won't be affected.

Before the EPA was in place there was an incident in NYC on Thanksgiving Day that most people here know about. A cloud of smog covered the city and 14 people DIED as a result with hundreds more hospitalized for sickness.

Pollution is real.

Where I live in Long Island they state just issued a warning about bacteria levels in water and theres a general county warning NOT to eat any fish caught here. Thats pretty sick.

26th August 04, 04:01 PM
Sorry, but global warming is an idiot issue and topic.We don't have enough data going back far enough.
BUT, pollution and rising asthma rates are important. PPL need to stop talking global warming and deal with effects which we can see and deal with.

Deadpan Scientist
26th August 04, 04:02 PM
This is what happens when people blame business cycle downturns on the federal government.

"We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."

It's also what happens when we let non-science people be in charge of things.

26th August 04, 04:08 PM
non-science people

Why don't you just be honest with yourself and call him a dumbass?