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21st August 04, 11:18 AM
for those who don't know, John Lindsay runs e-budo.com. i know some admins and other members would be interested in this:


21st August 04, 11:30 AM
Good read. What's he doing over there?

21st August 04, 05:43 PM
don't know for sure. before e-budo crashed a while back he had some other threads describing a little bit more about what he was doing. basically, it involves running security detail for convoys and civilian operations.

deus ex machina
21st August 04, 06:54 PM
Civilian security contractors. That shit is dangerous.

Carpe Noctem
21st August 04, 07:21 PM
Nice. I did much the same shit over there, but US Army, therefore not paid nearly as much for similar risks.

ESI here I come...

21st August 04, 10:43 PM
I hope John has a speedy recovery

M.C. Busman
22nd August 04, 11:39 AM
John's e-budo was one of the first well-travelled sites a few years back that made some room for critical study of questionable martial arts/artists. Even created a "Bad Budo" forum for this type of discussion.

In a world where most martial artists are trying to project a politically correct "nice guy" facad by sticking their heads in the sand and quipping "See no evil!", forums like John's e-budo & Bullshido provide a valuable opportunity to compare notes and share evidence. Hmm. Problem solving vs. ignoring the problem. What makes more sense (that's why we're here, right?).

Here's to hoping John stays safe & makes tons of dough on his return trip!

Be Well,

M.C. Busman

23rd August 04, 10:07 AM
Good luck man, hell of a place to make a living.

and it's Lindsey, not Lindsay

23rd August 04, 11:51 AM
MCB is correct as always.

Off the current topic a bit, part of the problem is the general apathy in martial arts for people who are deluded into thinking that their impractical training is actually useful in a real situation. It's a lot like Tarot Card readers and phone psychics... people don't think there's any harm in it.

But unlike 'psychics' and other similar con artists, you're not just flushing your money down the toilet; you're being given a dangerous false sense of security and overconfidence that may very well get you killed.