View Full Version : FDA to announce warnings linking antidepresants and suicide

21st August 04, 11:15 AM
The official release is going to be next month when the FDA is going to go out on a LIMB and try and fool us all into thinking that taking massive amounts of prescription mind-controlling drugs might be bad for you.

We all know better of course.

This all started last year when Brittish officials told us that nearly every antidepressant could cause suicidal behavior and declared Prozac to be the ONLY antidepressant suitable for fucked up teenagers/children who have watched too much TV and thus have an unrealistic outlook at life in general and are depressed because of it.

For the meantime it remains perfectly logical to pump your kids AND yourself up on as many mind numbing drugs you can find. THROW your money at those massive drug companiesand let THEM tell you how to think and how to feel.

Remember: If your sad you need a pill. Makes perfect sense right?

21st August 04, 06:31 PM
It's 7:30 pm man, I can't get to sleep. I'd better take DOUBLE my regular dosage of those good old sleeping pills!

21st August 04, 09:22 PM
Having taken several anti-depressants before myself (not currently) and having contemplated suicide (not recently or often), I can tell you that the two are ONLY connected because depression is what leads to suicide and taking anti-depressants leads to ENDING depression.

People who take anti-depressants are DEPRESSED PEOPLE...and if the anti-depressant does not work (they don't all work for all people) then the ALREADY depressed person may commit suicide...but saying the anti-depressants caused the suicide is like saying Tylenol causes headaches...ridiculous.

I think that some people use medications they shouldn't use and don't need, and I think anti-depressants should not be considered a permanent fix to depression, but to say they're inherently evil is stupid. That idea comes from 2 groups of people: the ignorant, and the people who are bitter that it never worked for them.

Little Idea
21st August 04, 11:54 PM

PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA? "The Rest of the Story" on the New Class of SSRI Antidepressants (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lovan, Luvox, and more)

22nd August 04, 03:46 AM
Does the study prove causality?
Because ICY does have a point.
I think it is ironic we use the same drugs to treat hyperactivty/ADHD in kids and to treat narcolepsy.

22nd August 04, 05:30 AM
I would like to point out that depression is WAY over diagnosed (the doctor thinks "hmm...can't think of anything specific...tests are expensive, I KNOW! Depression!") as is ADHD/ADD, etc

Also, by far the most effective method of getting rid of depression I ever found was doing MA...and ironically the reason I had to quit doing MA was that an anti-depressant I took had the side-effect of making me nauseous whenever I engaged in physical activity...that BLEW, and I quit taking that after I figured out that it was the anti-depressant causing it.

Doctors are FUCKING IDIOTS when it comes to depresssion, but I do think anti-depressants are an important thing to have at your disposal, should you need them...like anti-biotics...without them, an infection can be impossible for your body to fight off...but if they're over-used, there are worse problems that arise (ie superbugs).

22nd August 04, 10:01 AM
ICY has it right,

Deadpan Scientist
22nd August 04, 11:06 AM
Clinical depression is more than just feeling sad because you aren't Zach Morris.

But yeah, americans are over medicated.