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5th August 04, 12:59 PM
A group of Swift Boat veterans who allegedly served with John Kerry have made an anti-Kerry commercial regarding his service in the Vietnam war.. The veterans say Kerry is a liar, unfit for command and someone not to be trusted.

watch the commercial:


5th August 04, 01:13 PM
Funny, because 5 out of 6 of Kerry's crewmen are travelling around testifying for him. (The 6th is dead). Th people who actually served on his boat, under his command, have immense respect for him.

You may remember that operatives for the Bush campaign spread nasty rumors about John McCain's 'nam service as well when it looked like McCain might be a contender for the Repub nomination in 2000.

I am not saying that Kerry is all that great (something that my more liberal friend's want to ignore). But when it comes to real combat, GWBush was getting wasted and skipping his Gaurd duties while Kerry saw combat, saved a crewman, and personally killed Viet Cong. In real life, Kerry is a much harder man than Bush. Some vets are just pissed that Kerry dissed the war afterwards.

Hate Kerry's liberal politcs if you want, but please don't buy into GWB's bullshit.

5th August 04, 02:16 PM
Well said Zendetta. Please see my other post. John McCain said this attack on Kerry is unfounded and extremely disrespectful. This is pure bullshit. As far as I'm concerned, the only veterans qualified to judge Kerry are the ones who were actually on the boat with him. They've already stated that he was the shiznizzle as a leader and a courageous soldier as well.

This is good enough for me. This is the reason I despise Bush and Co. They have nothing positive to say about their current tenure in office so all they can do is attack Kerry and pray the dumb Americans won't vote for him.

5th August 04, 02:26 PM
that was an independent commercial

5th August 04, 02:30 PM
sure....independent maybe.

I've yet to meet a "non-partisan" group that attacked one candidate and supported another.

5th August 04, 02:31 PM
Originally posted by Chupacabra
that was an independent commercial

Sure it was...

5th August 04, 02:36 PM
Chupacabra, that's a good one!! LOL. I'd love to follow the money on that one..... Actually, I read somewhere this morning that the commercial has something to do with Bush's press secretary.

5th August 04, 02:42 PM
Just like MoveOn.org is an independant organization... independantly dedicated o destroying Bush.