View Full Version : iraqi people...[rant alert]

28th June 04, 03:06 PM
[rant alert] get off your collective asses and do something.


quit crying about having to look at american troops and take your country back from these scumbags that kill people in your name and then proclaim they are doing god's will.

worthless bastards. rebuild your own shit; streets, oil wells, power lines; feed your own starving people; PROTECT YOUR SELVES AND DON'T RUN AWAY, then you can bitch about american soldiers. the end.

[rant alert]

28th June 04, 03:07 PM
What are you trying to say?

28th June 04, 03:14 PM
i think he was saying we should send more troops over there to help out and that he liked f911. either that, or flour causes cancer.