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23rd April 04, 09:30 AM
It seems like just about everything trys to give you adware or spyware.

I cant wait until they make it illigel.

For those who know know what it is.

you can read about it at www.spybot.com

if you believe you have some on your computer, well your fucked. Just kidding

adware the program will take it off
another awsome program is spybot
spysweeper is ok as well

be careful some programs that claim to take off spyware/adaware end up adding heeps.

anyhow, this thread is a mix between a rant about hating the shit, and wanting to help others who dont know what the fuck is going on.


23rd April 04, 09:38 AM
I'm with you on this one kid....

23rd April 04, 09:44 AM
It won't ever be made illegal. We need less laws not more. Don't think one dimensionally if you take some personal resposibility or ask for help you will never have a problem with this stuff. Ignorance is what they exploit not your computer.

23rd April 04, 09:46 AM
Spyware is now responsible for more tech support calls than virus infections.

Granted, I've made dozens of hours of billing removing the shit from people's machines.

23rd April 04, 10:01 AM
Thank god that on martialtalk.com back in the day(somewhere around 2000ish when this was just becoming a big problem. they had a thread on it and alerted me, just wanted to pass on the info. I know its a bit late but i think the problem is growing out of control and the adverage person has no clue to what adaware or spyware is and why there p4 is moving like a turtle.

23rd April 04, 10:01 AM
back when adaware was called lavasoft :)

23rd April 04, 10:11 AM
I never really cared about this shit, until things started popping up on my desktop, installing themselves on my computer without my permission, and changing my homepage.

The thing I found the funniest was Adware (the program) and VitrualBouncer (a program claiming to detect and remove spyware were some of the most annoying offenders.

Being a computer idiot, I didn't really know what to do, but luckly I caught a segment on TechTV that outlined the basic security stuff people should have if they have a broadband connection.


I downloaded and installed all the stuff suggested on the show; AVG for virus protection and ZoneAlarm for a firewall (both 100% free) and bought a spyware program from the makers of ZoneAlarm called PestPatrol for $10 or $20 dollars.

Turns out I had 5 virsuses and over 3,000 different files identified as either spyware or adware on my computer. AVG removed the virsuses and PestPatrol removed the spyware/adware and so far my problem has been completely solved without ONE piece of spyware, adware, or a virsus being detected since . My girlfriend and I still go to all the same places and do the same things.

23rd April 04, 10:21 AM
Here is a tip to get rid of that stuff. Click start button, click run in the menu, and type in MSCONFIG into the command box. Hit ok, and it will bring up a window titled system configuration utility. On the far right there is a tab that says startup. When you click that, it will bring up a list of programs that initiate automatically when you load windows. You will find all the adware and spyware enabled in there. You can disable them in that list 95% of the time. FOr the nastier shit, refer to Punishers post.

23rd April 04, 10:24 AM
Most people have no idea what's going on in MSConfig, and Spybot will take care of anything you could find there.

I can post SA detailed spyware FAQ if you like. I also have instructions for that nasty Adtomi spyware that NOTHING covers as of this date.

23rd April 04, 10:34 AM
Ad-Aware here....lately Spybot has been crashing on my comp

"I can post SA detailed spyware FAQ if you like."


23rd April 04, 11:41 AM
i downloaded spybot and still got a bunch of problems. i don't know that much about computers. posting a faq would be nice.

23rd April 04, 11:47 AM
Thanks for the links guys.

23rd April 04, 01:11 PM
Originally posted by infidel
i downloaded spybot and still got a bunch of problems. i don't know that much about computers. posting a faq would be nice.

I work in TS( technical support) and in my experience, some so-called spyware "killers" actually are spyware themselves or are poorly written programs that interfere with other programs. You have to choose wisely, and if you are using Kazaa you are still going to have issues until you give it the axe.

23rd April 04, 01:12 PM
Any new info would be helpful for my job, share the wealth Shuma. ;) And it occured to me as soon as I posted that not many people would know what to keep in there (which depends on which version of windows you use, the programs you want) as far as msconfig goes.

23rd April 04, 01:18 PM
If people would become computer literate instead of just looking for free shit it wouldnt be a problem.