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much love
15th April 04, 08:44 AM
I observe that many people behave in an irrational manner regarding the subject of Christianity.

What makes it irrational is that there is a supposition of beliefs.

These poor unfortunate bigots think they know what Christian's believe.

Bigots beware. You are ignorant!

So, I thought I would post some sites that if viewed with an open mind, might help people to view Christianity more openly.

The first site of this series is:


Irey Bredrin!

15th April 04, 08:53 AM
But I'm and anti-drug agnostic.

much love
15th April 04, 08:57 AM
that's ok because so are many self-identified psuedo Christains!

15th April 04, 03:04 PM
thank's for clearing that up on behalf of all christians

much love
15th April 04, 05:49 PM
Not all Christians share the same beliefs (political, religious, science, the paranormal, etc.)

That is my point, not to imply all Christians are stoners

I want to show the many faces of self-identified Christians

so, that folks can check their preconceived notions at the door and view Christians as they come not by what they think they lknow about you

15th April 04, 10:16 PM
Originally posted by KhorneliusPraxx
But I'm and anti-drug agnostic.

Ha! Fag!

15th April 04, 11:29 PM
And the next site is...

McDojo Artist
16th April 04, 01:48 AM
*removed my link*

Had no real relevance ;)

much love
16th April 04, 09:21 AM
Does anyone have any knowledge of this organization?

Can they fight?

16th April 04, 09:36 AM
thank you for your support

16th April 04, 12:10 PM
POT = open mind = LOVE
stupidity = ingnorance = HATE

The only reason pot is illegal is because of ignorance. Oh and because nobody could tax it, cause it is so easy to grow. So instead they make a "drug war" which really doesnt do shit, except draw in funds for these organizations which Im sure* gets put to good use.

* no not really

much love
16th April 04, 12:59 PM
Irey my wise Bredren!