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10th April 04, 04:53 PM
I don't know how this is being covered back home, but understandably this story has been dominating Japanese media these last few days; if you didn't already know, 3 Japanese citizens working in Iraq have been taken hostage. On Thursday, their captors released a video statement to the effect of "withdraw all Japanese troops from Iraq in 3 days or we will burn these people alive." That's right, you heard me, they're going to burn them alive.

The government naturally cannot withdraw its forces in 3 days. Whoever is in charge of the situation on the hostage takers' side of things is a fucking idiot with absolutly no grasp of the logistics of the situation, but hey I really don't think he cares. There has been some talk about using US special forces for a rescue mission and Japan has established a group of 20 experts in their embassy in Amman to analyze the sitution (the way it was written in the paper it sounded like some ridiculous beurocratic bullshit, honestly). Seeing as the 3 days are almost if not already in fact up, I fail to see the good in establishing this little think tank, maybe we'll get lucky and they wo't really have the nerve to burn people a-fucking-live.

Honestly, burn them alive?! What the hell is this?

The families of the hostages have repeatedly attempted to speak to the government and their message is one of complete and utter capitulation. I can't say as I necessarily blame them, but still it somehow feels wrong to me. Today's front page had them begging the government not to get the US military innvolved because, and I quote; "If they resort to forcible measures, it could hurt the three hostages and the local Iraqi people. That's the last thing we want. Please don't do that." I'd opt for getting clipped by a .762 in the midst of a rescue operation over bein burned alive any day of the damned week. However as I am no where close to being n their shoes- and hopefully never will be- I suppose I am in no position to judge; still something feels wrong about it all.

Oh, hey breaking news. Went out to get a drink and the guys watching CNN tell me a report just ran across the ticker that the hostages will be released within 24 hours. Nifty.

Ok, well then, enough of them and on to the 30 someodd hostages of varying nationalities that other groups in Iraq are claiming to have taken.

Not so much is known about these other kidnapping other than the fact that the demmands are similair. Here's their hostage takers' statement,; "We demand the withdrawl of all American forces and their allies. We have hostages , including Japanese, Bulgarians, Americans, Israelies, Spanish, and Koreans- a total of 30 individuals. If the siege of Fallujah isn't lifted, we'll cut off their heads."

Again with the fucked up executions >_<

I'm beginning to despise Iraq more and more every day.

Best of luck to the hostages and their families, the troops, and any poor schmuck who isn't pointing an AK-47 at allied forces.

So very depressed now, great way to follow up a double feature of "American History X" and "Tears of the Sun"...... woo-bloody-hoo

10th April 04, 05:53 PM
Heh...it's long past saving, I think. Let's just nuke the fucking place.

Eh....I guess maybe I don't mean that...but I share your frustrations, I suppose. It's always "Iraq this" " Iraq that"...

Geez, this mess wouldn't even exist if the US could just mind it's own goddamn business.

Fucking George W. Bush can't even properly address the problems his own country faces, but yet he sees fit to try and help out another country - half assed, no less.

And the worst part is that, in the end, he's only made more goddamn problems for the US than what they faced to start with.

10th April 04, 06:27 PM
Why do most AMericans feel Afghanistan was a just war but Iraq wasn't?

10th April 04, 06:35 PM
Because afghanistan was a retalitory strike. Bush said he wanted to stamp out terrorism, and formed the list of his "Axis of Evil", which Iraq was a part of .. waaaaaaaaay down that list. Meanwhile N. Korea, who blatantly looked at us and said, "we'll nuke your ass" is still sittin' pretty and calm and free from the U.S's rage for 9 - 11. Yet they've paid MAJOR bucks to, and harbored terrorists. The difference? Korea doesn't have near the oil reserve of Iraq. Those of us standing happily everytime the news showed an Al-Qeada member getting smoked ... now feel conned. That's it in a nutshell.

The Wastrel
10th April 04, 06:50 PM
The difference? Korea doesn't have near the oil reserve of Iraq.

I hate using internet acronyms. ROTFLMFAO. Damn you.

10th April 04, 07:48 PM
i have heard that those Japanese hostages will be freed:


Also i read somewhere that Korean missionaries were kidnapped but then later released-but what the hell were they doing in Iraq??are they stupid or something??

11th April 04, 04:16 PM
"what the hell were they doing in Iraq??are they stupid or something??"

Thats the million dollar question.

11th April 04, 05:07 PM
the insurgents holding the them captive said they would be released today, but since, there then they said they would execute one of the hostages in the next 24 hours

what the fuck are they playing at. one can only wonder at these peoples morality.

i feel sorry for their relatives who were promised their safe return today.