View Full Version : John Kerry Says One Thing Then Does Another

15th March 04, 02:37 PM
Today's (March 6th) radio address by John Kerry is the latest example of his astonishing ability to say one thing and do another. He says he'll never send troops into harm's way without enough firepower and support, but he voted against all of the firepower and support when it mattered most for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. John Kerry says he supports body armor for the troops, yet he voted against sending it to our soldiers. John Kerry voted against higher danger pay for our troops and against health care for active duty reservists. If John Kerry's policies had been adopted, our troops would not have the support and protection they need to win the War on Terror.

15th March 04, 02:44 PM
bush is the CIC, its his job to make sure his troops are properly equipped. when and how did Kerry vote against sending body armor to troops?

15th March 04, 02:50 PM



15th March 04, 02:59 PM
Okay, the guys on the message board make some good points. i wonder what else was included in that 87 billion dollar deal, surely it wasn't all body armor.

15th March 04, 05:38 PM
john kerry's face is craggier than mount mckinley