15th March 04, 12:53 PM
During this time of record deficits, President Bush promised the country that his drug-industry backed Medicare bill would cost $395 billion. (1) But just weeks after he signed the bill into law, his own budget office admitted that the bill would actually cost well over $500 billion. (2) And today a new report shows that the President knew that the bill cost more than he had claimed, and yet he deliberately hid the information from the public until the legislation was already signed into law.

As revealed in an exclusive Knight-Ridder report, the White House threatened to fire its own top Medicare actuary "if he told lawmakers about a series of Bush administration cost estimates" that priced the bill at more than $500 billion. (3) At the time, conservative Republicans had "vowed to vote against the Medicare drug bill if it cost more than $400 billion." This means that the president deliberately misled members of his own party on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry that pushed the bill and has been a top contributor to his campaign. (4) As Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) said, "I think a lot of people probably would have reconsidered" voting for the bill had they not been deliberately misled by the White House.

At Knight-Ridder's website you can see the full text of the 6/26/03 email that Medicare's top actuary Richard S. Foster sent to colleagues informing them of the White House threat. (5)

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15th March 04, 02:17 PM
Okay, this one was just stupid. Your other "Please Elect MY Con Man Over the Existing Con Man" posts have had an element of decent points to them, but this is whiney baby cry baby bullshit. The democrats need to stop bitching about medicare/medicaid inadequacies if they think it doesn't take money to fix. Kerry the biggest whiney bitch about it than any of the rest of them! Well surprise surprise, it fucking costs money to fix! OMG!

15th March 04, 02:33 PM
stick it up your ass captain

Bush is a fuckin liar

15th March 04, 02:38 PM
Go suck your own cock. Kerry's a liar too!

15th March 04, 02:41 PM
Go Nader?

15th March 04, 02:45 PM
Thank god I'm Canadian.

15th March 04, 02:47 PM
how many billions of dollars has kerry's lies cost us?

15th March 04, 02:57 PM
Just wait till he's in power, put there by dumbasses who believe everything and everyone on the left, and nothing from the right, if they even bother to check (which I seriously doubt).

15th March 04, 03:00 PM
yes, i am waiting in great anticipation for the ass raping of republicans to begin

Deadpan Scientist
15th March 04, 04:19 PM
This is more like it