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  1. American Music: musical anthropological introspective
  2. If Star Wars was remade today, who would play who?
  3. educate me in metal
  4. Robert Downey JR's dirty secret
  5. I....I don't even..
  6. Marvel Theme Park: Dubai? WTF?
  7. Thor Movie: Bitchfest
  8. aussie rock
  9. Baader-Meinhof Complex
  10. Rage against the X Factor!!
  11. Public Enemies : Now on DVD
  12. Bad Movies that make money
  13. U.S. & U.K. Cultural exchange
  14. Brittany R.I.P.
  15. Spartacus : the tv show
  16. Keith's DIYS guitar body build
  17. Spider man 4 officially dead. John Malkovich is sad now. :(
  18. I hate Jay Leno
  19. Spanish music I like and some other crap I don't (LOL, Cullion)
  20. Dexter Season 5 - Dexter battles cancer and marries...
  21. Cantus Buranus
  22. Comics you are currently reading.
  23. South Australie WTFF Seriously !
  24. Question for the Brits on the board
  25. The Book of Eli
  26. The Road - the movie
  27. Why Lost Boys still kicks ass
  28. J. D. Salinger is dead.
  29. Archer
  30. Moon. On Blu-Ray
  31. Pandorum. Event Horizon. Space Sux
  32. Universal Soldier Regeneration. Surprisingly Good.
  33. Anyone See Mel Gibson's new film?
  34. WTF, Bruce Willis? Cop Out
  35. OI! You want to be a REAL RockNRolla, then?
  36. Lunchbox To Full For Flight: Kevin Smith BOOTED
  37. Robert Pattinson May Be GHEY
  38. The Wolf Man
  39. Percy Jackson and the half-blood prince
  40. Wake up song
  41. Which Ayn Rand book should I read?
  42. Bankers
  43. GREEN ZONE (here there be spoilers)
  44. mega righteous new gorillaz single
  45. mega righteous new eclipse trailer
  46. Who? Who? Who? (Legends of the Guardians)
  47. mega righteous new telephone music video
  48. Interactive movies: trying again.
  49. Soul Zombie??
  50. Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town
  51. If I have to keep listening to this crap at work I swear to God I'm going to slit my
  52. So Sarah Paaalin gets like $1 million an episode don't you know?
  53. Lead Role For 'Captain America' Decided
  54. Is this funny to you?
  55. Resident Evil 2525
  56. What I am/What I am not.
  57. Did I mention, MOVIE?
  58. NEW ACTION FLICK - The Expendables
  59. Steven Seagal's Sex Slaves
  60. TV Makes you Look Bigger!
  61. Four Lions
  62. jazz funk rock folk punk fusion
  63. 80s music that makes you want to play 80s RPGs
  64. Let's post some 90's music
  65. Making Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" in Ableton by Jim Pavloff
  66. Female Action Heroes: Still the Weaker Sex?
  67. MC Guru passes at 43 after year long battle with cancer
  68. From water comes wine
  69. Turn up your subwoofer.
  71. Lindsay Lohan to take on Deep Throat
  73. tristemente la canción de mi verano
  74. Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band
  75. Leaves of Grass: A Double Edward Norton Joint
  76. Dio is dead
  77. Shia LeBeouf admits Wrongdoing on Indiana Jones' Sequel
  78. Rabbits: David Lynch makes a sitcom!
  79. Delicatessen
  80. Film company seeks hairy Swedish nudists!!
  81. What is your favorite kind of music?
  82. Demise of Dennis Hopper
  83. Looking for an extremely rare anime series: Gin'eiden
  84. Australia's new national anthem
  85. Thunder, Thunder, Thunder...
  86. Mortal Kombat: Reboot
  87. Ip Man: yes I am a kung fu theatre dork
  88. Artist Spotlight: Madlib in da hizzy
  89. RATATAT drops LP4 five days ago, where the hell were you?
  90. Rock a-fire Explosion
  91. Genitorturers
  92. Gun Silencing and its Appearance in Media
  93. Why hasn't there been a thread about this yet?
  94. Bass vamps in lieu of full bodied rhythm sections
  95. So, True Blood season 3...
  96. Predators
  97. Something I really wish they'd make movie out of..
  98. Inception
  99. Whoever is responsible for this will pay!
  100. Need a good book to read
  101. Being Human – Series One: Why You Should Watch It.
  102. A Serbian Film
  103. The Wes Anderson Thread
  104. Batman:Under The Red Hood DVD Release
  105. thor trailer
  106. a tribute to chicks with sticks
  107. For soulmechanic
  108. doodleburger
  109. Zach Snyder's new movie is...
  110. Are you a bad enough dude to call where this is from?
  111. The Protomen: choicest products of the brewer's art
  112. Atlas Shrugged: The Movie
  113. Laurence Fishburne's Daughter Makes Porn Debut
  114. ART vs. SCIENCE (it's NOT what you think)
  115. Why I hate most new music
  116. The Boardwalk Empire Thread
  117. The Future Of Batman ..
  119. MACHETE!
  120. Lie To Me.
  121. Hobo with a Shotgun
  122. why no mad men thread?
  123. Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' Coming to Film, TV
  124. Weeds: Season 6
  125. The Matrix + Inspector Gadget + Bollywood = Endhiran
  126. Who live in Japan yo?
  127. 'Hobbit' Film Production Delayed Yet Again
  128. R.I.P. Greg Giraldo
  129. Inception Soundtrack
  130. Monsters. Cloverfieldistrict 13 Lite
  131. Frozen. or life needs more wolves
  132. Funk and magnets
  133. No Ordinary Family: RITA LIVES!!
  134. The Phantom Tollbooth remake
  135. This Track is Bumping!
  136. The Walking Dead
  137. Help me come up with a good Vietnam War playlist
  138. Cee Lo Green: "The Lady Killer" online!
  139. Blown Away by the Artistry of this...
  140. Conan's new show starts tonight!
  141. 'Porky's' Finally Dethroned..
  142. That song...
  143. Great Jagger Parody Response to Keith Richards
  144. Good Prequels?
  145. Your Highness (Natalie Portman in a thong!)
  146. What Books SHOULD you be reading
  147. Shows you're currently watching (and ones you *should* be watching)
  148. Let's talk Comedy!
  149. Zamrock. Spear throw. Oh no!!
  150. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
  151. Solomon Kane: Puritanical Ass-Kickery
  152. Dear music lovers,
  153. Harry Partch and Outsider Music
  154. Post Your Favourite Christmas Music Videos or Videos with Christmas Music Here
  155. Roger Waters: The Wall
  156. Narnia: Dawn Treader
  157. In your opinion (which is probably worng) who are the most influencial musicians?
  158. Join me in boycotting Thor movie
  159. Bye bye Beefy....
  160. What's that sample?
  161. Making Movies, Then and Now
  162. There Will Be Blood (spoilers)
  163. True Grit and your favorite westerns
  164. Boney M front man dies 61
  165. NOISE grind ATONALITY
  166. Bear Vs Trompoline
  167. .
  168. Barry Louis Polisar
  169. ZSA ZSA Has Leg Amputated
  171. Map of Tasmania - Amanda F*cking Palmer did it again...
  172. Help me write this chord progression.
  173. Black Swan
  174. Marvel..or rather DISNEY, kills off Human Torch!
  175. Oscars Nod Your Thread
  177. When is Katy Perry gonna go to hell and die?
  178. You will always be half the man Bruce Campbell is
  179. What's up Alt-Bluegrass?
  180. Famke Janssen To Play Witch in Hansel & Gretel
  181. What does Civilization 4 and Sh!tty Music Have in Common?
  182. gimme 50 books every kid should read
  183. regurgitator
  184. Alien vs. Ninja
  185. What Was The Last Blu Ray/ DVD/ Movie You Purchased or Downloaded ?
  186. THIS is how it's done (40 years in rock and still going) .
  187. I need GOOD folk!
  188. "I'm Here," by Spike Jonze
  189. frustrated dorks rapping please
  190. Best Mashup Video of all time.
  191. 13 Assassins.
  192. De-constructing Japanese empowerment fantasies from the early 70s
  193. Third Installment in Dark Knight Series Scheduled for July 2012 Release
  194. Rango
  195. Game of Thrones
  196. Elibeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith from Dr Who) Dies aged 65
  197. Awesome Buskers
  198. Bye By Poly ¦: o (
  199. BTmusic
  200. sample sourcing :(
  201. Conan remake? Why wasn't I informed?
  202. Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune
  203. PoTC Part IV Stranger TIdes
  204. CHOOKA !
  205. RIP GILL SCOTT HERON (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011)
  206. Old Katy Perry
  207. Italy's answer to Jersey Shore invasion
  208. DC Universe To Be Completely Overhauled..
  209. Hive Minded
  210. behold, the greatest film of all time
  211. Inspire me
  212. exile. express rising.
  214. The Best Movie Swordfights Thread
  215. Munoz
  216. RIP Michael Wurzel' Burston of Motorhead
  217. Wugazi
  218. John Carter of Mars Trailer..
  219. WOLF CREEK 2 !!!!!!
  220. Anyone seen Captian America?
  221. So I picked up the soundtrack to the spiderman musical
  222. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  223. Scarface Blu Ray Release !
  224. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
  225. Something rare and wonderful
  226. Red State
  227. Andy Whitfield loses his battle with cancer.
  228. Machine Gun Preacher
  229. The Skin I live In
  230. Foo Fighters vs. the Westboro Baptist Church
  231. Study time is epic time!
  232. Nirvana's NEVERMIND Secrets Revealed !
  233. RISE and FAIL! Support Indie Martial Arts Films!
  234. Bye Bye Bert....
  235. Waltz with Bashir
  236. Homeland TV Series
  237. The Thing 2011
  238. I could Listen to this Woman all day long
  239. Complain nieghbour - Tippa Ire - so awesome it needs its own thread
  240. Eric Burdon's Paint It Black
  241. Ace Frehley Releases Bio/Tell-All Book 'No Regrets'
  242. Marty Robbins' Ballad of the Alamo
  243. Keith's Song I
  244. I think I found Sociocide's musical wife
  245. Dave Cloud does not get enough respect.
  246. Nefarious
  247. Ender's Game Movie in Pre-Production
  248. Movie theme covers thread
  249. Comic Book Pioneer Jerry Robinson, Co Creator Of The Joker, Robin..Dies At 89