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  1. Supernatural
  2. The Unborn...
  4. My Own Worst Enemy
  5. Anís Hoffman East Coast Tour
  6. Madness?
  8. My First Album Now Available Online!
  9. Gran Torino- and you thought Clint Eastwood was done killing people!
  10. Ratatat
  11. Save Three Sheets
  12. Ninja Scroll: Live Action. oh god why.
  13. blade runner (spoilers)
  14. Superman Reboot!
  15. House, MD Appreciation Thread
  16. W: A movie where misinformation and pity reach EPIC proportions
  17. Pandora
  18. RoboCop remake? Murphy, say it ain't so!!
  19. Batman Sues Christopher Nolan
  20. Avengers Assemble!!
  21. Robert Downey Jr. to Play Sherlock Holmes
  22. ideas for batman III
  23. Wesley Snipes Zombie Western..... WTF?
  24. The New Xbox Live Experience + Netflix Is Ridiculously Awesome
  25. Well, damn. Han Solo is a furry...
  26. How i met your mother
  27. Girl Talk
  28. Transporter 3
  29. Blaxploitation is NOT dead!
  30. Lords of the spin - In the shadow of power
  31. Rome movie adaptation in the pipeline.
  32. Let the right one in
  33. Che. The Movie.
  34. HELP me find this bad movie!
  36. Attn: HappyOldGuy, Betty Page dead
  37. My Name Is Bruce.
  38. "WALL-E clearly runs OSX"
  39. How high were your expectations for Batman 3?
  40. David Byrne from The Talking Heads is [email protected]#king nuts
  41. Frank Miller eyes big-screen 'Buck Rogers'
  42. Resident Evil: Degeneration
  43. Chuck Palahniuk's, "Choke"
  44. The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Appreciation Thread
  45. Craziest Movie Line, When Taken Out Of Context...
  46. Burn Notice, ATTN: BRUCE CAMPBELL FANS (spoiler tags are required)
  47. Beirut: Why Haven't You Heard of Them Yet?
  48. "...and she'd better f#$ken like it"
  49. Time Warner Cable Customers Losing Viacom Channels
  50. TAKEN
  51. Marv The Wrestler To Be Russian Iron Man Foe?
  52. Nathan Fillion did porn...PG Porn?
  53. RIP Number Six - Patrick
  54. RIP, Ricardo Montalban...
  55. The Trailer thread
  56. Foundation Movie
  57. 10 years of Dr Manhattan - Watchmen
  58. OMG no Slumdog Millionaire thread!
  59. Brother Theodore
  60. Afro Samurai Resurrection
  61. No country for "oldboy"
  62. Yet another remake: Friday the 13th
  64. Christian Bale goes AP3SH|T on the set of T4.
  65. Dirty harry sequel "Magnum Force" to head to the stage as a musical.
  66. Movies you can watch wherever, whenever - again and again
  67. Lux Interior dies at 60
  68. Happy 64th, mon.
  69. New Orleans
  70. Let no wrist, nor ankle be safe. Youngblood awakens.
  71. Another Watchmen Thread (I got spoilers!)
  72. My new reason to love bass guitar players (and Rush kicks ass too)...
  73. The day the muzak died.
  74. Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot: Reviews of pulp movies and books!
  75. No more Joker? Some fans of Ledger want to retire the roll from film.
  76. Official Dollhouse Thread
  77. Legend of the Seeker - Wizards 1st rule - sword of truth
  78. Battlestar Galactica: The Final Episodes
  79. Battlestar on the big screen?
  80. Inglourious Basterds - nazi scalps for all!
  81. Another remake, this one actually looks better than the original.
  82. The Oscars left me thinking...
  83. RIP Wendy Richards .
  84. What? No NPR thread?
  85. Acoustic a$$ kicking thread.
  86. Kings on NBC
  87. Bad news fanboys, I saw Watchmen and it isn't very good
  88. I love you, man.
  89. anime for n00bs?
  90. I can have teh sexorzy teim mit Mermaid??
  91. Voldemort strikes again
  92. Breaking Bad *SPOILER ALERT!!!*
  93. Animated Hulk Movies
  94. Best music for a video game EVER.
  95. Johannson, Rourke Inked for Iron Man
  97. Classic songs that make you feel good.
  98. Classic songs that always fill you with pain and sorrow
  99. The Adventures of Duane and Brand0
  100. Best CGI fight?
  101. wolverine orgins
  102. documentaries?
  103. songs that get you psyched
  104. Fast and Furious
  105. dragon bsll
  106. 2 years ago today, we lost one of the best writers of the 20 century.
  107. ZOMBIES! or Woody Harrelson busts a TMZ photographer's camera
  108. Wine is fine but whiskeys quicker
  109. Crank 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. the next robin hood is a kiwi
  111. Caprica
  112. You're One Ugly Conchetumadre! Robert Rodriguez Relaunch Predator, Moar Grindhouse
  113. Chuck: The TV series
  114. Pitchmen: Billy Mays vs Anthony Sullivan
  115. Shia LaBeouf: How to ruin Mother's Day, the world over
  116. Star Trek
  117. Lolita: the Book
  118. T3h Death Metal thread.
  119. ROCK! *New Obscure bands only!*
  120. Sh!t Yeah! Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
  121. How do you Tell Summer Movie Robots Apart?
  122. A few fiction/sci-fi flicks coming out in the next few months.
  123. Timberlakes best song
  124. This guitar has seconds to live.
  125. Why "Terminator: Salvation" will ultimately be a disappointment.
  126. Splinter
  127. Afterquake: Using music to deal with that really awful earthquake in China
  128. Outlander
  130. The TV shows/movies you'd normally not admit that you liked thread
  131. Musicians who did not get the fame and sex they deserved!
  132. Broken saints TV series coming soon.
  133. The Yellow And Black Matress-Back Attack
  134. One night in Bangkok - RIP David Carradine
  135. Mr. Han-Man Left The Island
  136. Disney's First African-American Princess
  137. Futurama Renewed.
  138. Blu-Ray Rant. I don't know where to put this.
  139. True Blood: Season 2
  140. "Da-Da-Daaa-Da...Da-Du-Duh..." Indy 5
  141. The Expendables *spoiler warning*
  142. Mission: .....men..... Cruise to do M:I4, world yawns.
  143. Friday night double feature with Stick and his girl: Year One & Drag Me To Hel
  144. Beatbox Dub FX: F*cking awesome
  145. Rate Kevin Smith's work
  146. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland
  147. No Country For Old Men.
  148. The Last Airbender
  149. RIP Farrah Fawcett: feathered hair never again will look so hot :*(
  150. wow GoLarge records SCAM thread gets me my own Personal Troll.
  151. Michael Jackson suffers heart attack! Dead?!?!
  152. Bruno: FCUKED by Jacko, too?
  153. Virtuality
  154. Billy Mays nooooooo!
  155. I need more cow-bell
  156. Not another one!
  157. Robo-Geisha: Destroying male sexual fantasies EVERYWHERE (or is it...?)
  158. And now Karl Malden? It's a bad week to be a celeb.
  159. Lorena Gale has died
  160. Public Enemies Review.
  161. Caprica
  162. EPIC FAIL! DJ dies...
  163. The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones
  164. Dzihan & Kamien
  165. Zombieland
  166. Karate Kid: REMAKE with Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi
  167. How can they?
  168. Aliens invade South Africa
  169. Who would you want back?
  170. Friday night feature with Stick & his girl... And Plasma: Harry Potter & the HBP
  171. District 9: New Trailer
  172. Mike Yates own Harry Potter
  173. Watchmen DVD Release Today - Scammers!
  174. Various covers of The Final Countdown
  175. Is Charlize Theron John Gault
  176. Television crossovers
  177. Stargate Universe
  178. Dexter Season 4 Thread: take note, no more spoiler tags after post 67
  179. GI Joe: Resolute
  180. New music plz
  181. Pete Cosey, unsung hero of funky geetar
  182. Gamer. Xbox Live Movie.
  183. Ralph? The time has come. The time has come... to go out of your mind.
  184. Album of the Week 1: Big Fun by Miiiiiiiiles Davis.
  185. G.I. Joe Live Action Movie
  186. Dark Crystal 2
  187. sociocide music colaboration
  188. Iron Man 2!
  189. LEGION: Oh my eff'ing God! God eff'ing hates us!
  190. Farewell Les Paul
  191. Rashied Ali attempts to steal spotlight, dies same day as Les Paul
  192. Is Movie Music Becoming the "New Classical"?
  193. Kill Bill blu-ray rant
  194. Alice in Wonderland 2010
  195. How many roads must a man walk down before the police ask to see some ID?
  196. Here, have some free music: Valley of Walls
  197. Grab your Goggles. RIDDICK is back!
  198. Pirate Metal: It's like metal, but with more pirates
  199. Why? Why? Why? (A sequel to a hit movie)
  200. Avatar - not the airbender
  201. It's Always Sunny returns
  202. cheesy 80's movies
  203. Banned! (but viewable)
  204. My Brother > You
  205. Classical Music
  206. The Teaches of Peaches. NSFW
  207. Michael Moore Hates America
  208. The Daft Punk Game
  209. Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2
  210. Want to see a film about Charles Darwin?
  211. The Telegraph rips Dan Brown 20 new ones
  212. Do you love Jimi Hendrix with all of your body (including your pee-pee)?
  213. City of Lost Children
  214. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the DEFINITIVE version of Stairway to Heaven
  215. Older movies are overhyped.
  216. fantasy art
  217. Post songs that get you pumped!
  218. For those who like Massive Attack
  219. Podcasts worth listening to?
  220. The official Flashforward thread
  221. Where the Wild Things Are
  222. Lord, Save Us From Your Followers
  223. Post pics of your guitars here.
  224. The A-Team Movie
  225. The Fantastic Mr Fox
  226. Crowdsourcing the Star Wars remake
  227. Secret Girlfriend - anyone watch it?
  228. Paranormal Activity
  229. One of Disney's First Acts as Owner of Marvel: Venom. WTF<?>
  230. Freddy goes BOOOOM!!
  231. I'm in <3 - Vladimir Jurowski and the London Philharmonic
  233. Dr Julius No has passed away.
  234. The Tournament
  235. help expand my strings horizons (classical music?)
  236. new mad max film in production!
  237. Trick Or Treat
  238. Boondock Saints: All Saint's Day
  239. Smokin' Ac es 2: Assassin's Ball
  240. Tell Me About These Here Flix Here
  241. Favorite halloween movie!
  242. Prince of Persia - now with less Persians!
  243. Fantasia - now with less cartoons!
  244. Hardwired
  245. Machete - now with less... HOLY SH!T THIS MOVIE HAS EVERYTHING!
  246. Spidey 4: now with MOAR cat!
  247. Kick-Ass - now with less superpowers!
  248. The Brits Hate Black People
  249. Retrogamers and perverts alike will love this
  250. Fight Club Blu Ray: Fincher Trolls