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  1. SPAAARTAAAAA!! (No the craze isn't over yet goddamn it)
  3. Kid Spatula?
  4. Rumor has it, Sarah Michelle Gellar will play Harley Quinn in The Dark Knight
  5. 80s Rock - For Driving
  6. The Condemned
  7. 2,000 guitarists will try and break a world record on June 3rd...
  8. Actor's Studio - The Simpsons
  9. Listen to these people
  10. Recommend some goa or psytrance for me.
  11. Cinema...Rated by Belt
  12. Brad Pitt cast as He-Man
  13. Natalie Portman... the lifecast.
  14. Jessica Biel in new Street Fighter Movie..... as Chun Li?!
  15. Lucas says Spider Man 3 is silly so he's going to make 2 more Star Wars movies...
  16. Jrock Extravaganza!
  17. Coming Soon- Rambo-O: The Story of Rambo
  18. The "I <3 Takeshi Kitano" Thread
  19. Robert Rodriguez Remakes Rarbarella- er Barbarella
  20. Punk music the future mainstream?
  21. Best most poilitically incorrect movie ever
  22. Pirate Master: So Lame it Almost Makes me Want to Be a Ninja. Almost.
  23. Bye Bye Battlestar.
  24. Jackass sued over nuts in mouse trap...
  25. Thundercats, HO!
  26. I am Legend.
  27. I has a sekrit *giggle*
  28. This thread is dedicated to all things Gary Busey
  29. What the Hell Happened to Hip Hop?
  30. This thread is for the discussion of Leftist hotties.
  31. Derranged Flamingo ...
  32. Movie About Plot to Kill Hitler Denied Right to Film at Historic Site; "why" is great
  33. Bionic woman in NBC's fall line-up.
  34. Led Zeppelin going on tour???
  35. The next Charles Manson?
  36. 7-11s turned into Kwik-E-Marts
  37. OJ Simpson's manuscript sold to Goldman family.
  38. WHY WHY WHY? Alvin and the Chipmunks: The movie
  39. Favorite 80s band?
  40. Good Download Site
  41. Hitman Movie: good and bad news
  42. John Woo's Hard Boiled DVD re-release
  43. A look at the "Zombie Principle" in movies.
  44. Knight Rider: 2008
  45. Marketing "Hairspray"
  46. Advertising at it's finest, UK style!
  47. Dexter Season Two
  48. Another bit of my work on the History Channel!
  49. What Interest does Sociocide have in hearing me sing?
  50. Possible Punisher Re-cast Could Be Greatest Actor Trade-up Of All Timez!
  51. Mercury Man
  52. Man Vs. Umm... Tamed Wilderness?
  53. BATMAN 2: Why so serious?
  54. Iron Man Comic Con Trailer
  55. Cool 80's cartoon intros
  56. Really bad Martial Arts TV/Movies
  57. jason statham versus jet li
  58. Got Zombies?!??!
  59. Ridley Scott and 'Monopoly: The Movie'?
  60. Acoustic Punk Rock!
  61. Heroes Goes to Mars: Your Admin is a Happy Dweeb
  62. Prison Break
  63. Time to Rep yo Nation!
  64. JOUST: The Movie...? Yes, the movie.
  65. ATTN: Musicians
  66. Anyone read horror?
  67. Luciano Pavarotti dies at 71
  68. Species IV - The Awakening
  69. Live action Robotech movie
  70. Indiana Jones 4....
  71. Iron Man Wow
  72. Britney Loses Custody- shocking . . .
  73. So it begins.... The first file-sharing trial, that is.
  74. Why Seattle is awesome: Hump 3!!
  75. Another reason to love Radiohead
  76. Live Local Music
  77. New Dance Music
  78. Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes" fame sings!
  79. Tropa de Elite - brazilian movie
  80. 28 days and weeks later thread.
  81. Goodbye TVLinks
  82. Blade Runner: THE FINAL CUT
  83. Rendition - the flick
  84. Machete, The Movie...
  85. "Wanted" Movie
  86. Dog "the N!gger Hunter" Chapman
  87. WHAT? The X-Files movie is going to have a sequel???
  88. Journeyman is the best new show on TV, and in two weeks it's dead.
  89. From under the radar... Dragonlance
  90. TIN MAN or The Wizard of Oz comes to the SciFi Channel
  91. The Death of a Legend..Evil Knieval Dead at 69
  92. (oldish) The Lost Room - miniseries
  93. BSG: Razor
  94. A year to wait to see more? Plus, Dark Knight trailer.
  95. holy sh1t Michael Jackson looks even worse
  96. ATTN: Oscar Peterson, come back to life please
  98. The Dalai Lama
  99. I want an udu drum now
  100. Get Expelled: Ben Stein's movie about Creationism
  101. Strange Wilderness.... Good, Bad or Ugly?
  102. Oprah's gonna OWN the Discovery Health Channel
  103. Meet the Spartans
  104. Dias de Luta (Fighting Days)
  105. What should I download?
  106. star trek: the last generation
  107. Cloverfield **SPOILERS AHEAD**
  108. "Dark Knight" to reshoot. "Brokeback Mountain 2" cancelled.
  109. Movies that made you cry like an emotionally damaged baby
  110. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (with minor spoilers?)
  111. The Rambo problem
  112. Have you heard of the band, Can?
  113. joox.net
  114. Classical Music, Choirs, etc
  115. Bireli Lagrene and Jimmy Rosenberg
  116. Godzilla vs. Cloverfield Monster: Who wins in all out battle?
  117. Superhero Movie
  118. Watch Avatar
  119. ATTN: Poop Loops
  120. If you missed it till now, Dexter is on CBS Sunday nights 10 eastern
  121. PLEASE! No, no, no, no..... Highlander: The Source
  122. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  123. Musical wankery
  124. What the smurf??? Smurf Movie in theaters Nov. '08
  125. Lindsay Lohan: Multiple Award Winning Actress!
  126. My DJ friends are better than your DJ friends.
  127. Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?
  128. Tron II seems to be a reality... and in 3D!
  129. ‘Deal or No Deal’ sued.
  130. Unfettered Coinage: The Paul McCartney Conspiracy
  131. Guitar Hero's
  132. Post your Top 5/10 Favorite Songs of all time.
  133. Finally found a CD by Stemm (you know, the song from the UFC)
  134. Hey Riddeck! Suck my d1ck!
  135. New Stephen Chow joint: cj7
  136. The Incredible Hulk Trailer
  137. Nevar Back Down: Violence and its Effects on Society and Individuals
  138. Top Film Composers
  139. 4chan > Paris Hilton
  140. Groundhog Dune
  141. Boondock Saints Sequel?
  142. G.I. Joe Movie - Snake Eyes Pic Released
  143. Upcoming Movies based on the 80's
  144. The Most Awesome Filipino Rock Video Ever
  145. Audiosurf, the best $10 you'll ever spend
  146. TROPIC THUNDER: Ben Stiller's new joint/How Rob Downey Jr turned black
  147. Serenity: A Rapist's View Of The World
  148. Ben Folds is the best lyricist since 1995
  149. my people were fair and wore the sky in their hair... but now they're content to wea
  150. Halo Movie
  151. I Have uncovered the secret to why Clark does not fly in Smallville!!!
  152. Eraserhead.
  153. The Legend of Zelda movie trailer
  154. Charlton Heston dies at 84.
  155. Uwe Boll will stop making movies...
  156. my music collection just broke 8,000 files.
  157. My band, Owl Jolson Show: Let me know what you think!
  158. Last original Disney animator dies.
  159. Spielberg to butcher perfectly good anime that butchered a perfectly good manga
  160. Hellboy II - The Golden Army: New trailer released
  161. WALL-E: First Pixar movie that I've looked forward to in a long time
  162. Flobots are ****ing amazing. And if you don't agree you're gay.
  163. Kristen Bell Set to Quit Hollywood
  164. Fabric and the Fabriclive mixes
  165. I don't care what you say, Jason Mraz is awesome.
  166. Who like's westerns?
  167. Metal
  168. Movies you really liked that weren't mainstream / popular / blockbusters
  169. New Dark Knight Trailer
  170. What TV shows did you wish they never cancelled
  171. The Doors
  172. The Best Music No One Knew About
  173. Awesome? TMNT - Coming Out of Their Shells Tour
  174. Who wants free stuff from Amazon?
  175. Best version of "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy:
  176. Best recent Marvel Comics adaptation to film?
  177. Top 25 rejected movie roles.
  178. i am in minute 14 of a 36 minute hendrix epic
  179. More Musicians That Are Better Than What You Like
  180. Movie Knockoffs. Shameless isn't the word.
  181. How To Rent A Good Movie?
  182. I know Kung Fu... movies
  183. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  184. MST3000 all those movies you wished they would do.
  185. Weezer's new music video: Every goofy YouTube clip rolled into one
  186. Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher
  187. Wesley Snipes sentenced to 3 years in Jail
  188. Guitar Newb Thread
  189. The Happening: Red Band Trailer
  190. Bo Diddley gone died
  191. Need an excuse to smoke crack?
  192. Steven Seagal
  193. Guitar Debate/general bs relating to guitars
  194. Trailer & hyp: "Punisher: Warzone"
  195. Hendrix's Third Stone From the Sun at double speed.
  196. Just Recorded a CD.
  197. I love souljah boy.
  198. Hip Hop & the CrabBucket
  199. Shi77y Musicians Everybody Likes But You
  200. Our Lady Peace
  201. My review of "Wanted", the Angelina Jolie naked butt movie.
  202. Comic Book/Graphic Novel Film Tier List
  203. Legend of Zelda: The Movie
  204. Best of Bootie
  205. This... will be a kick ass movie
  206. Micheal Bay's rejected script for the Dark Knight
  207. Max Payne... it might not suck
  208. Watchmen trailer NOW WITH 2ND TRAILER
  209. Watermelon Slim “is a friend of mine.”
  210. avatar ends tomorrow night
  211. The Road Warrior is the best movie ever.
  212. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  213. I love flapjack
  214. Viva La Vida (coldplay)
  215. I love film dealing with oriental voluntarism
  216. TR2N (Tron 2!)
  217. *does the Deadpool jig* (wolverine movie)
  218. Check out my roadtrip mix
  219. the cast of karate kid are old
  220. "W" The George Bush Biopic Trailer.
  221. Tommy Gauthier
  222. New Spiderman film? Nope, new Venom film.
  223. Morgan Freeman in serious condition after late night car accident
  224. WTF, he wasn't in the Dark Knight: Bernie Mac Dead at 50
  225. Cow and chicken
  226. Weird Al Yankovic Thread of Great Awesomesauce.
  227. Christopher Walken: His best stuff!
  228. BJJ + Afros + Zombies + Tokyo = Epic win.
  229. Kung Fu Killer: David Carradine's new joint on Spike TV
  230. Righteous Kill: Pacino & De Niro in the same film
  231. The Spirit Trailer: Samuel L is a nazi kung fu masta!
  232. 20th Century Fox sues to block Watchmen. *SPOILERS INSIDE, READ THE NOVEL NOW*
  233. Starship Troopers 3 (now w/ SFX circa 1995!)
  234. Afro Samurai is back!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Clint Howard = Heath Ledger's Joker voice?? WTF?
  236. DAYoung's book to be released on Monday 1st Sept
  237. RIP: Don LaFontaine
  238. Pirate Copy Of The Dark Knight
  239. Ghostbusters numero trois.
  240. Stereo-Types?
  241. Sonny chiba movies: Where can i order them or download them?
  242. True Blood
  243. Fringe. Meh.
  244. Start growing your neck beards: Atlas Shrugged Movie
  245. Death Magnetic
  246. RIP: David Foster Wallace
  247. Comfortably Numb
  248. I Wrote a Song About Dante's Inferno
  249. Torchwood