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  1. Goodbye Internet Freedoms....
  2. Canadians to Fight for Democracy in Women's Underwear.
  3. Mother Charged in Myspace Suicide
  4. Al Qaeda, trolling the interwebs!
  5. Chinese News Anchors can't hold their sh*t together.
  6. The "Uncivilized." Should we intervene?
  7. My little rant on socialized health care
  8. my ideology trumps your welfare
  9. DNC Rules Committee F*ckscramble 2008
  10. Cashing in on the Unfortunate: Usually they use SOME tact.
  11. Police officer attacks cameraman: Again? Jesus.
  12. Wicked Witch Dead. Munchkins Rejoice.
  13. McCain Speaks Prior to Obama / Clinton
  14. People who voted for bush are morans
  15. Male Circumcision Is A Funny Old Game.
  16. Asia-Pacific Union?
  17. God DAMN. Monsters really are real...
  18. Art or child porn? (possibly NSFW)
  19. How to improve public education in the US?
  20. How does a God love me unconditionally but then send me to Hell?
  21. Scott McClellan is a plant.
  22. Japanese Stabbing Rampage: Blame the Internets
  23. This is why you don't surf porn at work.
  24. The Sociocide "Blow Your Brains" Challenge (Ongoing)
  25. The Sydney Housing Bubble
  26. Freedom of speech much?
  27. President Bush To Become Catholic?
  28. Ron Paul 2012
  29. Taoism Question
  30. Harvard-Israel Sh*tstorm/Lolfest
  31. Carbon tax good idea?
  32. Kids Drugged, Forced into Sex Acts: Let's Build Another Church!
  33. McCain lied about being tortured [BBC]
  34. French president not assassinated . . .
  35. The Heinleinian Republic - Merits and Criticism -Split from Liberal Gun Haters Thread
  37. How do say "Fvck your religious nonsense" in Romanian?
  38. Facism=Communism?
  39. Aging Aussie Axe Murderer kills three
  40. Artist gives us a little perspective...
  41. Texan tired of waiting for cops, shoots burglars
  42. Wait, pedophile or no??? He just likes drinking little boys' pee
  43. Town enlists security dogs to tackle violence, drunkenness
  44. More Muslim outrage! Puppies!
  45. Firework Laws Suck Ass
  46. Fox News Sucks at Shooping
  47. Remembering Jesse Helms: What a douche
  48. Congress poised to strip anti-wiretap judge of power
  49. Waterboarding, first hand...
  50. US military planned nerve gas test on Aust troops
  51. Soldiers pressured to become Christian?
  52. Jesus, a re-run? (c/o Steve)
  53. Bicyclist demands his people be set free and starts the revolution
  54. Colin McRae World Gathering Memorial :cry:
  55. Can an economics literate person explain the significance of this?
  56. John McCain on Viagra vs Birth Control
  57. Detroit police have probable cause to search you if your pants sag
  58. Charlie Brooker Takes On The Troofers.
  59. Rev. Jesse Jackson drops the N-bomb on Obama
  60. Teen Dies in Sumo Accident at Church Camp
  61. San Fran votes to honor Bush
  62. Your antiterrorism dollars at work.
  63. Passivity while being seriously assaulted by contemporary people
  64. Gen-You-Ine Trolling Opportunity Here!
  65. The MPAA's "Police Force"
  66. The Second Wave of the Credit Crisis
  67. Christians 2, Wiccans 1
  68. John Edwards’ Love Child!
  69. Russian law banning Emos makes Emos... well... emotional.
  70. Have you noticed gas prices going down this week?
  71. Black in America
  72. Krazy Kaju's Celebrity Crush Endorses Obama.
  73. Religions - Which be you?
  74. Bush = Batman according to Wall Street Journal opinion piece
  75. Jon Voight: My Concerns for America
  76. He ventured forth to bring light to the world
  77. Cats and Dogs banned in Saudi Arabia. No, really!
  78. Remember those Anthrax attacks back a few years ago?
  79. Wal-Mart warns of Democratic Win
  80. Talking in the dark: Republicans don't know when the House is closed
  81. Uh oh, Obama's to skinny to be Prez...
  82. Why the media is a load of sh!t.
  83. Dad tries to raise son to be a tough guy, decides that being tough means drunk brawls
  84. Prison Labor
  85. First Detainee Convicted at Guantanamo Bay
  86. Looks like PETA crapped the bed
  87. Russia invades Georgia (not the one with grits)
  88. The War on Bad Music
  89. Large Fleet heads for the persian gulf
  90. Massive Propane Explosion in Toronto
  91. Its official, CHEF is dead.
  92. "not every violation of the law is not a crime" No need for JUSTICE in justice dept.
  93. MADD - scions of the hysterical clucks who brought you prohibition!
  94. Aussie gaurds shoot armed robbers
  95. USA! USA!
  96. Listeriosis outbreak; meat recall expanded
  97. Rick Steves - Marijuana: It's Time For A Conversation
  98. It's Obama + Biden
  99. Europe is probably more racist then america.
  100. Madonna is a douchbag
  101. AND SO IT BEGINS: 4 people arrested in possible assassination plot to kill Obama
  102. Federal Lawsuit Requesting Obama Be Removed as a Candidate
  103. Russia: "Hey NATO, eat it."
  104. OMG, The Byakugan is real - oh wait, its just eye cancer
  105. McCain's Pick Announced Today
  106. ABC New Reporter Arrested During Democratic Convention
  107. Baby-Microwaving Mom Convicted... THE ARISTOCRATS!
  108. Now you get back down there and kill that cat or no dessert tonight!
  109. Humiliation
  110. The Republican National Convention: Disaster
  111. Are we dirty liberals or filthy conservatives?
  112. Plot Thickens: Georgia base for Israeli strike on Iran?
  113. Strip club operator pwns small Bible Belt town
  114. New York City Charity Event for 9-11 First Responders
  115. China to challenge Intel at chipmaking, government to blame
  116. Sociocide Coverage of the McCain/Palin Rally
  117. Kim Jong Il=imposter?!?
  118. New General Election Megathread
  119. US Economy???
  120. Anny couture.
  121. Youtube to censor "hate speech" videos
  122. I'm sick of people complaining about how their taxes are high
  123. Revealed: UK’s first official sharia courts
  124. The Election Thus Far…
  125. "The Common Man" speaks: Youtube Politickers
  126. Science Debate 2008 (McCain vs Obama)
  127. John McCain on the economy... Republican party apologists welcome
  128. Survey of 500 economists on canidates.
  129. Palin's Witch-Hunter Buddy?
  130. Refuting Lies Makes People Believe Them More
  131. Kill all the Pit bulls in Ohio - H.B. 568
  132. Dino Rossi is full of it.
  133. Democrats are going to lose the election
  134. The Republican Party has its hand up the NRA's @ss
  135. Mortgages
  136. If you received 10k today...
  137. Osama Bin Laden 2, US, 0
  138. Help me understand the Americans who talk about "elites"
  139. The $700B Bailout: This should scare the sh*t out of you.
  140. Obsession: Fear tactics.
  141. To those atheists with time on their hands
  142. Remember the Pizza shop beatdown?
  143. The path of the recession
  144. Bill O'Reilly: Another Victim of Internet Hackers
  145. Even fundamentalists are hating on Al-queerda
  146. So why Obama
  147. Avast, ye Ruskies!
  148. Nepal's living goddess: she wants to be a nurse when she's older
  149. So what if God isn't omnipotent, but is really smart
  150. Just one more reason to vote McCain/Palin
  151. TheMightyMcClaw takes on Street preachers
  152. Party Clown Accused of Molesting Girls changes his plea
  153. 2008 Vice Presidential Debate
  154. Posse comitatus
  155. NOT Made in Taiwan
  156. How about Bullion, Cullion?
  157. Iceland is Going Bust...
  158. OMG, the election is near. Time for a FBI terror alert!
  159. Government : Data mining for terrorists doesn't work very well.
  160. McCain Linked to Group in Iran-Contra Case
  161. Obama McCain II: The Brawl at the Town Hall
  162. Okay so this is pretty bad....
  163. Dirty Politics: The Offical Candidate Corruption/Lies/Shenanigans Thread
  164. They're Givin Em Back
  165. Cook County Sheriff says "F- off, mortgage lenders!"
  166. Who here thinks obama will get shot?
  167. Dead Cat Bounce?
  168. Electoral college predictions
  169. Bye Bye Retirement
  170. Debate III McCain v Obama Predictions
  171. He tried to sue god. Almighty isn't properly served
  172. Swiftian Nonsense from a Fringe Lunatic
  173. Taliban still in control of afganistan? Have they modernized a bit? Nir Rosen report.
  174. One world government - why the f*** not?
  175. EU wants a new international monetary system!
  176. Debate IV: Clean Politics: The official self-effacing/jokester/shenanigans thread
  177. the goldstein's lawclusterf*** thread
  178. Newsflash; Rich People Cheat More on Taxes than Everyone Else.
  179. So Why McCain/Palin?
  180. Crappy California Real Estate Questions
  181. Become a schlepper and make change happen in 2008
  182. Congressman Joe the Plumber: 2010
  183. Taylorism
  184. Crazy anti-Obama people
  185. Paging Cullion
  186. Anarchism thread. Hedgehogey, get your ass here.
  187. Your Political Beliefs Thread
  188. Cut 25% of Defense Spending?
  189. Political Beliefs Thread Discussion
  190. More skin heads and their wanting to "off" Obama
  191. Speaking of Gun Control...
  192. obamas half hour
  193. McCain vs. Obama: The Real Battleground Poll
  194. Why Republicans are objectively dumber than Democrats
  195. Which conservative commentator is best/most reasonable?
  196. as one of the more leftest members of this bord.
  197. Palin vs. Canadian pranksters
  198. Anonymous Assaulted by Scientology Goons (video)
  199. My thoughts on Palin
  200. Obama's Krazy Koal Konspiracy
  201. Election day, it begins!
  202. Canada's rising religious right.
  203. The Official Gloating Thread
  204. President Obama in the hiz houze!
  205. The Sarah Failin' Hate Thread.
  206. The John McCain-Harvey Dent thread: To a Fond Memory
  207. Ralph Nader commits political suicide, FINALLY IT'S OVER!
  208. Westboro at Obama's Grandmother's Funeral (possibly inaccurate)
  209. Honeymoon is over for Prez. Obama
  210. A Butler Well Served by This Election
  211. on these sheilds boys (entering into legal combat with an international zibazu wages)
  212. Maybe electing Obama wasn't such a good idea
  213. 8 year old to face Murder charges
  214. Right wing gun control?
  215. The KKK: screwing up American life since the Reconstruction.
  216. Mandatory Military Service coming soon?
  217. Ex-muslim bashes Irshad Manji and Ayaa Hirsi Ali
  218. ARRR! Somali Pirates Strike Again
  219. Dick Cheney is Under Indictment
  220. We need socialized healthcare in the US
  221. Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online
  222. Big 3 take note: CEO of Japan Airlines takes huge pay cut
  223. we need education reform
  224. Fat Ppl Legally Entitled to 2nd Airline Seat
  225. Case for local control of water resources
  226. How screwed is Obama?
  227. Russian Professor Predicts Breakup of United States
  229. BREAKING NEWS: Terrorists kill 80+ westerners and bomb hotels in Mumbai
  230. So it turns out the UK is a police state...
  231. Implications of the Myspace suicide case
  232. Bizarre Tale of teenage Bondage
  233. To Hell with Canada.
  234. UAW to mull concessions
  235. We need to die sooner
  236. move over medicinal marijuana....
  237. 3 teens torture and murder 21 people for fun.
  238. Mom upset teacher tied girl in slave lesson
  239. My nightmare
  240. Kopbuster
  241. Another stunning victory in The War on Sucktitude
  242. Greek youths riot after police shooting
  243. "Open Carry?" Texans shoot for wearing their piece on their hip.
  244. Illinois Governor Arrested for selling Obama's vacant Senate seat.
  245. WTF? South African kids smoking HIV/Aids drugs to get high...
  247. OPEC/oil/geopolitics thread
  248. A Parting Gift for Bush from the People of Iraq
  249. Financial/Economic Crisis Resources
  250. Frequently challenged books