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  1. Putin-isms
  2. new form of staph...?
  3. Huge Bombing in Pakistan in Bhutto Assasination Attempt
  4. Credit goes to Bill Maher for this:
  5. Justice in the UK..
  6. The Ron Paul Appeal
  7. Sharp decline in U.S. troop deaths in Iraq
  8. What would happen if we were energy independent?
  9. 1969: The year AIDS came to the US from Haiti and then infected the world
  10. Pirates vs. Koreans
  11. How 'bout a lil' L. Ron Sprinkled on Your Jesus?
  12. Middle schoolers treated as sex-offenders for assgrab
  13. Finally: Westboro Church is given a b*tch slap for their behavior
  14. America
  15. The US government takes care of its people? FEMA fakes a news conference
  16. HALP! i r political relativist!!
  17. Facilitating Formosa’s Fall
  18. Freemasons, and then some?(Image heavy!)
  19. Iraqi War: 20,900 dollars per family
  20. Mike Huckabee is Chuck Norris Approved!!!
  21. Woman gang raped in Saudia Arabia, gets 200 lashes
  22. What's good about being Catholic? LINEAGE WAR TIME!
  23. Chavez: "hay guys I have new economic system!"
  24. Diaper Diesel
  25. For All of Our Military Members
  26. Award winning Associated Press photographer held for 19 months without charges
  27. Obesity and immigrating to New Zealand: Not gonna work
  28. One Million Dead in Iraq
  29. Democrats= Party of the Rich?
  30. The Bilderburg Group Conspiracy Theory
  31. More porn and violence is good for society
  32. Brit to be lashed for naming Teddy Muhammad (PB&J)
  33. Is Recycling A Load Of Old Rubbish?
  34. Hostages taken at Clinton campaign office
  35. Losing My Religion
  36. Bush lies again, no nuclear weapons in Iran
  37. More bad news...
  38. Intelligence report contradicts Iran War Mongering
  39. One of Obama's better speeches:
  41. Taser used for punishment rather than self-defence
  42. Question about Libertarianism
  43. Haliburton and An4l Gang R4pe?
  44. Muslim girl killed for not wearing headscarf
  45. House says Christmas and Christians are important!
  46. Kimbrough vs. US-Victory for Discretion
  47. Jim Horn doesnt care about brown people.
  48. Vote Huckabee or you'll go to HELL!
  49. Zero tolerance= no thinking + no discretion
  50. Lost opportunity to try anarchy...
  51. TIME's Person of the Year 2007 is.... Vladimir Putin!
  52. To those that don't support free unviersal healthcare...
  53. Say what? No really, I can't hear you. My parrents are @ssholes.
  54. New Rape laws in NSW Australia
  55. Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US
  56. Benazir Bhutto assassinated
  57. A white guy's take on reperations.
  58. Those Iowa Results In Full...
  59. Obama's Victory Speech
  60. Iraqi soldier's death / evidence of progress in Iraq
  61. One of the things I don't like about libertarians
  62. Hi Iran. Would you like some making war?
  63. Those New Hampshire Results In Full...
  64. CIA defector who exposed black operations dead at age 72
  65. No afterlife? How do you cope?
  66. No afterlife? How do you cope?
  67. The National Debt
  68. FBI Wiretaps Dropped Due to Unpaid Bills
  69. Ron Paul = Racist?
  70. Ron Paul = Racist?
  71. Look at Obama versus Clinton on Economy:
  72. I'm ****ing sick of Christian Nazis.
  73. Pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran
  74. Renewing the draft?
  75. The war on Drugs>>>retarded
  76. I'm Struggling With My Choices.
  77. Atheists just hate god.(rant)
  78. Higher Taxes=Happier People?
  79. China Awakes
  80. Those Michigan Results In Full...
  81. Anti-whaling hippy pirate star wars nerds offered whale meat while held hostage
  82. Paypal account of Ron Paul supporters mysteriously frozen at critical moment.
  83. Bobby Fischer 1943-2008
  84. What does John McCain actually believe?
  85. Do Nevada and S.C. Primaries Get Their Own Thread Now?
  86. Those Nevada & South Carolina Results In Full...
  87. The Sociocide Primary: Cast your Votes…
  88. DWT... Like a DWI, but less justified.
  89. "Dark Knight" to reshoot. "Brokeback Mountain 2" cancelled.
  90. How the Old Right Became Modern American Conservatism
  91. THE INTERNET has mounted an attack on Scientology
  92. The INTERNET takes on Scientology.
  93. Those Louisiana Caucus Results
  94. Bush and Aides made 935 false statements in Run-up to War
  95. National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance hates term "obesity"
  96. My Experiences With Scientology
  97. Those South Carolina Results In Full...
  98. Anonymous; discussion of
  99. Richard Perle: Valuable Political Consultant or Political Actor?
  100. Very disappointing meeting with R.P. Supporters
  101. Egypt Bahá'ís Catch a "Break"
  102. "Conservative Influence" vs. "Republican Establishment"... WTF?
  103. Suspended... for a pen named Glock
  104. Ann Coulter picks Clinton over McCain
  105. No Lardasses Allowed in Mississippi
  106. MoveOn endorses Obama, he gives bill for withdrawal of troops
  108. P.J. O'Rourke Rips Piss Out Of Entire Presidential Campaign
  109. Romney just dropped out
  110. Sharia law in UK is 'unavoidable' ?
  111. Anyone buying Yahoo stock?
  112. Fun with Ann Coulter
  113. USA 1945: Waterboarding torture and a war crime.
  114. "Business class" and martial law?
  115. Creationists seek foothold in Europe
  116. You thought the US sub-prime crisis was bad?
  117. Huckabee on being behind McCain
  118. 4 Masterpieces: Jacked.
  119. 6 on trial for 9/11
  120. Junior high student shot on Oxnard campus
  121. Going to participate in the olympics? Good. Now STFU.
  122. UK Environmentalists Become Accidental Fascists
  123. Dude! Don't Taze Me, Dude! Seriously, Please Don't Taze Me.
  124. They blew up a...Taco...del...mar?
  125. 15+ Students shot at Northern Illinois University
  126. Governor's Wife Calls Asian American Youth Terrorists, Refuses to Apologize
  127. Governor's Wife Calls Asian American Youth Terrorists, Refuses to Apologize
  128. Officer arrests Firefighter
  129. The 'King of Porn' Says Google & Yahoo Should Be Kings of Censorship.
  130. Why is global governance impossible?
  131. Fidel Castro is a bustah
  132. CNN producer fired for having a blog
  133. Wikipedia > Islam
  134. Secret Service Ordered End to Gun Checks at Obama Rally
  135. Pakistan removed from the internet
  136. Ralph Nader, the new Lindon LaRouche?
  137. The Ever-Lasting Effort to Appease Muslims, or, How Being Politically Correct Blows.
  138. Texas Primary, make your predictions
  139. Didn't see this one before
  140. Paul > Bernake
  141. You're a freak, and it's your parents fault.
  142. Firefighters under attack
  143. Russian bomber buzzes US carrier
  144. Colombia vs Ecuador & Venezuala = the end of FARC
  145. Universal Library
  146. The Alberta elections, does anyone care?
  147. Ah hah hah, stupid + xenophobic internet comments
  148. Rev. Hagee's endorsement of McCain
  149. Want top secret intel? The U.S. Air Force will email it to you!
  150. Vasili Arkhipov for the Nobel Peace Prize
  151. The Department of Homeland Security
  152. Clinton leaves the door open for the "Dream Team"
  153. Discs Denoting Monetary Value Which Are Not Currently Contained: Hillary Refuses to s
  154. Times Square go Boom
  155. Keep Westboro Baptist Chruch out of my school!
  156. Making it up as we go along.
  157. ATTN: English Types. What's your take on ID cards?
  158. Spitzer's Future
  159. Ratemycop.com; Makes Cops Angry, Has Trouble Staying On-line
  160. The Guardian - Atheists Are Frothing Dogmatic Loonies
  161. Major F**kup, at Least 4 Die.
  162. US no longer world's strongest economy.
  163. Physicist-Priest wins Templeton Prize, decries Intelligent Design
  164. Bush seems more looney than ever
  165. Civil Disobedience is awesome
  166. Kung Fu Does Entitled To The Sweat Of His Own Brow Or Some Such
  167. uber controversy:NY race shooting
  168. Unmanned Systems Roadmap 2007 - 2032
  169. Iranian politics...
  170. Bin Laden: Response is What you See, Not What You Hear
  171. Winter Soldier: Iraq Veterans Against the War
  172. Creationists are stupid
  173. Coptic christians mourn militant leader?
  174. Hillary under Sniper Fire, not really . . .
  175. Transgender couple, pregnancy, I'm confused...
  176. The Bar Trial of Jack Thompson
  177. CPR is a little messed up, try it without the mouth-to-mouth: Save 50% more lives
  178. Oldest European Human Fossil Found
  179. Dutch anti-Islamic film Fitna completed, watch here
  180. Security vs. Liberty: Analysis of a Round Table Discussion
  181. Woman making 70k a year now on Foodstamps! But wait! There's more!
  182. Oh, lovely. Westboro Church is at it again.
  183. A word from our former First Daughter...
  184. Anonymous attacks non profit Epilepsy Web Site? Not so lulz worthy
  185. Independant Truckers On Strike, No Foolin'
  186. Solar Thermal Power - power for the next century
  187. 3rd graders plot to kill teacher- what happened to crazy glue on chair?
  188. Aussie PM salutes George Bush! Crickey!
  189. Republic of California police officers at it again.
  190. Alex Jones- what's the deal
  191. Peak oil, or How Canada became the 51st state?
  192. US to become Energy Independent? 'Super-Massive' oil deposit revisited under ND
  193. Racism at its finest!
  194. 2 teens stab cabbie, die in resulting crash.
  195. What could possibly go wrong?
  196. Obama said what?
  197. Pope snubs the Whitehouse
  198. US finally winning the drug war
  199. Rising food prices: Ethanol or Oil to blame?
  200. Marriage laws in Yemen suck? 8 year old girl wins divorce from 28 year old husband.
  201. Turns out Putin's still got game, of course we aren't surprised...
  202. Lame Hoax Cheapens Art's Ever-Lessoning Impact on Anything
  203. The Republic of Australia: 2010
  204. FREE TIBET!!! What are you? Sheep?
  205. Hobbyist builds device that kills cancer
  206. "Artist" Starves Dog to Death, Plans on it Again
  207. Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary.
  208. Islam: The Religion of Peace strikes again!
  209. No rice for you! and the Economy
  210. I'm going to the Vancouver protests
  211. 3 NYPD detectives acquitted in 50-shot killing
  212. JFK's New Frontier
  213. Welfare
  214. Russian Orthodoxy>Freedom of Religion?
  215. Austria:Dad has 7 kids with his own daughter
  216. "Huge advance" in gene therapy to cure blindness
  217. Barack Obama needs to dump the Reverend Jeremiah Wright
  218. Impact of technology
  219. Obama smokes Hillary in the Guam caucuses
  220. Intelligentpeople.com: Internet dating meets eugenics, LoL.
  221. Gas Tax
  222. Economic & Political Beliefs
  223. Explain Why "Good Christian" = "Fiscal Conservatism"
  224. Gigantous Drug Bust at San Diego State
  225. Obama: Niger, please!
  226. Barack Obama Wins North Carolina Primary, Indiana Too Close to Call.
  227. Hollebecq Mother-Son IRL Flame War: Hilarity Ensues.
  228. Jesus Made Me Puke
  229. UK taking a HUGE step backward regarding marijuana?
  230. And they let these people vote?
  231. Muslims strike again! Hoooraaay for peace!
  232. 2 Teens Slain on Prom Night
  233. Obama vs McCain
  234. Edwards endorses Obama
  235. As solidarity for Iraq war deaths, Bush gives up golf
  236. CA gays rejoice! Ban on same sex marriage is declared unconstitutional
  237. As long as McCain keeps his mouth shut, he'll win
  238. Earth has lost 1/4 to 1/3 of its wildlife species since 1970s. Way to go, humanity!
  239. Are human populations reaching their limit?
  240. US occupation of Iraq makes sense
  241. Whats your income?
  242. Barack Black Eagle
  243. Libertarians Propose Floating City States.
  244. The Giant Pool of Money
  245. US Military Now Doing China's Laundary
  246. Obama versus . . . the Jews???
  247. Want to criticize Israel? Then GTFO!
  248. How do fascism?
  249. Global terrorism falling(though high in war zones)
  250. October Surprise? Rumor of Michelle Obama Tape.