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  1. Kungfoolss launches 'White History Month'!
  2. Young Kids Smoke the Dube
  3. Would you pledge your virginity to your father?
  4. Christian pediatrician has standards.
  5. Turkey Bans YouTube Over accusations that it is gay.
  6. Mom pleads guilty to using baby as a weapon
  7. On Imigration, sweatshops, the miltary and children
  8. Homophobia + FCC + Superbowl= Hilarity
  9. Science is completely objective...no really
  10. Newt Gingrich had extramarital affair while damning Clinton for his.
  11. Newt Gingrich had an extramarital affair while damning Clinton for his.
  12. Cheney says: Military answers to One Man!
  13. Cheney says: Military answers to One Man!
  14. Viacom sues Google and Youtube for $1bn
  15. Americans with Disabilities Act: Lawyers Ganging up.
  16. HUGE Recall on Dog and Cat Food!
  17. McDonald's to launch campaign against 'McJob' entry in dictionary
  18. Ex-Iraqi Weightlifter Regrets Toppling Saddam Statue
  19. Sun + Surf = Green Energy?
  20. Iraqis love BloodSport too.
  21. 14yr old gets 7yrs: A City's Past to Blame?
  22. Iraqi rebels are getting disquietingly competent
  23. NYPD Goes Global for GOP
  24. Job search websites
  25. Oh Rly? Smith died of accidental overdose
  26. New Zealand schoolgirls find there's no C in Ribena
  27. Angel Therapy
  28. 'Monster' toad found in Australia (and reporter called it a poisonous 'reptile')
  29. Greetings. Grievous bodily harm and torture, Austrian mother faces up to 5 years
  30. Parents OD daughter because she can't get Disability benefits
  31. Antifascism Disccussion Stub
  32. Legos:tool of capitalist machine
  33. Labor: Stalinist Apparatchiks or Liberal Lite?
  34. You're OUR Marine, so no new tattoos.
  35. 'Living in a comfort zone' - The US Occupation of Iraq
  36. Choc Christ exhibition scrapped over outrage
  37. Argentines Vow To Get Back The Falklands
  38. i snorted my father
  39. Hijacked conservative party: How to get it back?
  40. Modern "American" Woman
  41. Iran's Gamble, is it gonna pay off?
  42. The EU and other allies should really be thanking America...
  43. Racial slur on sofa label stuns family
  44. DNA shows Birkhead is (Anna Nicole Smith's) baby's father
  45. War on terror backfires: think tank
  46. America's Funniest Suicides!
  47. Rest in peace Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 4/11/2007
  48. MySpace Leads To House Rape Shocka.
  49. Turks planning to retaliate against PKK in northern Iraq
  50. Imus in the Morning Gets Fired; Gets Own Thread
  51. Principal, teacher quit after sex video surfaces amid puritanical furor
  52. Virginia Tech shooting
  53. Europe: VTech Shootings are US's Fault - and the whole "blame game"
  54. Supreme Court: Removing fetus and crushing skull is illegal
  55. Juxtaposing Media Coverage of Race
  56. Korean's Not To Blame
  57. AntiChrist, Superstar
  58. The "Oppressor" and "Victim" Classes: A New False Dichotomy To Replace Good/Evil
  59. The "Oppressor" and "Victim" Classes: A New False Dichotomy To Replace Good/Evil
  60. I thought pot was easier to get than this...
  61. Why 'Never Again' Will Never Work
  62. Fascist America?
  63. Chuck Norris: Secularism caused VT shooting
  64. 18yr old arrested for "violent" essay, over-reaction due to VT shooting?
  65. What it means to be Auslander...
  66. Democratic Presidential Debate
  67. Million rally for secularism in Turkey
  68. Fox reports parody as news.
  69. Tanker fire effs up highway in CA
  70. Supreme court protects police; Georgia teens still 85% inbred retards
  71. 65 million dollar lawsuit over lost pants.
  72. Iran Follies: Indeceny, 300 rebuttal, Porn Death Sentence
  73. Republican Presidential Debate
  74. Chmipanzee =/= Person?
  75. Arctic melt worse than predictions
  76. 6 men charged in plot to attack Fort Dix
  77. Pay to Stay Prisons
  78. Oral sex leads to throat cancer?? That blows!
  79. May 9th, 2007
  80. Japanese Now Into Scantily Clad School Girls...Again....
  81. Scientology bashes video reporter... On YouTube.
  82. Hamas and Fatah ceasefire lasts..oh about 4 hours
  83. Hamas and Fatah ceasefire lasts..oh about 4 hours
  84. The USPS admits it's scared of email: A monopoly might fall?
  85. NEWSFLASH - Iraq is dangerous
  86. Virginia Tech - The Computer Game
  87. Is Scotland Ready For Independence?
  88. Why won't Kennedy stay dead?
  89. Do you think Phil Spector is a murderer?
  91. Toronto School on Lockdown after 14yr old is Shot.
  92. Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman
  93. Cape Cod dune dwellers (Stupid Hippies Going Tribal) lose bid for special status
  94. Snakes on a PLANE!
  95. Bobblehead doll sends 350 workers fleeing
  96. The End of the World as We Know it: Global Warming!
  97. The End of the World as We Know it: Global Warming!
  98. The Queen is not amused by Blair
  99. CHINA - friend or foe, boom or bust?
  100. "Right Said Fred" assaulted in Moscow
  101. Live or die. You decide. In our FANTASIC NEW GAMESHOW!!
  102. Chinese to start teaching Panda-fu?
  103. 2nd Democratic Presidential Debate
  104. The first rule of fight club (AUS style), don't get caught filming it!
  105. 2008 election! Early inquisition.
  106. Putin says "Of course, I am a pure democrat, the tragedy is that I am alone."
  107. Who do you want to see in the oval office?
  108. 2nd Republican Debate
  109. They Censor History in China, What's Our Excuse?
  110. KKK GrandWizard comes out of the closet.
  111. Paris Hilton released ...../Sigh
  112. Did I avoid the con or am I just mean to little old ladies?
  113. Trapped 66-year Old Hiker Amputates His Own Leg
  114. So my uncle plotted to overthrow Laos
  115. US arms Iraqi insurgents to fight Al-Queda
  116. Gen Y
  117. Police use tear gas on anti-US protesters... in Italy
  118. Iran confirms detention of fourth Iranian-American
  119. So what the hell is Iran up to here?
  120. Ron Paul meetups
  121. Video recording leads to felony charge.
  122. Genisis!
  123. The PRC runs out of Names
  124. Britain to trial chemical castration on paedophiles
  125. Keep Jesus Out OF MMA - The Official Thread
  126. Vatican urges end to Amnesty Aid
  127. The Brutal World of French Parenting.
  128. Forum $ued for Trolling- is Sociocide next? ones etc.
  129. What the Hell Happened to Hip Hop?
  130. Welcome to Suffolk
  131. Muslims pissed about Salman Rushdie's knighthood
  132. NYC Poor to Get Cash for Good Behavior
  133. GWB: Partisan Hackery or totally egocentric?
  134. GWB: Partisan Hackery or totally egocentric?
  135. Prohibition FTW? From what I recall, it don't work to well: An AUS story
  136. Aussie soldiers scared off would-be Iranian abductors in 2004
  137. Purity Ring case in UK High Court
  138. Racial Quotas & NYC Schools
  139. NSW (in Australia) allows theraputic cloning!
  140. Dick Cheney decides he is his own unmoderated branch of government. WTBF?!?
  141. Underage sex should keep Turkey out of the EU? Yeah, if they're going to be stupid.
  142. Britain's new PM: Gordon Brown
  143. Terrorist Car Bombing Averted in London
  144. LOLocaust! Aussies saying that an Englishman doesn't have "the right pedigree"!
  145. And now, something completely different...
  146. Abortion: the right to choose?
  147. 15 year old boy shoots two cops and becomes an hero.
  148. Bush spares Libby from Prison
  149. Bush spares Libby from Prison
  150. Conservative pro-traditional marriage clown visited an escort service...go figure
  151. The Church is back and you're gonna be in trouble
  152. The Church is back and you're gonna be in trouble
  153. China has some good points
  154. Giant Badger Wrecks Havoc In Iraq
  155. NOTE TO SELF: do not eat the steamed buns in China
  156. Dog r4pes child, I just puked a little.
  157. The Intarweb made us neglect our kids!
  158. The movie "Congo" came TRUE.
  159. THE FINAL THEORY OF EVERYTHING - everything explained!
  160. A World Without Humans?
  161. Tammy Faye dies at 65
  162. "Dear Piece of Trash": an ode to a drug dealer
  163. Watch what you do, watch what you say, and please, do not ask questions.
  164. Simple Hearing Test May Predict SIDS
  165. WTF?? Drunk Astronauts?
  166. The Internet is Serious Business: Arson response to online jab
  167. Two teen girls set kitten on fire
  168. naked teenagers, possessed toddlers, exorcism and death... reality is a strange place
  169. lol @ Paris Hilton
  170. The Poor Wealthy
  171. Who's Your Candidaddy? Sociocide Endorses...
  172. You would think this would be bigger news
  173. PEWPEWPEW!!!
  174. Bridge Collapses during rush hour
  175. Russia plans to claim the North Pole...
  176. Prominent black Journalist Killed...
  177. And he told us of his life in the land of submarines
  178. Volunteer/Work/Visit the WTC Wreckage? You'd Better Read This...
  179. AFL-CIO Democratic Debate
  180. In case of quagmire, blame Iran
  181. Channle 4's Dispatches "Undercover Mosque" and Racism Online
  182. Why hasn't anybody murdered Shirley Phelps?
  183. Scientists Discover Why People Are Obese.
  184. Flashback: Dick Cheney of '94 disagrees with his later self about Iraq
  185. Karl Rove Resigns!
  186. Hugo Chavez Eliminates Term Limits; Sean Penn Plans "HAPPY PRESIDENT 4 LIFE!" Party.
  187. Hugo Chavez Eliminates Term Limits; Sean Penn Plans "HAPPY PRESIDENT 4 LIFE!" Party.
  188. Islam
  189. It's Official: Fred Thompson will never be president
  190. Why can't we just all get ALLAHng?
  191. American Foreign and Domestic Policy
  192. Soldiers: Opinion on War Resisters?
  193. Russian R&D: a knockout wallop from the ultimate water gun
  194. Republican Plan to Split California Electoral Vote
  195. The Scientific Process says "You're an Idiot".
  196. Stephen Colbert auctions his cast for the troops!
  197. non wuss abortion debate
  198. Christian pastor has sex with daughters to teach them how to be good wives.
  199. Ron Paul = Awesome
  200. Hillary & Social Security
  201. Wife Power?
  202. They set us up the bomb... HOLY SH*T! THEY REALLY DID SET US UP THE BOMB!
  203. Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?
  204. SCHOOL 1977 vs. SCHOOL 2007
  205. A.P.E.C Hilariousness
  206. Get this:Israeli neo-Nazi ring caught after attacks on synagogues.
  207. Study shows liberals and conservatives think different - duh
  208. Sept 11, 2006: Most aren't heros ...
  209. See, this seems like a hate crime...
  210. The New Che Gue... I mean Osama Bin Laden!?
  211. Alan Greenspan, republican hero, drops bombs on GOP and Bush.
  212. Blackwater banned from Iraq.
  213. Blackwater banned from Iraq.
  214. Iran president requests to visit Ground Zero, politicians say F*** No!
  215. Everyone in Boston needs to kill themselves
  216. Credit Crunch
  217. Study: Few do not form racial prejudices
  218. Ahmadinejad 'a petty and cruel dictator'
  219. Brain Eating Amoeba!!!!
  220. Bush Aide says 'I hate all Iranians'
  221. US Ambassador to UN sees no option but to attack Iran
  222. Neocons seek to justify action against Teheran
  223. Another Nazi war criminal found... in Georgia.
  224. Zimbabwe runs out of bread
  225. Iran reduces proportion of oil sold in Dollars even further
  226. Bush Vetoes $ For Low Income Child Health Care
  227. U.S. DHS self-inflicts a DDoS Attack.
  228. USAF developing Gay bomb
  229. Scientist claims to have created artificial life
  230. Archbishop Desmond Tutu banned from speaking at US university due to antisemitism
  231. An Inconvenient Truth
  232. France's secret war: Central African Republic
  233. 23 Years Later ... Reagan Was Right
  234. Broadcasting cockfights, vale tudo, Girls and Guns
  235. An Inconvenient Truth or an Uncomfortable one?
  236. My Evening With an EnvironMENTALIST Dick-Head...
  237. Bestiality
  238. Nobody's perfect
  239. Even the Marines want to hightail it out of Iraq
  240. Rudy vs Hillary = Low Turnout (Plus a Poll!)
  241. Hillary's best Friends: The Far Right
  242. The economics of gold digging
  243. Al Gore Wins The Nobel Peace Prize
  244. Australian Election Thread
  245. I've been interacting with a silly trust fund kid
  246. Ron Paul wins straw poll... despite not being there
  247. Jimmy Carter calls Cheney a "disaster" for U.S
  248. Scientific racism is alive and well... Unfortunately
  249. How do escape middle class?!?!
  250. Stephen Colbert for President: Is America Ready for a Faking Frenchman?