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  1. You've lost your manhood? No problem!
  2. How do the mujahedin justify killing other Muslims and not just infidels?
  3. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: Cops Tired of Arresting Pot Heads
  4. Only in Utah: Cactus of Middle Finger?
  5. This made my year
  6. Palestinians now busy blowing eachother up
  7. No torture in gitmo...
  8. No torture in gitmo...
  9. Republican Congressman loves teh buttsecks with teenage boys...
  10. Education and Economics in Oz (other stuff too)
  11. Norwegian Boys Sit Down To Pee, OR ELSE! (Plus, Horsef**kers)
  12. Insane amish shooting.
  13. Japan's Pop Power: Radio documentary on Japanese pop culture
  14. Man Shags Inflatable: Hilarity Ensues
  15. Turkish hijacker.
  16. Why, God? Why?!
  17. Dow Jones closes at record high.
  18. Georgia mom wants to ban Harry Potter
  19. Congressman forfeited right to privacy when he crossed the line of decency
  20. Weightism
  21. Officer Excused From Guarding Israeli Embassy (UK)
  22. This Sh*t stops right here!
  23. For MAJOR geeks.....who ever played MUDs?
  24. Apologies to Toronto members. For what it is worth.
  25. Black Immigrant Lady Minister considered Islamophobic in Sweden
  26. US Chains Shun 'Death of a President'
  27. Nine Reasons To Become a Super Villain
  28. Take that Liberal media.
  29. Murder of Outspoken Russian Journalist Sparks Fear of Emperor Puti-put's Evil Powers
  30. Iranian holocaust-mocking cartoon contest pictures
  31. Congratulations, North Korea!
  32. North Korea Tests Nuke; World Wags Limp Finger
  33. Google buys Youtube
  34. Pro-American French Philosopher Speaks Out.
  35. Kid's genitals = lucky charms
  36. Foiled school shooting
  37. WTF? 'Runaway bride' sues her former fiance
  38. RPGPundit predicts breakup of Republican party
  39. Public service announcement
  40. Should "intelligence" be a deciding factor?
  41. **BREAKING NEWS** Plane hits building in Manhattan!
  42. Who got a PS3 pre-order?
  43. The NYC Apple Store is an Affront to Islam!
  44. About Godamn Time...
  45. Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants
  46. So, how many people have ACTUALLY died?
  47. Christian Insider says Bush exploits Faith
  48. Woman's Bottom Explodes With Lightning.
  49. Chat Room Brawl Spills Into Realspace...
  50. Where in the world is Wesley Snipes?
  51. 300,000,000 People in the US: A Melting Pot Anymore?
  52. Millionaire accidentally ruins 139 million dollar Picasso.
  53. School bans "tag" due to injury risk
  54. Man decapitates, dismembers & cooks GF before leaping to death in New Orleans
  55. In case you didn't already know...Bill O'Reilly is the worst person in the world.
  56. Need a New Cell Phone
  57. GOP Candidate in CA Asked to Drop Out of Race Due to Anti-Immigrant Letter
  58. Iraqi-controlled city taken over by rebels
  59. He turned out to be a strong man, raped 10 women..."
  60. Illegal Immigration Mexico's #2 Source Of Income
  61. MN Police Find Fun Evidence In Drug Bust
  62. Torture - Where Do You Stand?
  63. The Rattlesnakes Start to Commit Suicide
  64. Why I'm in Favor of Assassinating World Leaders
  65. Letter from Pat Tillman's Brother
  66. Father says had no idea Madonna adopting son
  67. Anyone else think that some girls just admire their older brothers a bit too much?
  68. The French Make Japanese Tourists Surrender Through Rudeness Bombardment
  69. Terry Eagleton Slams Dawkins on Religion
  70. Delusional general says Iraqis will take over in 12-18 months
  71. Am I going to hell?
  72. new unilateral space policy slipped under radar
  73. Iceland resumes commercial whaling
  74. Zombies on the History Channel at 8 EST!
  75. Bad News: Beer and Munchies Lost Forever
  76. Australian Cleric Just CAN'T Stop Raping Un-burqa'd Women!
  77. Liberal Blogs
  78. DoucheBagAlert.com: Share Your Disdain For People You Know With the World!
  79. Clinton and terrorism
  80. This thread is perfectly fine without pics.
  81. She's worse than Judge Judy
  82. What is there to say other than WTF?
  83. Cardinals win the world series!
  84. Woman uses 4-week old baby as a weapon
  85. Dennis Wheatley The Libertarian
  86. Irkut or whatever it's called..
  87. Vote Democrat: It's what Osama wants you to
  88. War going badly? Just pay someone to post on blogs about how well it's going!
  89. The conspicuous absence of critical details
  90. Abstinence-Only: It's not just for teenagers anymore!
  91. Kerry's tirade - help me understand the illogical critics
  92. Round One
  93. Islamic Universities - or how I learnt to stop thinking and love Allah
  94. U.S. Soldiers in Iraq answer John Kerry
  95. WA state school bus driver want's her job back after giving Bush 'the bird'.
  96. News flash! Atheists don't believe in laws!
  97. The Holy Bible: A Perfect Read for Stoners
  98. Evangelical Megachurch Leader Caught In Gay Sex/Meth Scandal
  99. War in Iraq has to date cost you 1132.8$
  100. Saddam Hussein sentenced to Death
  101. Conservatives lost all sense of reality? Homosexuality = Raping Dead Babies.
  102. Treehouse of Horror XVII
  103. Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem finally find common ground!
  104. Indonesia Goes Nuclear, With Australia's Help
  105. Arizona Loves Homosexuals
  106. KFed's performance horrendous - inspires divorce
  107. United Church of Canada Takes Cue From Kevin Smith, Launches Protestantism Wow!
  108. A few thoughts about this year's midterms.
  109. Republicans are fags, dude. Head of the RNC Resigns...
  110. prop 85
  111. What is the legal base for the existence of Israel?
  112. Police Chief fired for calling out fat people
  113. Okay, so remember two months ago when I made that thread pertaining to my vacation?
  114. Share Your Stories of Scarring Away Mormons and Jehova Witnesses
  115. World's First Creationist Museum
  116. What this election really means
  117. Smoking pot on campus? Better get on the pay roll first...
  118. South Africans Legalise Gay 'Civil Partnerships'.
  119. Oaxacan uprising provokes assasinations, road blockages by EZLN rebels
  120. Renowned Creationist Kent Hovind Guilty on 58 Counts: God Unavailable for Comment
  121. you have a mind of play dough.
  122. O.J. Simpson's New Book: If I Did it.
  123. Giving Away the Gift of Hate: Israel and Palestine
  124. Everything's Fine
  125. What's a 'Marlboro'?
  126. UCLA cops taser student who won't show ID
  127. Gay animals
  128. Soldier gets life in rape of Iraqi girl and killings of family
  129. Has anyone seen this brilliance
  130. Robbing, beating, and shooting people for PS3s.
  131. Dutch stuff again.
  132. Texas town says NO to illegals.
  133. Rangel to Propose Draft
  134. Poisoning of Outspoken Ex-Russian Spy Sparks Fear of Emperor Puti-put's Evil Powers
  135. David Blaine Sells Out (for a good cause?)
  136. Over reaction?
  137. U. S. Department of Agriculture eleminates hunger.
  138. Fatima say, "5 Dolla make u holla!"
  139. 92 Year Old Woman Shot to Death by Police.
  140. American Teenager Achieves Nuclear Fusion in Basement: American Education is What?
  141. Wireless, For the Win???
  142. Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship.
  143. NSFW - Naked Danish Chicks Doing Civic Duty
  144. Religious Food Prep Issues
  145. Former World Bank chief urges the West to prepare for Asian financial dominance.
  146. wii!
  147. But would you take it?
  148. Samsung develops machine gun sentry with Korea
  149. Is Kramer a racist?
  150. Vouchers to religious schools banned in Maine, but allowed in Cleveland?
  151. Borat's correct - Kazakhstan's messed up
  152. US Currency: A Real Change?
  153. Is it time to Re-Examine Freedom of Speech?
  154. Father hangs onto roof pursuing car thief
  155. Russian Alchoholics Demand Government Vodka.
  156. The Homeless Thread - how do giving?
  157. Big Brother steps out of the shadows.
  158. Barack Obama - 1st black president?
  159. Chavez re-elected
  160. Pentecostals vs. Paleoanthropologists
  161. "Kill All the White People..."
  162. The Anarchist Bee
  163. Woman Farts on Plane; Forced to Land
  164. South Carolina mother has son arrested for playing with Christmas present
  165. Life on Mars? Again...
  166. Aerial map of Saddam's palace over time
  167. Cheney's Lesbian Daughter Pregnant.
  168. The Wall Of Separation
  169. Dog alerts Wis. family to house fire
  170. The Iraqi PM is a liability
  171. I wish I could sleep this deep.
  172. Study Finds That Clipping One's Peter Can Halve The Risk of AIDs
  173. Cop Kills a Kid, Gets Off Due to Paperwork Screwup
  174. Jack Kevorkian to be released from jail
  175. The Sociocide Weekly Poll: What's your Happy Holiday?
  176. World's tallest man rescues dolphins in China
  177. I am Time's 'Person of The Year' 2006...
  178. Honesty Check Up: What Would You Do?
  179. So a friend of mine commited suicide today
  180. Change policies, not states
  181. How to Win the War in Al Anbar, by Cpt. Trav
  182. Child Molester?
  183. A Cure for Diabetes? WIN!
  184. Ahmadinejad receives electoral groin kick
  185. The Blasphemy Challenge
  186. Santa Child Kidnapper?
  187. Potential Political Firestorm Coming in Central Asia:
  188. The Sociocide Weekly Poll: Cruel and Unusual?
  189. Super Awesome: Japanese researchers capture giant squid alive
  190. Youtube catches criminals
  191. Former President Gerald Ford Dead
  192. The Sociocide Weekly Poll: Is Religion a Force for Harmony or Dischord?
  193. So, Hussein got offed. What now?
  194. Someone please explain veganism to me
  195. The American Empire
  196. Apparently they found a cure for the Gay.
  197. Global warming 'faster in Australia'
  198. interesting physics article with video
  199. Citizenship and Freedom
  200. Controversial end of the world game......
  201. The Sociocide Weekly Poll: Israel plans to nuke Iranian nukes, should they?
  202. Disabled Girl Forced to Remain a Child
  203. Rejoice, Dai-Tenshi - Non-fetus stem cell source discovered
  204. You Have Got To Be F-cking Kidding Me!
  205. Who Wants To Be A Monarch?
  206. The Irish Do More Drugs Than ICY!
  207. The BNP are going to have a field day with this
  208. Adultery, Oxycotin, Life imprisonment and absurd juriprudence
  209. The Sociocide Weekly Poll: Prince Harry off to Iraq- maybe- possibly- I care???
  210. Hate Groups you love to Hate.
  211. Eggheads say Doomsday is near,says they.
  212. Gonzales to judges: Unfit to judge law; report to re-education center
  213. Clinton 4 Prez... Again!
  214. Science-3rd Grade
  215. Obama educated in madrassa; this and other bigoted news at 5
  216. Curing Cancer: A Patent Impossibility
  217. The Sociocide Weekly Poll: Women in Combat!
  218. People get kicked off the plane again- I approve.
  219. Former Black Panthers Arrested. Evidence obtained through torture.
  220. This should be made for a "Law and Order" episode
  221. Air Force sarge poses for Playboy, is relieved of duty
  222. Mentally Disabled = ???
  223. Muslim Only Restrooms...
  224. Police use stun guns on greased, naked student
  225. Germany seeks 13 over CIA 'kidnap'
  226. Big Pharma pays to keep generics off the market
  227. 2006 personal savings drop to 74-yr. low
  228. LOL @ Boston aka Publicity stunt or terrorists threat? You be the judge.
  229. You can be fired for what you say on the internet?
  230. RIP Molly Ivins
  231. Don't Mess With a Wookie!!!
  232. Leaving Iraq without losing face?
  233. Global Warming? Of COURSE there's no such thing!
  234. WA Initiative I-957: Gonna Get Married? Gotta Have Kids.
  235. New York may ban iPods while crossing street
  236. Joe Rogan thinks moonlanding was hoax
  237. www.stopsylviabrowne.com
  238. 15 year old girl charged with child pornography for nude self photos
  239. Hindu groups too preoccupied to protest Valentine's Day
  240. She asked for it once again a valid legal defense!
  241. What Is Love?
  242. "Antichrist is the best person in the world" pastor says
  243. Taiwan's Cultural Revolution
  244. Of Great Grandfathers and uncomfortable reunions
  245. Muslim girl ejected from tournament for wearing hijab
  246. Cant not post this.
  247. Iran Cracks Down on its Dirty, Dirty Girls!
  248. Don't forget your gf on Valentine's
  249. Really hot potato
  250. Coulter calls John Edwards a "Faggot". Conserva-Nazis clap and rejoice.