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  1. Bull Kills Woman
  2. What's your justice ?
  3. U.S. presidents
  4. Canadian muslims help foil plot....
  5. Too Short for Prison
  6. New York is the most courteous city in the world (article)
  7. The Anne Coulter Appreciation Thread
  8. Mother of the year award goes too...
  9. Another reason why i respect athiests......
  10. Alleged Terrorists in Miami wanted to Bomb Sears Tower in Chicago
  11. Miami Terror Suspects Teach BS Karate
  12. Olberman slams O'Reilly on WWII mishap
  13. Why does science need to find a reason for being Gay?
  14. Buffett Attempts A "Mr. Spock" - Calls Donating Billions, "Logical".
  15. For those of us on the border
  16. 'Foreigner' helped build Terracotta Army
  17. Cheerleaders for Jesus
  18. Man gets lightbulb stuck in his ass.
  19. Kick a dog long enough.... and he'll eventually invade your country!
  20. Former judge on trail with penis pump on display.
  21. Re: 911 Documentary
  22. Is this grounds for a lawsuit?
  23. An inconvenient truth, movie review
  24. "If only gay sex caused global warming"
  25. Supreme Court Proves Relevancy?
  26. Mind warping video games
  27. Man calls 911 to report being cut in two.
  28. Happy Independence day to the people of the U.S.A
  29. Gunmen kidnap Iraqi minister, 19 bodyguards
  30. The Statue of Libe.... wait... what?
  31. Bush-Jitsu
  32. War Phalange and the Surround Sound System
  33. Chavs Routed By 20 Old Men.
  34. 'Breast ironing' to stunt girls' growth widespread
  35. Dirty Dirty Courtroom.
  36. Your Tax Dollars at Work: Freeware Cracks FBI Chief's Computer
  38. Lol. Horsefighting.
  39. Tony Blair In Trouble?
  40. Hezbollah Kidnaps Two Israeli Soldiers, Israel Not Too Pleased
  41. Bush on Gynecology [old clip but good]
  42. What in holy hell?
  43. The Internet is a Series of Tubes
  44. ATTN: Bullshido Brazil/Sau Paulo members.
  45. Bush loves the pig.
  46. Guess who's responsible for all the death in Iraq?
  47. Celebrities and Politics
  48. Strategic Forecasting Paper on the Israeli Situation:
  49. So George W Bush apparently "groped" Germany's leader?
  50. Warning! Home Depot Scam!!!
  51. Nuclear Holocaust...Looking Viable
  52. Interesting Frontline on Cheney
  53. The Bizarre World Of Japanese Democracy.
  54. Stephen(Or steven) Green rapist guy......
  55. We're Raising A Generation of Wimps (Psychology Today Article)
  56. Testing First Blog
  57. Trial Exhibits from Zacarias Moussaoui court case.
  58. Proof that there is a god
  59. Some light summer reading
  60. Castro gives up power.
  61. Kissing Hank's Butt
  62. China's Organ Donor Program
  63. Stem Cells - embryonic versus adult [yes, let's go there]
  64. Welcome to Palliwood
  65. Black Americans should be grateful for slavery of the past.
  66. Fear of a Breast Planet: American Puritans
  67. ID Theft 4 Dummies
  68. Astrology-Watch
  69. Just in case you didn't already want to take a clawhammer to your temple:
  70. IVF and Adoption
  71. Chick gets fired by text message.
  72. George Galloway vs SKY News
  73. Reuters withdraws Lebanese photos
  74. Please explain why this a top story again?!?
  75. Shia Death Squads Target Gays
  76. Mission Accomplished
  77. Youtube sold out.
  78. F Israel
  79. Just in case you haven't lost COMPLETE faith in America:
  80. Kissing Hank's Ass
  81. Teen Who Cuts Off Corpse's Head To Make Bong
  82. Terrorists and Planes: take 2
  83. Noam Chomsky Interview, Shuts Down 911 Conspiracy Theorists
  84. Courtesy of fark.com and the Transportation Safety Administration:
  85. WORMS, COWARDS AND EUNUCHS: Nietzsche and Nietzsche Studies
  86. 3 year old Muslim girl tells arab news what the Koran has taught her
  87. Emo girly demonstrates the true weakness of this generation, pathetic.
  88. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Joins the Blogosphere
  89. Damn! Secret Service is HARDCORE!
  90. A Decade of John Howard: Australia, Politicians and Character
  91. More Evidence of Un-Intelligent Design
  92. Atheists
  93. Criss Angel chair levitation revealed.
  94. Fundamentalism and Bankruptcy!
  95. A dog evolved into... not a dog.
  96. Can the US stabilize Iraq?
  97. I thought Colbert was joking!
  98. Annesty: 'Shop for Human Rights'
  99. 3 new planets?
  100. The more things change...
  101. Evolution AND Creation are both correct!
  102. Clinton touts circumcision in AIDS fight
  103. Grounding of planes after 9/11 yielded interesting results.
  104. JonBenet Ramsay
  105. Mutant Monster in Maine!
  106. One step closer to Christian theocracy in the US
  107. Why are Kurds so hated?
  108. So you know that UN Peacekeeping force for Lebanon?
  109. The frogs turn tail and chicken out again.
  110. God Would Be an Atheist
  111. Muslim Nutter Pwns self on BBC radio.
  112. USA rolls out the welcome mat for hard-working immigrants
  113. And now, the Pr0n.. er.. NEWS!
  114. Olsen Twin Powers ACTIVATE!
  115. Armor of God PJs
  116. Are you sure...
  117. Poll-itics
  118. On young adults still living with parents...
  119. THe Middeast is Fuqqed Up
  120. Singh is King!
  121. Slate: Bush's Moronic Press Conference
  122. Next "Survivor" Show Teams Up By Race
  123. Beatbox Bush feat. DJ Cheney
  124. Iraqi rebels are morons - demand release of American Muslims from jail
  125. Is there a viable Iraq exit strategy?
  126. Latest Spin on Theme Restaurants: "Hitler's Cross"
  127. I Guess Some People Will Never Learn
  128. 34 Stone Teenager - Sinned Against Or Sinner?
  129. YAY! Pluto no longer a planet
  130. The Dumbification of America continues unhindered...
  131. FDA wants teens to get pregnant.
  132. Motivational Posters
  133. Why are Americans bad at geography?
  134. Yay Florida!
  135. Another Media Fraud Busted
  136. Most badass deity?
  137. Milwaukee is america's drunkest city.
  138. I want chicken... I want liver...
  139. Primerica...
  140. Black Children sent to the back of the bus in Louisiana
  141. Pro-life = Anti-intelligence?
  142. Feminist Group on Racism: Over the top liberal hilarity ensues
  143. White Nationalism... Oy Vey... 我靠...
  144. What's Wrong With White Culture?
  145. White Racists (F\/CK "Nationalist")...or Why I Always Carry a Condom
  146. Nebraska tries to fire Ku Klux Kop
  147. Saddam Hussein Forced to Watch South Park Movie
  148. Writing a "Statement of Professional Plans & Goals": ugh.
  149. The Eternal Jew
  150. The Stupid is Spreading!
  151. Evangelist Walks On Water...Drowns
  152. They recovered the Scream.
  153. Holy Mexican S******...
  154. Raccoons!!!
  155. McDEATH!
  156. Ohio experiments with wiki version of sex offender registry
  157. Anybody read Racing the Enemy?
  158. "Australia the Middle East of the 21st Century"
  159. Do our enemies commit suicide too?
  160. Question for the military in here
  161. Who is Your Favourite Philosopher?
  162. Holy Crap: Steve Irwin is Dead!
  163. the dirtier side of capitalism
  164. Atheists and non-believers of God, please explain this to me...
  165. Another Jewwy thread: Why aren't Christians hatin' on da jewz?
  166. When humour breaks boundaries of decency
  167. Help! Technical support!!!
  168. The Health Care System in America.
  169. Reflections on America
  170. Turkish author faces jail sentence for insulting Atatürk
  171. American Health Care
  172. Petition to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities
  173. Nine terror suspects arrested in Denmark
  174. What do you call asians who act like blacks?
  175. Tony Blair Is Now Really In The Shit.
  176. Political Correctness
  177. Put down that pork chop you fat fuck!
  178. Can you imagine this happening to you?
  179. Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter Stingray Death Video
  180. Serious Q to people in longterm relationship.
  181. stephen hawkings wants new assistant
  182. describe your welfare system
  183. 'Goat-free roads made me speed'
  184. White House Anti-Pot Ads Increase Pot Use
  185. Surprise, surprise; Fred Phelps of WBBC hates Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert- VIDEO!
  186. Nice timing on screen capture...
  187. physics question
  188. CIA: No Al Qaeda Links With Saddam
  189. UK Xtians Vow Cultural Fightback
  190. Is it a disgrace to the race for an asian to live in a trailerpark?
  191. What did they decide to build on the WTC site?
  192. Internet Humiliation
  193. Penn and Teller on swearing.
  194. School shooting.
  195. What is Racism?
  196. Al Qaeda Video Game
  197. Tom Cruise Sends Out Scientology Thugs to Intimidate Studio Executive
  198. Darth Benedict: "lol, Mohammed". Muslims: "RRaraRRarrRRar!"
  199. The People's Republic of California to Ban Talking On Cell Phones While Driving
  200. The Dodgy World Of Pakistani Intelligence.
  201. God Wars Part II: A New Dope
  202. Are the Reds still scary?
  203. "Liberal" Media vs. the New Coporate Fuedalism
  204. I just saw a god damn UFO
  205. Totally Not News: Guantanamo Inmates Love Harry Potter
  206. So I'm a teaching assistant for special ed now.
  207. Yargh! Thar be many set backs fer a pirate of late!
  208. Military coup underway in Thailand - underage whores concerned
  209. The Bible . . . and YOU!
  210. T-100..er TMX Elmo.
  211. Who's got the biggest collection of comics?
  212. Man Bites Panda.
  213. The Operation Was Completed Successfully. Clear Time: 2:07:03
  214. Montreal shooter an EMO???
  215. 300
  216. Hugo Chavez Trolls America
  217. 83 year old widow of a Holocaust survive deported to Germany for having been a Nazi
  218. He who Eats Roach shall be first!
  219. What happened to all the conservatives here?
  220. Man tries to have sex with hedghog to cure premature ejaculation
  221. Boys plotted Columbine part deux cuz they couldn't get laid
  222. Premature kidnapping: dead woman found with baby cut from womb, missing
  223. Dan Barker vs. Todd Friel: Atheist/Christian Throwdown!
  224. Abortion clinic sued for posing as pro-life crisis pregnancy center
  225. Mental Illness or Conspiracy?
  226. Anyone here play kingdom of loathing?
  227. Darrell Anderson - gutless deserter or soldier with a conscience?
  228. Let's talk about money
  229. USA threatens to bomb Pakistan "into the Stone Age", says president Musharraf
  230. Frogs say Osama is dead -- again.
  231. The one the only Preacher Bob!
  232. George Orwell - Democratic socialist or racist reactionary?
  233. Leaked Intel. Report Asserts War In Iraq Increases Terrorism, Makes us Less Safe
  234. The Simpsons Movie
  235. Little Superstar
  236. Rum+Fire=
  237. 10 Worst Portrayals of Tech in Film
  238. Proof of Evolution
  239. Hugs and Smiles: Something for everybody
  240. How Bush Wrecked the Army
  241. Big Apple without Fries!?!?
  242. TO Cries for Help in the Classic Manner of Teenage Girls Who Cut Themselves
  243. Building links to key ideological reference sites
  244. Oink oink - Americans mistaking package for portion
  245. 3 new Halo games? I just got an erection.
  246. Chancellor Merkel Urges Her Countrymen to Grow Balls, Perform Opera
  247. Al-Qaeda in Iraq Wants You to Know it's Still Relevant
  248. Man sues company for giving him ten year erection
  249. What's the last movie you just watched?
  250. Child Molester Gets Involuntary Prison Tattoo... ON HIS FOREHEAD