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  1. How do YOU feel about Postal Workers ??
  2. In Saudi Arabia, I know how big your boobs are....
  3. Vancouver Riots Draw International Attention
  4. Chinese Elite Fleeing/Ripping Off Country En Masse??
  5. US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant
  6. Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15 in the US
  7. Greece risking default: what would that concretely mean?
  8. Donating Clothes is Actually Hurting 3rd World Economies...
  9. omg omg 2012 is upon us, ufo's over london
  10. Why Don't You Have A Seat Over There........
  11. Where climate change skeptic scientists get their money...
  12. Toronto Mayor Snubs Gay Pride Parade
  13. Canadian Cancer Society spends more on fundraising than research: report
  14. WTF is this?
  15. Cold Fusion Approaches
  16. brits, fill me in on NOTW scandal
  17. US credit limit. Oh the Glorious drama!!!
  18. States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures
  19. Police: At least 87 dead in mass shooting, bombing in Norway.
  20. Amy Winehouse, dead at 27
  21. Cops seize control of AZ town
  22. King Tut's DNA shares more in common with a modern brit than a modern Egytian
  23. The Federal Governemnt of the US now has lost it's AAA credit rating
  24. London's burning
  25. Rick Perry - wtf?
  26. Japanese Student Washed Over Niagara Falls
  27. Imam charged more victims likely
  28. ' Vampire ' Arrested And Charged With Vicious Assault
  29. Gadhafi could be planning a 'last stand'.
  30. Hurricane Irene
  31. Artist beats capitalists at their own game.
  32. Dawkins refuses to debate William Lane Craig
  33. Gladiator Academy Ruins Uncovered In Austria
  34. Where were you ten years ago today?
  35. Ron Paul on War
  36. There are now three types of Australian!
  37. Palestine to request recognition at U.N.
  38. Photographed proto-tool use in fish.
  39. UBS $2 billion rogue trade suspect held in London
  40. Meanwhile in New York
  41. You are the Congressional Super Committee: A Role Play of Economic Proportions
  42. Notorious Canadian Serial Killer Clifford Olsen Near Death : Report
  43. Mexico's situation is detiororating at an absurd pace
  44. Ahmadinejad's Full Text of UN Speech
  45. Russian - Canadian Military Leaders Meet To Discuss Arctic Initiatives
  46. Iranian Leader Says Twin Towers Couldn't Have Been Brought Down By Jetliners
  47. Financial apocolypse NOW!!!
  48. Unintentional Irony...
  49. Apple founder Steve Jobs dies
  50. YAY!!! More money!!! YAY!!
  51. Meanwhile, in the rest of America...
  52. UKE WAZA
  53. Amish on Amish Violence In the Ohio Badlands
  54. Optimism is a brain defect
  55. Indian students turned down by Indian schools use American Ivy Leagues as backup plan
  56. Is THIS A Reflection Of Chinese Society ??
  57. A couple of "Christianity is bad" stories
  58. 100lb Scrotom. No Further Explanation Needed.
  59. Teh Vegas Debate
  60. Gadhafi Duck dead?
  61. Iraq War Over by Christmas
  62. Which Middle Eastern Nation Will Be Next ??
  63. US contributions to the Libyan revolution
  64. "Banks flooded with cash they can't profitably use"
  65. Secret codes cracked using babelfishing
  66. 13 yo Trolls 46 yo after killing him on COD gets strangled
  67. Your credit card and bank cards will not allow you to donate to WIKILEAKS anymore.
  68. Obama lost my vote
  69. Uncle Lebell predicts the future of Europe.
  70. Canadian Doctors See Visage of Egyptian God In Ballsack; Model For US Healthcare?
  71. The World War 3 Thread: Chronicling the build up to war
  72. Man Found Guilty of Strangling Wife After She Broke His 'Star Wars' toys.
  73. RIP Andy Rooney
  74. The International Bankers Conspiracy thread.
  75. Son of Hamas Founder shakes things up...
  76. Of nature, man and politics (moved from Dawkins thread)
  77. World exports $331 billion more than it imports. Ferengi are super jealous.
  78. Fracking
  79. US used "Forbidden, unknown weaponry" in Fallujah
  80. Blue-Hair Waterboarded Over Ice Cream
  81. Egypt eight months later
  82. Transgender cement butt injector arrested!
  83. Arizona Gun Club Offers Santa Pix With....
  84. If You Could Change Any Thing about the US Constitution
  85. jubei33 - A Challenger Appears!
  86. The US and Holland...sittin in a tree....
  87. Hear about this horsepucky: bill passes for army to indefinitely detain citizens
  88. Ron Paul Declares War on the Poisoning of "Patriotism"
  89. In the footsteps of good men like my father or President Truman
  90. "Not used to alcohol." 4 women given suspended assault sentence.
  91. Virginia Tech confirms two people killed. One of those is an officer.
  92. People who predicted the GFC
  93. Muslims MUST Unveil To Take Canadian Citizenship Oath
  94. So Chistopher Hitchens died!
  95. Head of IMF now beginning to see things cullion's way
  96. Kim Jong Il dead at 69.
  97. Robert Mugabe: Revolutionary, Dictator, Fashion Icon.
  98. Iran did 911 says US court!
  99. The history of debt
  100. The Hanke-Henry permanent calendar
  101. Predictions for 2012
  102. Judge rules not to charge teen in fatal stabbing
  103. Why I mistrust any science with strong political implications
  104. Environmental ' Radicals ' Trying To Derail Canadian Economy - Gov't
  105. XM Radio has some interesting stuff. Fox News isn't one of them.
  106. Avoid The Ghetto With Microsoft
  107. Catholic churches pedo investigator arrested for being a pedo!
  108. Paul and Romney only candidates on Virginia ballot
  109. How Britian works...
  110. A captain always goes down with his ship; unless he's an Italian
  111. Etta James - 1938-2012
  112. Identity theft makes its way into the bag of dirty political tricks
  113. Whose land is it anyway?
  114. Stanley Cup Champion Goalie Snubs Obama
  115. High - Profile Honor Killing Leads to Convictions..
  116. Schism appears amoungst atheists...
  117. Teacher blindfolds kids for "taste test". Maybe NSFW??
  118. Fans Run Amok At Soccer Game In Egypt - 25 Dead
  119. Proposed 28th Amendment
  120. Welfare Recipients AND Legislators to take drug tests?
  121. Dear USA: Go Fook yourself (rant)
  122. Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers...
  123. Panda Diplomacy
  124. Brits Suck Eagle For Holiday, Get Trolled, Get The Boot.
  125. Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's Email: Password? "12345"
  126. Jack Abramoff Outs the Washington Corruption Racket
  127. Chainsaw-wielding Crookteeth
  128. Redneck Montessori
  129. Fox News Cancels Judge Napolitano's Show
  130. High Pope of Dawinism an "embarrassment to atheism"
  131. Khawla bint al-Azwar: Don't try to rape her, or fight her.
  132. Ontairo Austerity Plan
  133. Dave Mustane Backing Rick Santorum
  134. Wolesale Elephant Slaughter In Cameroon..
  135. United States = Police State in the Making?
  136. Dutch TV presenters cause cannibalism storm after eating each other's flesh
  137. Gay Arizona Sheriff Allegedly Threatens Latino Ex With La Migra
  138. rural urban split: am I wrong to see this at the root of everything?
  139. Our Own DAYoung Chimes in on the 2012 US Presidential Race
  140. MORE Chinese Smuggling Of Animal Parts..
  141. Went to a Ron Paul Rally the other day...
  142. Liberal MP Justin Trudeau To Box Conservative Mp Brazeau For Charity
  143. The Excommunication of Sister Margaret McBride
  144. On the Origins of Morality.
  145. Pat Robertson Endorses Legalizing Marijuana
  146. Beautiful, beautiful art
  147. St.Patrick's Day Idiocy
  148. Obama Impeachment
  149. Obama Ignores Democracy Requirement to give $1.5 billion in Aid to Muslim Brotherhood
  150. It's Sad Knowing What's Going On
  151. MPs demand proof that God can't heal
  152. US Gov, Afghan telecomms and 9/11
  153. Hooked on Brothels
  154. Bully - The movie?
  155. Canadian Gov't To Phase Out Penny
  156. castle laws and that black kid what got shot
  157. Iraqi informant who fed lies to the White House is proud of his work.
  158. Devil's Brigade Buddies Pass on Within Minutes Of One Another
  159. 70's sustainable growth predictions match actual data
  160. Hospitals that spend more money have lower mortality rates
  161. Judo-Putin's XOMBI Gun
  162. While this article will probably have a different discussion all i can say is:
  163. Euthanasia - people against diapers, catheters, wheelchairs etc
  164. Prosecutor Who Put ' Prince Of Pot ' Behind bars Now Wants Legal Dope !
  165. Canada's Oldest, Most Notorious Prison To Close After 150 Years
  166. Sustainability - more than just climate change
  167. Egyptian Parliament considers Necrophilia and Paedophilia laws
  168. Significant video about the quran.
  169. Yanky yahoo banned from Blighty!
  170. How does your government manage mineral wealth, particularly oil and gas?
  171. Kill then consume the next generation
  172. Guilty Verdict Delivered In Stafford Case
  173. Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?
  174. China = New Military Superpower ??
  175. Another "6" Claims She Was Fired For Being "Too Hot"
  176. So North Korea...
  177. Science education leads to Climate scepticism new study shows
  178. Arguments for Positive Atheism
  179. Body Parts In The Mail..
  180. Environmental Apocalypse NOW pt 1. Farce at Fukishima and the Fuel Fiasco.
  181. Illinois Rep Has Rage Explosion on House Floor
  182. Environmental Apocalypse NOW!pt. 2 Monsanto: Dead Bees and Genetic Engineering.
  183. A Comicon Fatwa: The Muzzies Were Right
  184. Attack of the Drones. Peace Laureate Strikes Again.
  185. Conspuracy Alert: Breaking news in Norh America. Another Nuclear Disaster Coverup?
  186. Lebel WTF is your country playing at?
  187. Suicides Outpacing War Deaths for US Troops
  188. 3 dead, 3 wounded - sweet home Alabama
  189. Deadly Spiders Invade Indian Town
  190. A dingo really DID take her baby
  191. Cullion's Love Child speaks
  192. Abortion Scandal in China
  193. Meanwhile, In Isreal
  194. Study Finds People Who Believe In Heaven Commit More Crimes
  195. Lolection Race 2012 poll: Who will you vote for?
  196. individual mandate passes, anyone pissed?
  197. How Britain works - part 2
  198. Don't smack your kids
  199. Barclay's CEO questioned by Treasury Committee
  200. Power Outages in the US: Sign of Collapse?
  201. Wikileaks - Syria files
  202. Dutch mercy killing teams deployed
  203. who puts party before country more, Democrats or Republicans?
  204. Afghan woman killed for adultery
  205. Swedish prostitutes to get sick pay
  206. Atheists a dying breed as nature 'favours faithful'
  207. Largest natural disaster in US history? Drought grips the US.
  208. Suck it America!!!
  209. McDonald's staff took offence to digital glasses, Toronto cyborg says....
  210. What we all were waiting for: cannabinoids-free cannabis
  211. Ian Thomlinson death: Copper gets away with murder....
  212. Dark Knight Premiere shooting
  213. Tax havens: Super-rich 'hiding' at least $21tn
  214. Is this the Euro's last week?
  215. Underage? Want Booze? Get Thee A Burka!
  216. ...and this guy wants to be your President
  217. Pastafari
  218. the war of 1812
  219. Cannabis and Cancer
  220. Congress Files Lawsuit against Attorney General Holder
  221. UK threatens to contravene Vienna Convention....
  222. Free Pussy Riot (every Friday)
  223. Todd Atkin
  224. another fucking shooting
  225. Neil Armstrong
  226. North America is about to get a new Member - Kingdom of Quebec
  227. The Dutch elections, help me out here...
  228. What do you guys make of the embassy attacks?
  229. A roundup of the coming Chinese crash
  230. Mrs Jesus
  231. Condolences Lebell
  232. The Softening (Midsection) Of America: A Fat Girls Tears Of Scorn
  233. presidential debate thread
  234. Canadian Traitor Pleads GUILTY
  235. here's a more accurate picture of Syria
  236. This man is absolutely spot on. MUST READ
  237. More Evidence As To Why Washington State Is Full Of "Morans"
  238. A Tale Of Abuse Of Power: The DMV Facebook aka: Summon Goon and Kein Haar
  239. British War Hero Courtmartialed and Jailed For Possession of a Gift Pistol from Iraq
  240. Aus PM authorizes pedophile hunt
  241. In 2004, The Nation of India Discovered that there were Boobs on the Internet
  242. ISRAEL - Escalating like a baws
  243. DCA, Cancer, and Canada
  244. The Filibuster, should the rules be changed?
  245. Irony will eat itself
  246. Dont play loud music in Florida (well if you're black anyway)
  247. Coded Letter Penned By Napoleon Up For Auction
  248. The Dissapearance of Syria
  249. Map Documenting Most/Least Corrupt Countries
  250. Chinese Takeover Of mahor Canadian Oil Company