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  1. IPCC reviewed, or Cullion enjoys fellatio
  2. Could You Pass For 13 at 21?
  3. Israel hints Jerusalem compromise in peace talks
  4. Dead spy found dead in padlocked sports bag 'suspicious'
  5. Democrats or Republican Lawmakers: Who has the mo$t
  6. Note to Oz: Kookabrra NOT gay
  7. Heck Yeah....This is how we do it.
  8. God Didn't Create Universe - Hawking
  9. Pick your favorite punch line.
  10. Oregon students no longer need to learn how to spell.
  11. Another Excuse For Muslim Extremist's To Call For Jihad
  12. No Mr President, you arent fiscally conservative.
  13. LA is scared to use the word riot!!
  14. Liquidation of undesirables
  15. Forbes: "A drunk driving ghost is ruling the world"
  16. Badass of the month, or has politics reared it's head again?
  17. Apparently respectable men enslave and torture mentally challenged young girl
  18. September 11th, 2010: Ground Zero
  19. An unpleasant little graph from the US Bureau of Labour statistics
  20. messiahs of the new order how faith prepares us for tyranny by Richard Dawkins.
  21. Racial profiling according to a dating site
  22. Autism 1 - Big Pharma 0
  23. Apparently, Australia is doing quite well, financially.
  24. Two interesting speeches from a counter terrorism conference.
  25. Pope Bene claims that athiests are Nazis
  26. "Why Pay for the Care of the Careless?" by Dr. Roger Jones MD
  27. Half-Formed Completely Random Thought on Taxation
  28. Yes Virginia, this IS your new reality. Welcome to America
  29. Living Wills / Medical Power of Attorney
  30. How to drop the deficit in the United States the small government way
  31. Worm to destroy Iran power plant
  32. Queen Elizabeth Begging For Money ?
  33. Elephants Killed By Train in India
  34. Taliban Approves of Women Getting Stoned
  35. Australian soldiers charged with manslaughter of civilians - Afghanistan
  36. Convenience Store Owner Steals Winning Ticket..Gets Caught!
  37. Dutch government pact to ban burqa
  38. Chemo with your fries?
  39. Rally to Restore Reason
  40. Pope lays anathema on evil science: IVF
  41. Police taser man 13 times
  42. Firefighters Refuse To Douse Flames Because Homeowner Did Not Pay Annual Fees
  43. A terrible environmental disaster in Hungary
  44. Virginia Congressional Candidate Has HAWT PIX, Would Get My Vote
  45. Thank God the weak are being culled from the gene pool
  46. The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris
  47. An ocean of seltzer and amino acids on Titan.
  48. Michio Kaku says people who dont like blue jeans are terrorists
  49. So I guess it is "Special Needs Sports Season"...
  50. The beginning of something good. I hope
  51. How to adjust the new Europe?
  52. Fiscal Counter-Insurgency In Britain's Government?
  53. Canadian Colonel Guilty Of Murder, Rape
  54. Badass of the month?
  55. Juan Williams fired from NPR due to "Mulsims Make Him Nervous" comment
  56. France burning, again
  57. Aborted Fetus Campaign Ad
  58. Auschwitz survivor: ‘Israel acts like Nazis’
  59. Another Fatal Shark Attack..
  60. Italian town to ban mini skirts!
  61. UK forests to be sold off
  62. Rich get richer (no really)
  63. American al-Qaida up to Shenanigans Again.
  64. The Zombie Obsession
  65. Prop 19 and the CA Chamber of Commerce
  66. And thus, Americas complete decline into legal insanity is complete
  67. Woman Kills Baby For Interrupting Online Game
  68. Fries with your Republican agenda?
  69. Alcohol 'more harmful than heroin'
  70. EDL phail..the FULL footage.
  71. Washingtonites - Vote 'YES' on Prop 1069!!
  72. 18 month old girl survives fall from 6th floor balcony
  73. You can put your WEED in it!
  74. Surely a contender for Badass of the Month - Antonio Salas
  75. Citizens United: [email protected]#$king up democracy for everyone.
  76. Beards and politics.
  77. Keith Olbermann suspended for political donations
  78. New Scam Targets Fast Food And Convienance Store Workers Who Are Retarded
  79. 1/3rd of homo voters come out as Republicans.
  80. Polish Jesus statue - Holy compensation?
  81. This is the kind of town I live in (unprovoked teens beat another teen to death)
  82. Another Cancer Scam..
  83. How do better prison accommodation?
  84. Human Trafficking Sting in the US
  85. Congratulations Resolve!
  86. Original idea?
  87. UK students assault governemt HQ
  88. US congressman claims God will sort global warming
  89. TSA to Passengers: "Cancer or Groping - Your Choice!"
  90. I was looking at Congress's propsed budget cuts
  91. The nation state is dea says EU boss Rompuy
  92. Bush cut n paste memoirs
  93. Britain Pussies Out
  94. Meditation upon history
  95. What I Think About Muslims
  96. Quantitative Easing 2: Explained by Scripted Web Animation Character and Robot Voices
  97. One off tax that could clear UK national debt!!!
  98. Donald Trump for President of the USA?
  99. Editorial: The Game, and How We've Lost it
  100. Few afganis even know the reason for the war.
  101. Pope Bene rubbers up
  102. Children safer in Afgan cities than in New York!
  103. Shots fired!
  104. What is Cullion's economic solution?
  105. Happy Holidays: Travel Tips
  106. Bows & arrows, poisoned darts and killer bees; all weapons to fight the LRA
  107. Somali Teen Arrested in Foiled Terror Plot; Punish here are send him back to Somalia?
  108. Wikileaks, USA policy in danger..
  109. RIP Leslie Neilsen
  110. A case study: What happens if you don't bail out private banks?
  111. Sort Of A Protest Song
  112. Dutch Diplomats> NYPD. (Bar brawl)
  113. It's only art if I'm not offended.
  114. TARP only cost Us taxpayers $25 billion, instead of $700 Billion.
  115. Australian Christian Lobby interviewed on R18+ for games
  116. Personality Tests
  117. Emergency services called for snowman theft!!
  118. Wikileaks founder charged with “sex by surprise”
  119. Charles Manson Caught With Cellular Phone
  120. Why more people aren't rich.
  121. Wild Boar Runs Amok in German Butcher Shop
  122. Hackers take down website of bank that froze WikiLeaks funds
  123. Roger Penrose: This Sh!t Happened Before
  124. Merry Chavmas: Christmas Slapper and Baby Jesus=Extra Benefits Payments
  125. Wikileak Cable: Afghan Scandal Cover-Up
  126. Julian Assange arrested in UK and refused bail
  127. Three Queens: Da Prez on Mythbusters.
  128. More Wikileaks: Lockerbie Bomber Freed Over "Threats" If He Died In Prison
  129. String 'em up!
  130. Stockholme bombing...wikileaks fault?
  131. Bone marrow transplant cures HIV
  132. lol wtf0wnt. Would-be victim strips gun from criminal and plugs him twice
  133. Wikileax, the USA about teh dutch!
  134. Where yo bills at?! - Prioritize your govternment's spending!
  135. Bank of America joins in WikiLeaks fiasco...
  136. What does the weather tell us about economics?
  137. Creationism? Really?
  138. North Korea attacks South Korea!!!
  139. Romanian Awesomeness
  140. Arseholes looking for things to be offended by...
  141. North Korean's Bending it like Beckham
  142. Ive been saying this for years....
  143. Wisconsin wins again.
  144. filibuster reform, in my senate? It's more likely then you think.
  145. A Reality Show I Would Have Watched.
  146. can we have a chat about unions?
  147. Increased use of contraception linked to increase in abortions?
  148. The Culture of Trolling
  149. What I'm expecting
  150. Donate organs and get out of jail.
  151. Arizona Congresswoman shot by Gunman
  152. How Do Nietzsche
  153. Should this man have been shot?
  154. 31-ounce "Trenta" @ Starbucks .....WTF?
  155. Hackers in the News....
  156. Abortion doctor tried for murder.
  157. Please Help This Man Live
  158. Woman paralyzed by hickey!!!
  159. Lucky gas for lucky Germans, chimney, too...
  160. Eavesdropping and Illinois cops
  161. So why are all the reruns on tonight?
  162. The deeply religious are LESS likely to be fanatics?
  163. Tunisia, Egypt...
  164. Hughes Amendment didn't get enough votes?
  165. Malawi to make farting illegal!!!
  166. Healthcare Reform Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional
  167. Priority Mail Puppy?
  168. "Uncontacted" tribe found in the Amazon.
  169. Hunter Sues Travel Agent ..
  170. Orthodox priest calls creationism stupid
  171. Talk About Luck..
  172. Boosting body’s immune response may hold key to HIV cure
  173. Dog-Sled Owner Orders Huskies To Be Slaughtered
  174. WTF is it with Republicans?
  175. Heritage not Hate, huh?
  176. A Glimmer of democracy in the Mother of all Parliaments
  177. Protests spread to the US!
  178. USA Wants To Charge Canadians To Enter Country
  179. Libya protests: 84 killed in growing unrest.
  180. They've got Subs
  181. Models and Predictions regarding Himalayan climate
  182. Pet Gator ??
  183. Man Dies After Ex Cuts Off His Genitalia
  184. Georgia lawmaker proposes classifying miscarriages as ‘prenatal murder’
  185. Phoenix Teacher and Another Person Busted in Craig's List Dog Sex Sting
  186. Louis CK Interrogates Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld About Being a Lizard
  187. Last ( known?) WW1 Vet Dies At Age 110
  188. Gaddafi Duck dellusions...
  189. March 1st, national compliments day!
  190. Nukes dropped 1945 - 1998
  191. Okay, I know who I'm supporting in 2016
  192. Fetuses as witnesses
  193. Man Offers Up Genitalia
  194. Texas State students offer scholarships exclusively for white males
  195. Citizen arrests jugde in his own court!
  196. Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
  197. Arizona Bungler Burgler Nabs Self Hamper
  198. The USA may be going down in flames, but at least I can now be smug
  199. A Real Environmental Problem - The Poisoning and Pollution of the Ocean's
  200. Saudi forces enter Bahrain to help quell the popular uprising.
  201. Man With 4th Amendment on Chest gets Detained (LOL)
  202. America Next?
  203. Have anthropogenic stresses affected modern day coral?
  204. Liz Taylor dead .
  205. Moammar Gadhafi's Fox Force Forty of Virgins
  206. English Defense League
  207. Vote compass
  208. If you can stomach it...
  209. Why is Canada amature hour for political trickery
  210. Somewhere Ploops has a boner and knows not why...
  211. Government shutdown scorecard.
  212. Extra DNA .. ?
  213. Women defy French ban on veils
  214. Canadian election May 2nd
  215. World's Cruelest Keychains
  216. worthless losers
  217. Castro Resigns
  218. You really should read this.
  219. Another Afghan Jailbreak..
  220. UK electorial reform, good idea?
  221. Will this finally stop the birthers?
  222. Obama is a Secret Muslim Terror Baby
  223. New York Library for reading... and watching porn
  224. "Marriage is Endless Courtship"
  225. Ron Paul 2012
  226. Playstation Network Hacked
  228. Civilian Investigators in Arizona
  229. Conspiracy Theories
  230. Cannibal Arrested In Slovakia..
  231. Nice Place for A Vacation..???
  232. Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice!
  233. Major Fire Up Around Great Slave Lake In Northern Canada Destroys 40% of Town
  234. Steven Seagall wants to play Highlander...literally
  235. Queen visits Ireland, Ruh-Roh!
  236. Forget a gas tax; lets have a Mileage tax!
  237. St Vladimir
  238. Political rage in the US: directed in all the wrong ways?
  239. Is Gas Becoming Unaffordable ??
  240. Bolivia Set to Pass Historic 'Law of Mother Earth' Which Will Grant Nature Equal Righ
  241. Navy naming ship aft Cesar Chavez
  242. Progressive Organizing Culture
  243. Gender neutrality = good parenting?
  244. It is Illegal to Dance at Memorial Sites
  245. Gold farmers attack!!!
  246. A possible solution to americas drug problem
  247. It's official!(maybe)
  248. Killer Vegetables! Seriously.
  249. The trailer park thread
  250. San Francisco Implements Policies In Response To Neo-Nazi Progpaganda