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  1. Should overt lying in campaign ads be illegal?
  2. Funny article on senate committee on porn
  3. Honest Transparent Government Update
  4. 2010 State of the Union Address
  5. President Obama meets with the GOP House Issues Conference, takes questions...
  6. India's Citizens Clamor for Gun Rights
  7. Bay Area All Stepping In Line: Ammo Limits.
  8. could gun nuts possibly overthrow the governmnet
  9. Will Obama bail-out current old folks?
  10. NRA News: UN Doomsday Treaty With Ginny Simone
  11. Ahmadinejad declares Iran a 'nuclear state'
  12. Robin hood/Tobin tax
  13. Obama Administration Wants to Track You by Cellphone
  14. 3 Killed at University of Alabama at Huntsville
  15. Your baby is choking, call 911, right? Or should you call your spouse? Both?
  16. Violence at the olympics
  17. Republic of Lakotah
  18. Legal confusion
  19. Clinton Asked about Palin Presidency
  20. Passed over for Promotion - Suggestion Box Open
  21. Home cancer tests: coming soon to a corner pharm near you.
  22. Rolling Stone Reporter slams Goldman Sachs
  23. Do you have these in America ?
  24. Systematic child abuse.
  25. Teachers are now in your children's bedroom
  26. boy sex trade in afghanistan
  27. How do school spirit? LAPDANCE!
  28. Fox ‘News’ spins overtime to minimize Ron Paul CPAC straw poll win
  29. Teacher tackles school shooter
  30. Bay Area: Woman fired for Islamic Do Rag
  31. Can you guys talk to Obama for me plz.
  32. Americans Assassinating Americans
  33. Another Great Statesman
  34. 2 Reagans = a Benjamin?!?
  35. Well i guess these guys have a real reason to call discrimination.
  36. Hey Steve! You can get condoms in XS now!
  37. Policy Change on Abortion Deadlocks Congress
  38. New York State - New Soda Tax
  39. What does it take to get into Politics?
  40. Court votes 2-1 against freedom from religion.
  41. Zeitoun
  42. On creationism and science....
  43. Calling Virus: How do debate Muslim Creationists?
  44. Scumbags Rob Bedridden Elderly Woman
  45. DAYoung, behold your nemesis.
  46. Netanyahu is a retarded Maniac
  47. US House passes key healthcare reform bill
  48. US Midterm elections Predictions
  49. By the way
  50. China hits back hard.
  51. Detroit
  52. Hillbilly is now a race
  53. South Korean ship sunk. Rumours of North Korean involvement
  54. Morality and Magnets: Are we just born with morality, instead of "gifted" with it?
  55. Russia attacked by black widows.
  56. Phrost is going to land me in prison someday
  57. Bioethics; Myriad Genetics loses, humanity wins.
  58. Republican lambastes Obama for being lax on gun control
  59. Conservative MP Throws Tantrums, MP husband gets off Coke rap..
  60. Sean Penn Rallys for Chavez - But Does He know That Of Which He Speaks?
  61. Saudi Arabian Knights !! Off With his Head !
  62. Hell Hounds breeding in the outback
  63. Mexico's drug war
  64. A moment for pantheism.
  65. What, just because they're Mexican?
  66. UK General Election Begins Tomorrow.
  67. Assessment of Mexico's Status as a Failed State
  68. collateral murder?
  69. Oh god you euros are fscked
  70. James Randi calls out Oprah on her bullsh**
  71. Remember that lesbian that got her school prom cancelled?
  72. Polish President Lech Kaczynski & scores of others have been killed in a plane crash
  73. I'll try again.
  74. A moment for Polytheism
  75. What is Love?
  76. Richard Dawkins is planning to have the Pope arrested!
  77. This IS Why You Will Never Catch Me In Mexico
  78. Wikileaks peeps complain of harrassment by intelligence services.
  79. Seriously - what was the screwdriver for?
  80. Maine lawmakers attempt to ban gender specific bathrooms and sports in schools.
  81. I want to feel you up. No, REALLY.
  82. Twitter - ITZ SRS BIZNEZ: Library of Congress Acquires Entire Twitter Archive
  83. If Dawkins wasn't a Professor...
  84. Democratic Party: Too big; fail too?
  85. Suicide statues New York (home of the free and retarded)
  86. North Western Europe no-fly zone due to volcanic eruption
  87. Irish Mobster Fugitive in Canada?
  88. Prophet Mohammed Teddy Bear - (Islamic group sends warning to South Park creators
  89. "I'm not against gays, I just don't think they should be allowed to marry each other"
  90. Alcohol Consumption
  91. This can't be our first EARTH DAY thread...
  92. Police Use of Force and Their Creative Reports
  93. Obama likes to "slam" things, it seems like.
  94. Lily isn't the exception. She's the rule. (obesity)
  95. Face Off - Spanish Hospital Claims First Full Face Transplant
  96. Tax Dollars Earmarked to build Ted Kennedy Memorial
  97. Man Scheduled To Die by Firing Squad in Utah
  98. Arizona Governor Signs New Immigration Enforcement - Obama Says "I'm gonna check this
  99. Upstanding citizen murdered by police officer
  100. Downfall parodies being pulled from YouTube.
  101. Interested in living "off the grid"?
  102. Government Libertarians
  103. Make a real difference in the economy - Forgive Student Loans
  104. Video Game Dispute Results in Murder
  105. Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
  106. Belgium Government To Ban The Burka
  107. Greek government goes bankrupt, spoiled citizens shout "We want more money!"
  108. Cullion who are you voteing for and why?
  109. NYC bomb attempt= FAEL
  110. Proud to be Dyke Free!
  111. Magistrate rules that calling a cop a 'prick' is acceptable in NSW, Australia
  112. Attn: Police
  113. Can Sociocide fight the Taliban in any way? - they keep fecking with girls' Education
  114. Yet again, another Christian right leader loves men more than women... A LOT more.
  115. Fred Phelps: homophobe and civil rights activist?
  116. No American flags on May 5th?
  117. For HOG: Does monetary inflation affect the middle class ?
  118. The US Stock Market is a series of tubes
  119. Help Kwame!
  120. Do you live in fear?
  121. Rapist goes to sentencing smiling; leaves crying
  122. Pirates Get OWNED By Russian Marines
  123. Mother's Day 2010
  124. Kagan for Supreme Court!
  125. No Miranda Rights for those the govt. deems naughty.
  126. ConDem Nation
  127. Muhammed Cartoonist Attacked
  128. Cleavers don't kill people; people kill people.
  129. David Cameron Increases Employment?
  130. Houston Teacher beats up 13 old student.
  131. Social cuts rsponsible for syphilis!!!
  132. Psychology Today - Mental Health Professionals Not Terribly Mentally Healthy
  133. That's not what Jesus said vol DCLXVI
  134. Harvard Justice
  135. The Social Graph
  136. Congress blocks IMF aid for Greece
  137. Oxbridge graduate or [email protected]#k off!!
  138. Which is worse, Pedophilia or Abortion?
  139. Emissions trading scheme - please explain
  140. EU explained to outsiders:
  141. UN threat to Texas!
  142. Jamaican Drug Lord at War with Police
  143. Mosque Built at Ground Zero
  144. Why we gotta let them sit at the table like decent folk?
  145. Apple to prevent suicides
  146. Korean Internet Gamers Starve Baby To Enjoy Games
  147. Gary Coleman passes on.
  148. Icelandic volcano 'Katla' close to failure.
  149. Spain's credit rating downgraded
  150. Reports: Israeli ships attack aid flotilla, 2 dead
  151. Worst massacre in the UK since Dunblane, happens on JingMerchants! doorstep.
  152. Taxachussets Passes Toughest Legislation Against Illegal Immigration
  153. Chinese Man Defends His Turf With Cannon
  154. Mark Coleman might have new job.
  155. Mexico Drug Cartels Join Forces
  156. Chris hedges on Hitchens, Harris and a bit on x-tians.
  157. Vast mineral riches discovered in Afganistan
  158. Tiger Kills Chinese Man.
  159. Australia bans small breasted porn.
  160. Touchdown Jesus Destroyed by Lightning!
  161. Predictions for Mr. Obama's First Address to the Nation.
  162. We need help with our oilproblem, but we wont listen to ur advice!
  163. Saudi arabia letting isreal use airspace.
  164. Cop punches girl: I rejoice. There is justice in this world.
  165. Note to Joe Barton - open oil-sucking mouth, insert foot
  166. First Casualty of World Cup
  167. An unfortunate incident involving monkeys
  168. Grizzly Bear Kills Man Hours After Being Tranquilized, Released
  169. A wise Islamic lesson
  170. Australia, China get down to bidnez
  171. Going to the Grand Canyon? Don't forget your asbestos sombrero.
  172. Dirty teabagging socialist scum
  173. Humanity extinct in 100 years!!!
  174. French Cannibal - Scary Guy!
  175. Australia's First Female Prime Minister - what the hell have we got in to?!
  176. Youtube wins Viacom lawsuit
  177. G20 Coming To Canada...
  178. Supreme Court makes it easier for Cubs fans to kill themselves
  179. Wife kills husband, jury acquits in 1.5 hours
  180. White Elephant Discovered in Asia
  181. What NoB Really Gets Paid For...
  182. "This is how we do it in America!"
  183. 11 Russian agents busted in the US, and one of them is a Facebook hussy
  184. Michigan Police Arrest Christians for Talking To Muslims
  185. Vuvuzuela assault planned on BP headquarters
  186. "This is how we do it in Toronto..."
  187. ID tokens for interwebz use!!
  188. Terrorist Group Bombs Canadian Forces Building in Quebec
  189. Arnold Is Pissed OFF !!
  190. Clinton to Russia: Stop stealing our act.
  191. 2nd amendment question
  192. DOJ vs AZ: The Discussion
  193. The Horrific Practice of Female Genital Mutilation
  194. Limited Government isn't Civil! (NAACP v Tea Party)
  195. Mel Gibson Quotes as Delivered by Kittens
  196. MySpace or Facebook - Which side of the tracks do you live on?
  197. Judge rules Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional
  198. Stupid Dopers
  199. "There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out"
  200. Here's One Father You Don't Want To Argue With
  201. And so it begins
  202. Are Bullfighting's Days In Spain Numbered ?
  203. Do individual states have a right of secession?
  204. Arab guilty of rape from consensual sex with Jew
  205. Top Secret America
  206. The-end-is-nigh Christians on the Internet, library posters and goth chick art
  207. Police get away with murder! (again)
  208. Some insurers stop writing new coverage for kids
  209. The Yonaguni 'momument'
  210. Wiki leaks takes the piss out of Pakistan.
  211. Jail for 'horrible' rape of internet lover
  212. Superman Saves The Day For Family About To Lose Their Home
  213. Billy the Kid has his way with NM...again.
  214. The Amazing Shape-Shifting Dinosaurs.
  215. Get The [email protected]#*! Out Of Our Airspace !
  216. WARNING TROLLS - heavy hand of the law will come down on you
  217. Men shouldn't do housework
  218. Another Stunning Victory in the War on Marriage
  219. Man refuses to leave house in Gold mine
  220. Adolf Hitler Gets Taken Into Care.
  221. Five Myths About the GOP that Just Won't Die
  222. Fagoat!
  223. Gone (Campaigning) till November
  224. Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Deal
  225. Another amnesiac Republican huburis rant
  226. Man Punches Polar Bear In The Nose..Survives
  227. The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in m
  228. Dr. Laura watches HBO
  229. Houston college student builds high-powered microscope
  230. one idea to deal with the fast food addicted
  231. This old chestnut again
  232. Man Dies in Shark Attack
  233. Monkey with Hilarious Name Faces Extinction.
  234. 1984: The new Improved Version
  235. Dutch Muslim group fined over Holocaust cartoon
  236. Wikiraep
  237. Sex Before Marriage, Virginity, Et Cetera
  238. Hired wikipedia editors.
  239. World's Greatest Angry Scientist: 'Ya Fulla My J*z Right Now!'
  240. Iyaint' shoore O-bama ain't a Muzleem yaknowwuttameen?
  241. Woman Throws Cat in Wheelie Bin - Faces Death Threats
  242. Most Disgusting Woman in Britain (at least we don't piss on Ground Zero!)
  243. From a german radio interview: What's worse...?
  244. NYC Cabbie Knifed after being asked if Muslim
  245. Yes Virginia, we do charge hambeasts more
  246. Alabama: Animal rights done right.
  247. What would happen to the world if America disappeared today?
  248. Letter to Obama from an extreme Muslim group
  249. So.... Glen Beck's rally thing...Thoughts?
  250. Living without Money