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  1. Messed up Graphic after a patch
  2. promblem
  3. Testing
  4. Meh
  5. Amazingly enough
  6. Trying to get started again...
  7. test
  8. test
  9. flare
  10. Hiding programs
  11. Test sig
  12. This Forum is Worthless
  13. Test
  14. Test
  15. Editing a Thread/Post
  16. Sigtestomgwtfpoop
  17. Integration Step 1: Going Web 2.0 In This Bitch
  18. Fox and Friends Anti-Colbert
  19. Terrible News
  20. Search
  21. Forum icons randomly not showing up.
  22. Phrost
  23. 2 Questions
  24. I think we should give Sociocide back.
  25. Where Did The Forum "Avatars" Go?
  26. Yo Jerkbags! Edit your profiles
  27. Fuck Zoints!
  28. Nazi Punks F Off
  29. Calender
  30. Wikipedia
  31. I think we should give MJS back.
  32. httpS
  33. test
  34. Suggestions for Improving Sociocide
  35. Whose the dumbest of them all?
  36. Phrost, I'm Ready To Be a Mod/Whatever
  37. The custom title field is longer on Bullshido than Sociocide.
  38. Linking to Zoints profile
  39. How the fark do I make a poll?
  40. Rep Reset?
  41. Oh Noes! (CTC attachments in old threads?)
  42. The Color Blind Are Revolting!
  43. Members with less than 1000 posts cannot start threads in front page forums
  44. Why My Rep is Stuck on 20
  45. Google Video Embed with [gv] Tag
  46. This is assbackwards
  47. Note: Using the Quote button.
  48. Business Discussion Forum?
  49. Bullshido down?
  50. Scroll bar in posts (regarding media player).
  51. Problem with the Rep function
  52. Hey Folks. Put Your Links At The Bottom Of The Post, Not The Top
  53. I have no idea what this means...
  54. Thread Tags for Sociocide?
  55. email notification
  56. What Happened to Staging Ground
  57. I can't post new threads :<
  58. Give Unto Us New Rep Titles!
  59. Attachment limit?
  60. Sport
  61. Borders suck.
  62. Log in Session expires way too fast!
  63. Abolish rep
  64. Attn: Admin
  65. Post history
  66. SPAM and you vs Posting new threads: FIGHT!
  67. Allow post edits
  68. Admin please DO ITTT
  69. Allow post reporting from forum view.
  70. Tags
  71. I cant use the search function.
  72. I'd like to post a review, my post count disagrees with me
  73. Two quick questions
  74. Uh.. what happened to Bullshido?
  75. Can't post replys?
  76. Subscribing to threads
  77. Articles section?
  78. Religion field doesn't show
  79. can't embed youtube
  80. How to embed MP3?
  81. How come my ban isn't over
  82. Can't change Avatar
  83. Search function.
  84. Front page...
  85. Help plz
  86. Can we have our own private section?
  87. Animated GIFs as avatars
  88. Are you having access issues with Sociocide?
  89. Post here if you are a Supporting member Bullshido but have no tags on Sociocide
  90. Ignore function
  91. THE SLEEPER HAS...gone back to sleep
  92. Post counts
  93. Confusion - or Who's Who around Here
  94. All these new folders...
  95. POST COUNT REBUILD: CTC folks post your guess of what your post count should be here
  96. broken youtube?
  97. Link to quoted post.
  98. More control over your own thread?
  99. MORE ICONS!!
  100. Does the current design make people think this is a Nazi site?
  101. We're Going Home
  102. SPAM 0
  103. Post merger forum description for Sociocide....
  104. Thread gone?!
  105. Can't see private messages?
  106. WTF, can't create a new thread (and how come this works??)
  107. WTF Arrrggmofoazzshizmonger!?!?!?!
  109. Youtube problem
  110. MY EYES! Plz, sir. make it stop!
  111. i can't make new threads
  112. Monthly Themes?
  113. Recent Account Upgrade Problems
  114. give me my clothes forum!
  115. New Banner is Broken
  116. Only one forum has "Mark Forum as Read"
  117. Cannot start a thread in Reviews section
  118. Upset that my thread is in the Funkyzeit forum.
  119. Subforum Descripiton sucks
  120. Bullshido is broken
  122. NOTICE: The Front Page and YOU
  123. ATTN: lurkers! Registration is now OPEN
  124. threads with lots of youtube videos crash my browser...
  125. uncalled for space in really long thread name
  126. Somebody ASPLODED Ctc!
  127. PM 1, no new ones
  128. Attn: Steve. I have an idea
  129. Sociocide on Facebook, Twitter
  130. my posts don't show up in "new posts"
  132. Why is my avatar so small?
  133. Is my sponsorship revoked?
  134. Help?
  135. Emoticon wish list...
  136. A recommended time saver?
  137. Cant start a new threads???
  138. Sociocide for Mobile
  139. Posting Youtube videos...again.
  140. DAMN McAfee Site Advisor
  141. Why come I can't uplode a nu avatard?
  142. mods plz
  143. Mods!
  144. The Box?
  145. Give me back my blue name!!!
  146. fon
  147. you know you've been on sociocide too long when...
  148. It's time.
  149. The new icon sucks
  150. PAC's Personality
  151. I miss being a mod.
  152. Can I download my PMs from sociocide?
  153. Steve, you thought I was joking?
  154. Name change plz
  155. If we fixed the avatars...
  156. PAC UCP link
  157. Format of New Threads display
  158. Posts jumping??
  159. @#$&*!! annoying halloween banner advertisement
  160. I don't think the lost password function is working for me!
  161. Chrome doesn't like your ads (malware)
  162. How Do supporting membership?
  163. Site Upgraded, Avatars Fixed, Layout Gone To (Report Bugs Here)
  164. How do I pull images from my home computer ?
  165. What's all this "level" business?
  166. I can has arcade?
  167. "You may not upload animated images." WAI?
  168. I love being able to add tags!
  169. No Ma'am - fail group
  170. Ignoring a user doesn't ignore post on homepage
  171. Make links a different color.
  172. WTF is with bullshido?
  173. Time Travelling Posts
  174. My name isn't blue anymore.
  175. Proposed Bannable Offenses...
  176. all right, look here, sociocide...
  177. Cannot upload anymore
  178. Holy jumping posts Batman!
  179. Asking what I can do for Sociocide
  180. How do I turn off award notifications?
  181. Is it just me?
  182. Private Messaging Problems
  183. Small matter
  184. Tapatalk support?
  185. Why are you guys hosting trojans?
  186. UCP?
  187. Bullshido password
  188. Sociocide Diabetes Errors
  189. can't upload images
  190. Am I no longer a supporting member?
  191. Name change plz
  192. Signature
  193. How do spoiler tags?
  194. Merging Forums
  195. Search Function - Alright, let's DO THIS!!
  196. Should we hold elections for "Site Director"?
  198. CTC formating gone nuts
  199. Tags
  200. SoulMechanic needs help
  201. I can't see which threads have new posts
  202. Just lost a massive post I wrote :/
  203. "Random" question when recovering password
  204. BS Login down ?
  205. Ad embedded in post?!?
  206. No avatar :- (
  207. Madgranade's avatar....
  208. Phrost - Google has spotted your malware again
  209. Would like a name change plz
  210. Can I haz free Supporting Membership?
  211. Cant reply to any threads?
  212. Bring me back. This is easy: remove....
  213. >:-( gimme my name back!!!
  214. Can I add a Sig please?
  215. I was going to post my adventure time/Downton Abby/Good Eats erotic fanfiction,
  216. Name change please your honour...
  217. The V tag
  218. Admins and Moderators Forum
  219. Contingency plan
  220. Your password is ....
  221. user locked
  222. Name change plz
  223. Trouble viewing thread
  225. How do use GIF as avatar?
  226. CTC stealth mode?
  227. In search of NoB's bits
  228. Doing some testing, stuff might be wonky for a bit
  229. Test Post
  230. Testing
  231. Chicago Bullturtles Defeat Indianapolis Spiderspoons to win World Bowl
  232. Ghost in the machine
  233. Sticky request....
  234. Tag request thread
  235. Sites Is FuxXxor'd, Again
  236. Hi Buttholes: Post Image In New Thread
  237. Is it possible to ...... ?
  238. NoB is being mean :-(
  239. can't send resolve a PM for some reason
  240. Uploading Pics
  241. PM's not working at all any more?
  242. 'I love Lily' thread not working any more
  243. Alright, Gaddammit.....can't access PMs
  244. You want it!
  245. The gathering of Doofabillia
  246. PAC threads being published on Front Page
  247. User Control Panel Access Still Non-Working
  248. Resolve can't log in
  249. Quoting people sometimes pulls the entire HTML of the forums list
  250. Who pressed the wrong button?