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  1. Synthetic life created
  2. Red Dead Redemption: One hell of a time away from home...
  3. New Virus
  4. Researchers Create Seven Atom Transistor, Working on Quantum Computer
  5. Apple decides that subtly thinking for you wasn't enough...
  6. Must Read for All Gamers
  7. So Lost is done now.
  8. just saw the first stage production of Dr. Horrible
  9. Futurology
  10. Archiving - am I missing something?
  11. Man intentionally infected with a computer virus.
  12. Life on Europa?
  13. Shameless Self-Promotion/Rafe's D&D campaign
  14. Why BS homeopathic remedies are dangerous.
  15. Rabbits with mobiles get less sex!
  16. Mars mission simulation
  17. Star Trek: 'Bona Fide Philosophical Companion'
  18. Adventures in ergogen design.
  19. LAPD SWAT procedures lecture in a video game
  20. Recommend me some video editing freeware
  21. My Gmail was hacked, what now?
  22. WINE Is Wonderful
  23. PS3 confirmed for best console.
  24. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Quest happens in REAL LIFE!
  25. Deus Ex Human Revolution
  26. good older games
  27. A hypothesis on the nature of console gaming
  28. Lieberman proposes internet kill switch
  29. Robotic hospital opens in Scotland
  30. Board game appreciation expo
  31. Worlds fastest computer made from PS3s
  32. DAYoung, is this game art?
  33. Nao robots take us one step closer to swarmbots
  35. Solar powered clothes
  36. Blind driving the blind!!!
  37. Media Player help
  38. JFAX 2010
  39. polish movie poster art
  40. Fighting games - best character creation
  41. A good stereo system?
  42. PC: Performance x Portability
  43. 3D TV made from water!!!
  44. How to make old windows 95 games work on windows 7? (or even xp)
  45. Gravity does not exist!!!
  46. Robot balancing on a bal!!!
  47. Glass City Con
  48. Microbot carries 7 times its own wieght
  49. Nano light mills
  50. Holy hopping hopbot
  51. Sony Xperia x10
  52. Electronic Arts SEAL Team music on YouTube
  53. New Avatar! YESSSSSS
  54. The iMirror?
  55. Freeciv
  56. Modern American History and Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest
  57. Crashing Man/Steampunk Gizmos
  58. Blazblue: Continuum Shift
  59. Anne Rice stops being a Christian. (Again.)
  60. God Hates Jedi
  61. MTG !
  62. Online Poker in the US
  63. Video Games have their own AIDS
  64. Working Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle... Made From LEGOs!
  65. Crashing Man Trailer!
  66. DNA test in 4 hours!!!
  67. Planetary: Volume 1
  68. Discussion about ET life
  69. Long Bets
  70. Pandora - emulation console
  71. R.I.P Satoshi Kon
  72. 6 legs and 6 wheels - new Moon rover
  73. New art made by me
  74. Ipad vs netbook
  75. Major cyber attack on state education website
  76. Paul Allen retroactively owns the internet
  77. We Lost Our Gold
  78. Beautiful forum post. Simply beautiful.
  79. Powder
  80. Eschalon Book II
  81. Monday Night Combat: Why the Feck Aren't You Playing this?
  82. Duke Nuken Forever is going to come out AND appears to be the best game ever
  83. Physicist of Fortune
  84. How about some mofuggin Axis & Allies?
  85. Hokuto no ken Gaiden
  86. USB tablets?
  87. Oil eating robots - seaswarm!!
  88. I am the Admin of the universe, what would you like to see in v1.1?
  89. Let's Talk about D&D 4E
  90. top secret russian jetboatplane
  91. What kind of science fiction are we?
  92. Happy Birthday Mario Mario! Thank you for 25 years of awesomeness!
  93. Biomemetics - the fuTure?
  94. Final Fantasy 14 (Online)
  95. E skin (robo-skin)
  96. creepy video game alternate reality game things
  97. Help me, WarPhalange-Kenobi, you're my only hope!
  98. Skylon Space plane crunch time!!!
  100. Is free enrgy from zero point energy bull$h!t?
  101. Deceptacons - lying robot developed!!!
  102. Minecraft!
  103. Old but good FPS'
  104. Yamaguchi Go: Steam Locomotive
  105. Tesla's Corpse Just Shat Itself...
  106. Halo Reach
  107. Titanium bones
  108. M$ office $tupid $hit
  109. For All Gamers Too Cheap to Pay
  110. Biblical fluid mechanics
  111. How to deal with an annoying as hell D&D player.
  112. The Cosby Show
  113. Imitation black hole seen on Earth
  114. Dog poop powered lights
  115. wow:Cata...WTF
  116. Coding Victory!
  117. For Stick: water balloons minus the balloon
  118. I need an iPhone with the GBs
  119. Apparently there is Hope for D+D Players (Sirc)
  120. DVD Ripping Software
  121. Giveaway of the Day
  122. ATTN: Geeks (Video Card Question)
  123. Undead Nightmare: Zombies, Sasquatch and the Four Horses of the Apocalypse
  124. Superman is now a Hipster, Wonder Woman is now Syberia
  125. Robotic prostrate prodder!
  126. Who uses DrWeb Cureit! ?
  127. Your top 10 Video Games of all time!
  128. How Do Tribes 2?!??
  129. iThought
  130. Neurophotics - the elusive nerve fibre to machine link solved?
  131. non-base 10 numeric systems
  132. I don't see how the experience can compete
  133. Aliens and Video games, forget radio waves: What of ours would they play?
  134. Another step towards quantum computing?
  135. Black Ops
  136. The Beats
  137. Could a computer ever outsmart a child?
  138. Whither XBox 360?
  139. Scientists are one step closer to creating Dune's "no-chamber"
  140. First commerical spaceport!
  141. pen and paper question
  142. Korean Teen Kills Mother, Self Over Video Games
  143. Is Steam worth it ?
  144. My computer is broked :-/
  145. 'Bout time, Bethesda
  146. So..any table top gamers..
  147. An RPG I made
  148. Siderophores and antibiotics
  149. HOW DO C++???
  150. Touhou Project
  151. Real Life Conversations: Pasteur Lied!
  152. The Most Nerdy Thing I Do: Livejournal Roleplaying
  153. New arsenic based life form discovered
  154. Godzilla Attacks Japan
  155. One Up Me word game
  156. Single software licence shared 774,651 times
  157. Pirates! For the wii
  158. My computer is biggerthan yours!!!!
  159. Someone has ported Dwarf Fortress into the Minecraft engine!
  160. Geeky Gifts!
  161. Photos stored in camera for 68 years - Pearl Harbour Bombing
  162. Holy Binary Bacteria!!! Bio computer breakthrough!!
  163. Fanfic Concept: MissFortune Smiles on Dexter
  164. Rockstar uses surprisingly realistic 3D facial animation for LA Noire game
  165. Jubei, why are small amounts of drugs more than the sum of their parts?
  166. Word lens...is this for real?
  167. Advice of GPS navigational devices
  168. Why Emulsions Are Useless
  169. battle tag
  170. General MTG discussion/ player's stories/ does anybody besides me still play?
  171. Anybody know how to install a .jar file on an android phone?
  172. What the AGW lobby was claiming ten years ago. ho ho ho
  173. So my brother went swimming in a sea of porn without a condom.
  174. League of Legends - Free to Play Competitive Online RTS/RPG
  175. 3DS, the gift you shouldn't give your kids next year...
  176. Dear god, what plague is this?
  177. Mouse sings like bird.... with a little help
  178. synapsids - the proto-mammals
  179. (Ancient) Jamaican clubbing - not only for baby seals!
  180. DEP derp
  181. Artificial Intelligence musical conductor
  182. Looking for a design tool.
  183. Din's Curse
  184. Newly developed cloak hides underwater objects from sonar
  185. Pacino Said It Best...
  186. Laptop advice...
  187. IBM Supercomputer destroys all humans in Jeopardy
  188. exorcisms
  189. Gender bender Street Fighter
  190. Robotic Ghost Knifefish Is Born
  191. The Dresden Files
  192. GNILLEY
  193. Evolutionary robotics
  194. Demon's Souls sequel: Dark Souls: "The difficulty has been increased greatly."
  195. Geeky Games are GOOD for Girls!
  196. Invisible paper clips?
  197. The Saboteur
  198. The most distant object ever seen in the universe
  199. ancient vs modern humans and running
  200. Cool PC mods....
  201. Touchable holograms
  202. Epic
  203. Battlestar Galatica Online
  204. Yo, anybody here play Metroid: Fusion?
  205. Create your own Searchbot!!!!
  206. Dead Island
  207. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
  208. I want to try Linux....
  209. Decompiler
  210. Periodic table for shapes....
  211. Pure ZFS FreeBSD 8.2 Install
  212. Tractor beam breakthrough
  213. ET life discovered?
  214. Androids
  215. For Danno
  216. Straight out of Science Fiction - Organ Growth + Replacement
  217. Logic
  218. math doodling: infinity elephants
  219. How do make bootable ISO? I can't figure it out!
  220. Prove this pic is fake.
  221. Programmable molecular robot!
  222. sending particles back in time may be possible
  224. TESV: Skyrim is going to rock my world.
  225. A broad-spectrum antiviral targeting entry of enveloped viruses.
  226. Need a new game
  227. Battlefield play for free open beta
  228. How do I make Age Of Empires mods?
  229. Happy Gagarin day y'all!!!
  230. End of an era....
  231. superman renounces us citizenship
  232. Paper that is 10 X stronger than steel!
  233. Quantum probes that won't kill Schrödinger's cat
  234. Boston people?
  235. Cave johnson for sociocide badass of the month
  236. 3D lens!
  237. one of the best video game intros of all time... ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME
  238. Antigravity one step closer?
  239. mahjongg manga feat. Hitler, the Pope
  240. practical uses found for weird math phenomenon
  241. Nano flowers and fractal vision
  242. Uber geek ASCII Starwars
  243. Terraria: Minecraft in 2D
  244. Phrost's Chinese Troll Slaves branch out
  245. Scientists arrested for failing to predict quake
  246. worst example of the graphic novel?
  247. Liquid cpu coolers. Advice please.
  248. How often did you have to replace your game system?
  249. Install Ubuntu, Feel Smarter
  250. Laser light produced by living cells!